Number 1021 - 18th January 2020


David Williamson has been awarded Honorary Membership of The Inner Magic Circle (Professional) - joining just 18 magicians worldwide who hold this level of membership. Williamson was presented with his certificate by The Magic Circle President Noel Britten on the stage at ‘The Session’, held last weekend in London. He was the headline act at the convention. Noel Britten said afterwards: "David is worthy to join the other greats in magic at this level at The Magic Circle. He is an exceptional performer who through outstanding creativity, originality and phenomenal technique has markedly raised the bar in his genre of magic. Both through live and televised performances he has brought something new to magic. He has had a striking effect on magicians around the world. In simple terms he is a game changer." Photo credit: Sean East Photography. 18.1.20


The pub described as 'Bristol's best kept secret' with a 46-seat theatre hidden at the back. "It's ranked as the top thing to do in the city on TripAdvisor..." To read the full story in the Bristol Post Click Here. 18.1.20


3SM present An Evening of Magic and Mystery. Tony Dawson writes: The South Staffordshire Society of Magicians (3SM) invite you to their biggest and best show ever. For 2020 An Evening of Magic and Mystery will now be over 2 nights, your compere for the evening will be Tony Dawson and the line up includes the brilliant Jimmy Carlo and current 3SM Stage Magician of the Year, Jim Dickerson. So come along for what promises to be a fantastic, entertaining evening of Magic. Dates: January 31st & February 1st at 6.45pm. Venue: Pelsall Community Centre, Station Road, Pelsall, Walsall WS3 4BQ (Map). Email: 18.1.20


The MagicWeek Video Archive. A new magic clip or show every week! This week Ian Keable, in a guest appearance on 'Pebble Mill' from just over 26 years ago on 7th December 1993. See The MagicWeek Video Archive. To catch up with more from The MagicWeek Video Archive Click Here. 18.1.20


Sleight of Hand on the Strand celebrates its 100th show! Tony Middleton 'Sonic' and Dominick Zwolinski celebrate 100 performances of their 5 star sell-out show Sleight of Hand on the Strand, which has been running since December 2016 at Savoy & Simpsons in the Strand, and recently transferred to Le Meridien Piccadilly. The Magic Hour, established in 2013 is London's longest running and most successful parlour magic show - but Sleight of Hand on the Strand is following up quickly on its heels, and audiences love the mix of entertainment and magic history. Why not catch the show if you haven't been already, and make a full evening of it with further magic at Maskelyne & Cooke - London's only close-up magic bar. The show runs every Saturday until March when Dominick jets off to Vegas for a short spell. Book tickets and find out more at 18.1.20


Vanishing Inc. announces first-ever, open-source magic release. The Master Pushoff can now be used, taught, published or adapted openly. During his recent lecture at The Session 2020 in London, Andi Gladwin announced a new way of sharing his magic. With immediate effect, he has "open-sourced" his Master Pushoff technique, meaning that other magicians are now both free and encouraged to use, vary, or publish, this technique without the need for permission from the creator. The Master Pushoff was originally published in DVD form in 2010 and has sold over three-thousand copies.


The Master Pushoff technique is now released under the "Creative Commons With Attribution License", meaning that any other creator is free to teach or adapt the move without permission so long as they give attribution back to the creator. While this doesn't give people the rights to duplicate or share Andi's DVD set or writings on the move, it does allow them the freedom to teach or vary it themselves openly.

"My two worlds have collided," Andi said, "In the computer programming world, open-source collaboration is something that pushes all other programmers forward and I have often wondered whether the same could apply to magic. Therefore, I am starting this initiative as an experiment: to see how other magicians build on my work, and to help encourage other magicians to do the same. It will be easier to move magic forward if more creators adopt an open-source mindset, instead of the traditional approach. I hope this is the start of a new movement in magic. Over the past ten years, my goal has been to share magic with as many people as possible, and this is an opportunity to do that on scale!" In the future, Gladwin plans to explore the potential of open-sourcing some of his other popular releases.


