Ian Keable



Ian Keable has been a professional Magician and Mind Reader for 11 years. After giving up his career as an accountant he found himself predicting numbers, rather than adding them up. Magicians that influenced him in developing his act include: Paul Daniels, Wayne Dobson, Graham Jolley, Mike O'Brien, and Bob Read. Having honed his comedic skills in the Comedy Clubs of London, and his magic and mind-reading abilities as a Member of the Inner Magic Circle, he now performs primarily at Corporate and similar functions.

Although booked as a magician, Ian's strength is his humour. His style is laid back, looking some people have said, more like a bank manager than an entertainer. The wit and repartee therefore is that more unexpected and hilarious. He walks on stage with no visible sign of any 'magic' props and often performs as an after dinner speaker rather than a cabaret act. His magic relies on sleight of hand - with the occasional bit of sleight of mind thrown in for good measure. In this respect he aims to emulate his favourite 'dead' magician, Emil Jarrow, who was said to be one of the few magicians who combined sleight of hand with belly laughs. 

Over the years he has made a number of television appearances, from New Faces back in 1987, to his latest on The Big Stage Magic Special just last week on Channel 5.


Top Trick?

"Bill in Lemon - because it was my first Cabaret trick and the only one that still remains in my repertoire."

Top Book?

"Our Magic by Maskelyne and Devant. Because the theory is mostly spot on and Devant's tricks - and patter - are wonderful."

Top Magician?

"Ricky Jay - Because he has made magic intellectually acceptable."

Top Magic Quote?

"The presentation of the trick is everything - the little secret around which the performance is woven is comparatively unimportant." David Devant.

Top Magic Moment?

"Performing on New Faces."




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