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Santa & The Elves

Elf make Christmas great again! This is a fantastic festive effect for your young audiences that will bring screams of delight whenever you perform it, and it’s so easy to do!

You show six colourful A5 pictures of Santa’s Elves giving each one a name; Elfie, Elly, Eddie, Eric, Elijah and Evie, it is clear you only have six picture cards, and each is freely shown front and back.

Saying you will show the elves once again to see if the children can remember their names and encouraging the children to call each one, you are surprised when a number of the children call, “Santa Claus!” and you remind them that this is not one of the names!

However, the children explain that they saw a picture of Santa among the Elves, but when you check there are just elves and no sign of Father Christmas.

The above sequence can be repeated as often as you wish with the children insisting there is Santa, but you can never find him – it’s loads of fun.

Eventually, you do find the elusive Santa Claus and decide to make him disappear, however, despite several attempts you just cannot get him to vanish – that is until the children help you by saying the correct magic words.

The magic words vanish him so completely that now you cannot find him at all but thankfully he does turn up in the most unexpected place just in time for the children to give him some enthusiastic applause for performing his Christmas magic!

No double lifts, pockets, sticky stuff, double-sided cards, rough & smooth or anything similar is used. Very easy to do.

Comes complete with seven laminated picture cards (approx 8" x 5.75", 20.5cm x 14.25cm) & instructions.


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This is a fresh, fun new take on Al Koran's amazing Medallion Trick.

After telling the audience how good you are at fun-fair games, you explain that your local carnival has actually retired your "pick-a-duck" duck.

To demonstrate, you have the audience decide on a 3-digit number in the fairest possible way.

Once the number has been agreed upon, a small paper bag (that's been in full view the entire performance) is opened. Inside is found your "retired" duck. When your on-stage helper reads the number inscribed on the bottom of the duck, it is seen to be a perfect match!

Simple, easy, direct and a lot of fun to perform! Wise Quack comes with all of the necessary custom props and teaching DVD!



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Kingwood Elegance Chop Cup


Here we have a lovely Kingwood Large load Elegance Chop Cup, comes with matching balls. Optional large load ball sometimes in stock, but sell out very quickly. Kingwood comes from South America and is so named after several French Kings in the 17th and 18th centuries who preferred this wood in use of fine furniture.

Size: Large load

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Gazzo's Laced Pouch


"After years of watching and admiring Gazzo's Cups and Balls routine being performed by magicians all around the world, it's really an honor to be able to rightfully produce the original Gazzo Pouch."


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The PK Magnet DVD by Zane


Learn the Secrets to Performing Amazing PK Stunts With Magnets From PK Expert Zane! Including an In-depth Lesson on Using Zane's Best Selling 'PK Magnet Accessory Kit 2.0'! For the first time on DVD professional magician and Psychokinesis expert Zane will teach you how to perform incredible PK stunts that will amaze your audience and help build your reputation!

In no time at all you will learn how to move objects by themselves, cause coins and other items to flip over in a spectator's hand and at your command stop the hands on someone's watch and then re-start again, turn on an electric light bulb with seemingly the power of your mind without touching it and cause spoons and coins to suspend from each other etc. Plus many pro tips!

PLUS Zane also teaches you his handling for his best selling 'PK Magnet Accessory Kit 2.0'. and also gives the low down on some of his closely guarded PK routines including his incredible 'PK Blu Tac' routine and 'Telekinetic Card Case' (An organic version of The 'Telekinetic Block'). Plus other amazing stunts using 'The PK Magnet Ring' and 'The Magnetic Thumb Tip' etc. There's even a couple of PK card trick effects on this DVD!

All the PK effects taught on this DVD have one thing in common - the various methods are all easy to do and all use magnets to accomplish them!

Running time approx 50 minutes.

This DVD is ideal for the Beginner to PK Magic with magnets!


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Blink - Read My Mind Ltd


Read My Mind Ltd presents a brand new peek case that will blow your mind.

Blink is an instant access peek case that gives you an immediate view of what has been written / drawn on the back of a business card. This premium quality leather business card case has been designed by Looch and hand crafted by some of the best leather makers in the magic industry. Blink is already being heralded as one of 'The best peek cases ever created' and 'One of the top mentalist products of the year'.

With Blink you are able to have a business card returned and the case closed, there is nothing to see on the front, side or back yet at the moment you choose, you will have immediate and instant access to their secret information. Blink has an exciting, innovative NEW method that enables a clear unobstructed view of your participant’s thoughts - it’s quick, it’s easy, it’s amazing.

