Paul Gordon’s Card Capers Day
23rd January 2011
Reviewed by Roger Woods

Paul Gordon works on entertaining card magic with spirit and high energy. It is amazing how he keeps this up all day! At the Manchester “Card Capers” Day we were treated to a feast of card magic from around 10 in the morning until 5:30 in the evening with scarcely a break for lunch.


Like a marathon lecture and workshop combined card, magic fans learnt many tricks and sleights during the course of the day. Beginning with “Diminishing Not Likely” and ending over twenty tricks and sleights later with “Easy Ace Estimation” Paul really taught his items in detail so everyone could learn them. However, the best part of the day comes from the many funny stories, nuances, tips, patter, advice and yes, opinion with which the magic is presented. There is time for these additions during the course of a day for which the normal society lecture slot could not cater. These bits of business based on experience are priceless to those wanting to improve their magic from ideas for notebook keeping, memory improvement, dealing with the awkward customers, how to approach people and so on.


Paul is passionate about his magic and it shows. Paul’s excellent latest books, tricks and DVDs were of course on offer but it is his approach to performance and presentation which has the most value. I can thoroughly recommend his “Card Capers” days and lectures. What’s more is that they are a lot of fun!

© Roger Woods, January 2011