Number 825 - 16th April 2016



Andrew Eborn MIMC coordinator, Scott Penrose MIMC President of The Magic Circle, Dynamo MIMC, Mike Read & Ian Freeman of The British Plaque Trust



Pinoli's then and now



Crowds gather in Wardour Street



The original 'Pinoli' name can still be seen at the top of the building



Some quick snaps



Pinoli's Restaurant, Wardour Street, London. "Best 2/- Parisian Dinner in London, consisting of 8 courses. Hor d'œuvres varies, Soup, Fish, Entree,

Joint or Poultry, Salade, Cheese, Sweets. All Wines of the best quality at moderate charges." (2/- = 10p)


Photos by Duncan Trillo/MagicWeek