Their secret can be yours within the ‘Blink’ of an eye…

"Blink is definitely one of the best peek wallets ever created and certainly one of the top mentalist's products of the year." Jheff

“Blink is an ingenious, refined and highly practical addition to the arsenal of the modern performer. Recommended!” Jermay

"The secret is totally new and allows you to get your peek, in a 'Blink!' as soon as that blink is over, the wallet is back to normal. You can actually get your peek as you place the wallet into your spectator's hands! Looch has a reputation for putting out high-quality products. This may be his best one yet." Richard Osterlind

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A Lifetime In Magic - Devin Knight
130 pages, photo illustrated, soft back

Magicseen Publications is delighted to announce the publication of the first volume of a trilogy of books featuring the amazing mentalism and magic of internationally renowned performer Devin Knight.

Volume 1, features full details of 9 routines from Devin's personal repertoire (see details below). Devin's ideas are always unbelievably well thought out, with every possibility analysed and the best and most convincing methods selected. He leaves nothing to chance, and creates plots that are amazingly varied, and which produce effects that are inexplicable and real reputation makers. This trilogy will offer you the strongest mentalism and magic achieved with practical, commercial methods - if you haven't seen this material before you are going to be stunned! Here is the contents of Volume 1.

Improved Tri-Epic Deluxe
- this is a clever three or even four way newspaper prediction effect reminiscent of David Copperfield's Graffiti Wall, but more portable and totally suitable for a one man act.

Psychic Money Sense - designed for an intimate close up show, this experiment apparently shows that a spectator has an excellent psychic sense as he achieves an impossible outcome using three pay envelopes and some ordinary coins.

First Date Revelation - romantic mentalism! The performer correctly divines the name of a spectator's first date, and even manages to locate which one of six billets has the person's name written on it.

Puzzle Mania - a brilliant routine which is perfect for children's shows. Both the magician, and then the birthday child, manage to correctly guess which pieces have been removed from a completed tray puzzle.

Far Sight - a total reputation making fooler. Ten cards are dealt face up on a table and the mentalist, standing on the far side of the room and with his back turned, correctly reveals the name of a card genuinely freely selected by a spectator. Brilliant, unfathomable method.

Aqua Coin Flight - a practical parlour routine. Three different value marked coins are dropped by a spectator into a tall thin glass of water and one is then selected. Without sleights or difficult moves, the coin vanishes from the glass and ends up inside a sealed envelope.

Tarot Sight - as near to real mind reading as you can get! Five cards are dealt out face up from a shuffled tarot pack. Four helpers each simply think of any of the cards, and the performer manages to correctly identify which card each spectator is thinking about.

Test Conditions Ring Penetration - not everything Devin does has a mentalism flavour, and here he explains a deviously clever way to get a borrowed ring tied onto a length of rope that is already tied to both the performer's wrists.

Blindsight DIY - a major feature routine in which the performer manages to apparently prove that a spectator may have 'blindsight' - in other words that he can successfully identify colours that he can't even see. Brilliant method concept that is straightforward to do.

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PropDog Card on Ceiling Wax


The Card on Ceiling trick has been around since the early part of the century and was originally performed with tacks but over the last few decades, magicians have been using wax as an alternative.
PropDog came up with what we think is a great improvement to the wax and that is to colour it to make it much more invisible depending on hour you use it.
The PropDog Card on Ceiling Wax has been specially formulated in conjunction with a dedicated wax manufacturing company to be of the perfect consistency for the trick. It's not so sticky that it leaves a sticky residue on your fingers, but sticks perfectly to ceilings and walls and means you can use smaller amounts, giving you more performances per tub. All colours have been professionally matched and the colourant is wax based, so will not stain the ceiling. Of course the chances of actually flashing the wax is very little and it's never been a requirement before, but as this wax is cheaper than other versions, then using it can only make your act better.

The Colours
For those who like to hide their wax in plain sight, we have:
Sharpie Grey
- For those who hide the wax on their Sharpie, a small amount on the bottom of your Sharpie is almost imperceivable. Just steal the wax off as you give the Sharpie to the spectator to sign their card.
Sharpie Black - For those who hide it on the lid of their Sharpie or on their belt. Just steal it off the lid or your belt as you give out the Sharpie.

For those who hide the wax out of sight, we have:
Bicycle Blue and Red -
Professionally colour matched to Bicycle Card Red Backs. Once loaded on the card, if you were to accidentally flash the top of the cards whilst performing the trick, it is far more unlikely that the spectator will notice the wax.
Natural - for those who are not really bothered and just like to use the standard colour.

The wax comes in three tin sizes: 15g, 30g and 50g. As a guide, the standard Michael Ammar tub contains around 35g.

A 50g tin of wax will give you enough wax for approximately 300 performances.
A 30g tin of wax will give you enough wax for approximately 180 performances.
A 15g tin of wax will give you enough wax for approximately 90 performances.

