Mark Shortland


"People's reaction to magic when they first see it is very dramatic, they either love it, or they hate it. If they love it they will always love it, if they don't they may learn to appreciate it but it will never become part of their soul." Edward Lewis

Close-up, Cabaret, Corporate or Children's, Mark's magical boundaries know no limits (as long as they begin with "C" !). This award winning magician has performed around the world from Nice to Norway, Hollywood to Hemel Hempstead, enthralling audiences and putting magic a little in people's souls.


"It's as close to real magic as it gets."

Mark performs his Close-up magic right under your nose, either in your hands or at the table. There is no opportunity for camera tricks, mirrors or trap doors. Mark performs using every day items playing cards, money, rings, handkerchiefs and even chickens.


"The man who puts mental into mentalism."

Winner of "The Ken Dodd Award" for best new comedy magic act in 2001 Mark engages the audience with a mixture of prestidigitation, visual gags and audience participation. His winning personality and "unique brand of comedy" are blended with an individual style of magic, in an act that will keep you on the edge of your seat.

Top Trick?
"Really anything that works and gets a good reaction from the audience. If I had to narrow it down then at the moment close-up wise I would say the Brainwave deck goes really well at a banquet table. On stage I would have to say my cake trick, there are not many performers who get to eat during their act and I eat five cakes. Fantastic!! However I really enjoyed performing my Blended and Restored mouse at the IBM Fringe two years ago and at the moment I am revamping it so I can perform it more regularly, and not have to use a new mouse each time!!! Only Joking....I think!!"

Top Book?
"I must admit I don't really read books so my top book at the moment is John Tremaine's Book of Card Tricks, purely because it is such a big book I keep it on top of all the others books to stop it falling over. Video's however among my favourites are David Williamson's Card Farm and Guy Hollingworth's London Collection."

Top Magician?
"David Williamson, so far that's the only question I could answer without thinking about it. He's the best, comedy, magic, slight of hand. A great magician hidden underneath a crazy guy. Other favourites include Guy Hollingworth, John Archer, Mac King and John Lenahan."

Top Magic Quote?
"Don't think I have one."

Top Magic Moment?
"Considering I have not been performing for many years I have an abundance of great moments. The most recent hearing my name as the winner of the Close-up at Eastbourne. There is also winning the British Shield last year. Performance wise being on Ready Steady Cook with David Penn and my Davenport Act at LLandudno in 1999. I don't think I will ever feel again the roar I got from the audience that night."


MagicWeek 2002