Houdini’s Black Card Club Magician of the Year. Sam Watson writes: Houdini’s Black Card Club, based in Broadstairs Kent, has held its BCC Magician of the Year competition last week. International magician Mike Davis AIMC judged the competition and votes from the audience also were added to the scores. Huge congratulations to Mitch Cook who fought off 9 other competitors to take 1st place. Mitch said, "I'm over the moon with the award. It will take pride of place on my mantelpiece!". Congratulations to Robert Bentley MMC and Darren Cullen who came runners up in the club's annual competition. If you would like more information about our magic club please visit our website 18.1.20


Myles Thornton lecture - South London Magic Society, 4th February. Simon Rosselli writes: The Myles Per Hour Lecture is jam-packed with visual magic. Myles is known for his sleight of hand ability, however not everything in this lecture is knuckle busting, many of Myles’ creations can be learnt by even the newest magic enthusiast. Included in this lecture: Ring magic you can carry on your finger and take with you everywhere; Myles’ workers coin routine; Colour changing Sharpie; how to make a wine glass float out the spectators hands; the visual art of contact juggling and much, much more! Doors Open at 7pm for Hands On - £10 to non-members which can go towards Membership if you decide to join. South London Magic Society, Clock House Methodist Church Hall, Clock House Road, Beckenham, Kent BR3 4JP (Map). 18.1.20


Jamie Daws Lecture - Kent Magicians' Guild, 28th January. Bruce Graham, President of the Kent Magicians Guild writes: Jamie Daws' presents his new lecture 'Progressive' for Kent Magicians' Guild, CIU Dunton Green Social Club, 159 London Road, Dunton Green, Kent TN13 2TA (Map) at 8pm on January 28th. Visitors fee is £5.00 and this is set to be a good night. All travel directions are on the KMG website. 18.1.20


"It's Magic... Up North!" - Tyne Theatre & Opera House. An Evening of Magic with Martin Daniels & Chris Cross. From the promoters: Roll up, Roll up! Daniels & Cross are two of the Best Comedy Magicians in the UK - combining quick wit and stand-up comedy with very clever illusions and magic tricks, expect a magical stage performance with plenty of laughs! Suitable for both adults and children.

Chris Cross is The Great Magician of the North and has been performing magic tricks since he was just 10 years old! Now, with over 20 years in the game, this tricky Geordie cheekster has appeared on BBC’s The One Show, CBBC’s The Slammer, performed for The British Royal Family, International Royalty and has amazed many celebrities at many high profile events around the world – including Boy George’s 50th Birthday Party, Alice Cooper’s press conference, Mike Tyson’s sportsmans dinner, on-set for Sir David Jason and backstage magic for The Arctic Monkeys! Cross performed to 2,000 people at The Edinburgh Playhouse in 2019, as a surprise on David Blaine’s show, during Blaine’s first ever UK tour.

Martin Daniels has had a career in show business spanning decades and is the successor of his Dad, the late and very great Paul Daniels. He’s now carrying the flame of the Daniels Magical Dynasty and for the past 20 years has been performing all over the globe on cruise ships. He’s a wonderful comedy magician in his own right – with television appearances throughout the 70’s, 80’s and 90’s on The Paul Daniels Magic Show, and The Les Dennis Laughter Show. He presented TV’s ‘Game for a Laugh’ and he has appeared on The Children’s Royal Variety Show five times. In 2011, Daniels received a standing ovation from American magicians, Penn & Teller, on the hit TV show ‘Fool Us’, where he performed a masterful illusion – fooling everyone in the audience! See them together in the Toon for one night only, book now! Sunday 9th February at Tyne Theatre & Opera House, 117 Westgate Road, Newcastle upon Tyne NE1 4AG


Rich Marotta Lecture - The Order of the Magi, Manchester, 29th January. Mike Sharples writes: A Unique opportunity to see Magic & Comedy Legend Rich Marotta present his amazing lecture in Manchester. Rich Marotta is a professional comedian who does magic. He headlined all the major comedy clubs during the 80's and 90's. He has appeared on many television shows including HBO, Showtime, Comic Strip Live and The Statler Brothers. He can also be seen in numerous US national television commercials. He is an expert at sleight of hand and a great magician. He has published best-selling books on magic and has several DVDs on magic, as well as numerous marketed tricks that can be purchased in any magic shop in the country. He has performed his magic lecture to enthusiastic fans in all 50 US states and in over 10 countries. His focus now is on corporate and private events although he still performs stand-up comedy in New York, Las Vegas and Atlantic City.