Please note that these tins only contain Card on Ceiling wax and they do not come with a routine or instructions on how to perform the effect.

You can view the full range here:

The Man Who Knows

A baffling and self working prediction using gorgeous custom printed classic magic posters!


A spectator chooses both a poster and a playing card, and you reveal both in a surprising and unexpected way! No moves or sleights, no reset, no kidding! Includes all the props - just supply (or borrow) a pack of cards!


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The classic chop cup, now with Play-Doh®.


Ask a spectator to make a ball with the Play-Doh® from a small pot. From that moment you can perform any chop cup routine with a large ball and a cute animal final load. Modern magic with organic props!

A fantastic way to bring a classic of magic to children or even adults.


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E-Club Pro

Mark Leveridge's comprehensive online learning resource

As a member you will receive:

• a monthly email newsletter with news and offers
• a FREE link to the monthly E-Video Newsletter, the magazine-style instruction and entertainment video
• password access to a wide range of Members' Only website pages (see below for details)
• A 10% refund on all MLM full price online purchases

Here is what the Members' Only online pages contain...

The Archive - permanent access to several of the sections to be found in the E-Video Newsletter .
The Instruction Locker - watch video instruction for MLM products which were not originally supplied with any video help.
The Vintage Vault - video instruction on routines Mark has not filmed before.
The Tool Box - a beginners' corner where you will discover video explanations of a whole range of standard moves and techniques.
The Lecture Room - watch Mark's lectures in bite-size video segments.
The TricKlip Viewer - each month performance and explanation footage of one of the routines featured on Mark's marketed DVDs will be offered to members to view.
The Audio Booth - listen to audio extracts from Mark's range of Audio Books.
The Advice Centre - ask Mark up to 3 questions a month on magic topics of interest to you and get a personalised reply, plus learn from the advice already offered in the huge range of FAQs.
The Download Portal - each month you will be provided with a pdf to download and keep.
The Book Corner - extracts from Mark's books - changed monthly.
Mark's Monthly Message - around the 15th of each month you will receive a link to a video called Mark's Monthly Message, in which Mark will be offering advice and food for thought in a short video presentation.

Payment is via an open ended monthly PayPal subscription which you can stop at any time that you like. For more information go to

Infamous DeLuxe Book Test with Flashback - MagicWorld

Plant a seemingly random word in your spectators minds... Then reveal exactly how you did it! This is INFAMOUS!
Infamous is a book test like no other. Where other book tests end, you're only just getting started! Infamous is a routine with a kicker climax that brings things full circle.

• detailed instructional DVD with bonus ideas
• Specially Gimmicked deck
• Companion Custom Designed Book (optional extra)

• Easy to do
• Instant reset
• Repeatable for the same audience with a different word
• Suitable for walkaround
• Many ways suggested to enhance your existing routines
• Companion Infamous book and gimmicks available in Deluxe Pack


You can view our additional questions and FAQ Click Here

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We also have a DVD Only version which you can use with your own book at Click Here

Dude That's Cool Magic Presents - PK Blista by Mike Busby

Do you like PK Ring magic... BUT don't like wearing a ring?

The 'Dude That's Cool Magic- PK Blista' is a PK utility device that allows you to perform incredible effects seemingly empty handed. It's silent, virtually invisible and tiny enough to take up no pocket space. If James Bond used a PK gimmick, this would be the one!

With a magnetic strength comparable to a PK ring, the PK Blista has the added advantage of being significantly quieter in use, opening up a whole new world of performance possibilities!

Each PK Blista (2 x supplied)

• Contains a very powerful neodymium magnet with an incredible pull strength (these little guys are seriously strong)
• Has 3mm of rubber coating dulling any unwanted loud 'Clunks' and 'Thuds'
• Has generic flesh colouring
• Has no sizing issues
• Is easy to ditch and apply

In addition join your host and creative thinker Liam Montier on the
accompanying 22 minute DVD as he discusses the gimmick in more detail.

Not only will he teach you methods for ringing the gimmick in and out and handling it in a totally natural manner, he will explain the following awesome (and easy to do effects):

Coin in Bottle - Borrowed coin penetrates through the base of a soda

Coin Thru Hand - A marked coin vanishes from the back of your hand,
only to reappear within your clenched fist along with some previously
discarded pocket change.

The Mental Bag - Five spectators each randomly select a coin from a
bag. You use your mentalist powers to predict who has taken which coin.

Time to get Blista-ed!

