Leo Ward


Leo Ward has been performing professionally since 1981. From his award winning "Classical Magic" in the early years his repertoire has grown to cover every aspect of magic - from hilarious comedy to spectacular illusions.

"Comedy, I'm doing comedy!" To walk in front of an audience and keep them roaring with laughter is no mean feat. That is what Leo Ward has been doing very successfully for years. Performing unbelievable magic combined with a rapid fire wit and off-the-cuff humour has made him one of the busiest entertainers around. Whether it is for corporate functions, private parties or prestige cruise lines his easy going style, together with a perfect sense of comic timing, have kept him globe trotting year after year.

"Magic in Concert" features award winning sleight of hand and state of the art cutting-edge illusions, to create a fast paced entertaining show. From the spectacular smoke chamber, to powerful oriental mysteries and the romantic "Phantom of the Opera" all performed with impeccable style and panache. Leo's investment in time, effort, and attention to detail is evident in everything he does. Using illusions custom built by top American designers, each one is staged with the theatrical use of costuming, music, and lighting to enhance the performance.

Over the years Leo has created many illusions, large and small. From magically producing Status Quo at the Hard Rock Cafe to an escape sequence for Sussanah York to perform in the film "Just Ask for Diamond." For London Weekend Television he created the mega illusions of vanishing a railway carriage from a moving train, transforming audience volunteers into a gospel choir, and the vanish of Stonehenge. He was the technical consultant and feature artist in television commercials for Shell, Royal Bank of Scotland and Visa.

A self styled entertainer, he is completely at ease whether performing a fifteen minute spot or a full evening show and brings to the stage an assured confidence that only comes with years of experience.

Leo won The New Silver British Ring Shield (1st prize) on September 28th for the most entertaining magic act in this year's British Ring Shield Competition in Eastbourne.




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