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Arcane Deck and Training DVD

Performed and taught by Greg Wilson, legendary card magician

• 23 newly developed, comprehensive routines..... Yes, twenty three.
• 10 essential sleights, forces, utilities & color changes
• Real world street performances help you see how strong gaffs are
• Dozens of brand new gaff ideas, cards and routines never before seen
• 56 outrageous gaff cards feature the artwork of ace Ellusionist designer Jason Brumbalow
• Directed by Brad Christian
• Available in black and/or white
• Printed with tight standards at US Playing Card, fit a regular Arcane deck perfectly
• Long playing 2 hour DVD walks you through all facets of gaff work
• Over 30 effects are included with the deck/DVD package at a cost of less than $2 per trick. (Not to mention the dozens of tricks that spark YOUR creativity)
• The Arcane gaffs were designed by Greg Wilson, with help from Brad Christian and Jason Brumbalow... and Greg's secret weapon, "Jimmy the Grip".


Taurus Magic Supply


Taurus Magic Supply is a MAIL ORDER company operated by Derek Lever and Anne Lever and has been in existence for over 30 years. Taurus Magic Supply are the WORLD'S LARGEST SUPPLIERS OF USED MAGICAL APPARATUS with over 1,000 items usually in stock, ranging from books and close-up magic through to large stage illusions. They also manufacture hundreds of NEW ITEMS including stage illusions, comedy magic, and electronic magic, and are publishers of fine books, including the famous Jack Hughes World of Magic series.

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Clone Coin by Mark Lee

This is a super clean 'Special' coin that can be shown clearly as a regular coin. There are two effects included, but once you see the ingenuity of the coin, there are many more possibilities. Effect one, is a simple coins across in your hands effect. You start off by displaying two coins openly, there is obviously nothing else in your hands. You place the two coins, one at a time, and very cleanly, from your right hand to the left. You now pick the two coins up with your right hand, and display them. They are then thrown one at a time into your left hand (you can even hear them clinking), and you grip them, making a fist with both hands. You make a magical gesture, and although your hands never come anywhere near each other, you can now show that you have one coin in each hand! Effect two, is a coin matrix effect. Using four coins, which are shown and counted, and two regular playing cards, borrowed if you wish. The coins are spread out in to a square formation. Two of the coins are now covered by the playing cards. When one is lifted, a coin has gone, and when the other card is lifted there are now two coins under it. This is repeated, until all the coins are now under one card! You can now show you have only two cards and four coins! These are available in the 10p coin version as standard, but you can order any coin you require. - Standard 10p coin plus instructions - £25.00 + £2.95 UK postage or £4.95 overseas.

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Tri-Color Nightmare Plus

From Gay Ljungberg: This is my best trick! I invented it in 1984 and has sold many, many hundreds over the years, it is always a hit at magic conventions. I have liking for doing "ungimmicked versions" of tricks, that are normally performed using gimmicks. This one of those.

Two effects:
You show thre unequal ropes, one is red, one is blue and one is yellow, counting them from hand to hand. With one simple tug, you make the ropes equal!

Two spectators each choose a rope and you take the remaining one and you all tie a knot in the rope making a circle, a ring of rope. You gather the three rope rings in your and try to pull them a part, but they are linked to each other! The ropes are real, the knots are real and everything can be examined.
No magnets, no extra pieces of rope, NO GIMMICKS! Only knowledge is used. You receive three ropes in different colours, an illustrated instruction PLUS a dvd showing the effect and in detail, step by step, teaching you how to setup and perform the effect.

The spectator may tie the ropes in any order he likes, formig a long rope. You have a red handkerchief visible in your breast pocket. You pull out the handkerchief and there are two more handkerchiefs, all three in the same colours as the ropes, and tied to each other in the same order as the ropes. For this bonus effect you can use your own silks (not included).

You can perform one, two or all three effects in a sequence. Easy to learn! (Gay Ljungberg)


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A MagicBox Exclusive. Welcome to a new world of visual coin magic that will leave your audiences devastated and gasping for more! Imagine being able to take a 10p coin, throw it to a spectator and when they catch it they discover it has turned into a 2p. Imagine handing the spectator a 10p and a 2p, they then give you the 2p and you visibly change it into a 10p! They open their hand to find they are holding the 2p! With Revolution you can perform all these miracles and more!!

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Impossible Card Magic

Impossible Card Magic is a perfect title for this DVD. Every effect on this tape is impossible to figure out when you first see it - you will be fooled! The skill level ranges from intermediate to advanced but the effort involved in learning these routines will surely put you ahead of the crowd. All the routines are show-stoppers and all the methods are new and original. This is card magic that will fool and entertain. Includes Raise Rise - One of Ray's signature pieces, an ambitious card sequence where a signed selection is placed near the bottom of the deck, sticking out for half its length. Visually, the card jumps up to the middle of the deck, then near the top, then becomes the top card! The card magic contained on this DVD is not easy but each effect is well worth the practice. Highly Recommended!

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