Please note: The date for this event is Wednesday 29th January 2020, and not our usual Tuesday meeting. Purchase Tickets at Eventbrite to this amazing event now! The Order of the Magi, The New Irish World Heritage Centre, 1 Irish Town Way, Manchester M8 0RY (Map) Also see YouTube. 18.1.20


Phil Hitchcock at the London Palladium. Steve and Tricia Blake write: Phil performed some amazing magic consisting of flawless dove production and vanishes, a floating fireball - that Victor Burnett would have been proud of - and a couple of baffling Illusions to get the ‘wows’. Phil continues to keep the standard of great magicians who previously trod the boards at this prestigious venue. 18.1.20


The Mark Leveridge January Podcast. Sit back and enjoy the latest 30 minute audio magic podcast from Mark Leveridge: Mark chats about what makes December a unique month for shows. Ian Brennan learns a lesson regarding lecturing for young magicians which raises some interesting points. If all magic can be categorised as a puzzle, or as a trick, or as an extraordinary moment, as suggested by Ken Weber in Maximum Entertainment, then should we all be working towards more extraordinary moments? Let’s make 2020 the year in which we commit to supporting a live magic event. Adopting strategies to help with remembering trick sequences gets more important as you get older Since most modern marketed magic comes with little or no props of any quality or note, what are magic collectors going to be seeking out in a hundred years time? With a new podcast published on the first of every month, there is always something new to listen to, and the best part is, it's free. Go to or try from where you can also sign up to be a follower and receive each new episode on publication. 18.1.20


Chris Congreave Lecture - Manchester Circle of Magicians, 20th January. William Booth writes: Sleight of hand expert Chris Congreave will be lecturing at the Manchester Circle of Magicians on Monday 20th January. Magic at its best; surely a night not to be missed. Visitors are welcome with prior approval from the President and a charge of £10.00 on the night. For more information and details visit our website: or email 18.1.20


Thom Peterson's final UK lecture - Wolverhampton Circle of Magicians. Sue Oakley writes: On Wednesday 22nd January, the Wolverhampton Circle of Magicians will be hosting Thom Peterson's last UK lecture, before he returns to the USA. In this lecture Thom will be drawing on his 30+ years as a full-time performer to provide a great mix of Stand-Up and Close-Up material — not stuff that was developed just for a lecture, but the stuff he actually uses day-in and day-out. No knuckle-busting pipe dreams here, but stuff you can immediately slot into your regular performing repertoire! There’s something for everyone in this lecture. Whether you’re a seasoned pro or just getting started in magic, you’re sure to get something fun and functional out of Thom’s lecture. Join Thom for an evening of fun explanations, and find out why he truly is, "The Amazing Guy!" Visiting Magicians welcome for a fee of £5. Lecture begins at 8pm at the Wolverhampton Circle of Magicians, The ECC Sports & Social Club, Showell Road, Wolverhampton, WV10 9LE (Map). 18.1.20


Free MLM Marketed Magic. Joining Mark Leveridge's E-Club not only provides you with 24/7 access to a huge selection of fantastic magic, advice and help, it also enables you to get your hands on MLM products either for half price or even completely free! Sign up for E-Club Pro and you will automatically be granted a 50% reduction on all MLM full price product purchases. This means that if you buy a few items over the course of a year, you will save more than enough to cover your membership costs. But it gets even better if you become one of the exclusive E-Club Elite members. With this you get access to the Magic Den in which every month there are 10 MLM marketed products which you are able to download at no extra charge. Every month two of these items are changed, meaning you can save more than your membership fee if you decide to download the free material. And you still get an automatic 50% reduction on everything else that is not currently in the Magic Den. So, being a member of E-Club Pro or E-Club Elite makes total sense, and if you join before 31st January 2020, you will even get your first three months of membership at half price too. So go to and sign up right now! 18.1.20


Jonathan Royle is launching a new weekly online video show. From the producers: Magician, Hypnotist & Psychic Entertainer Jonathan Royle is launching a new weekly online video interview show on Sunday 26th January, with a new interview each day for the first seven days. Then each week he will interview a Hypnotist (Stage or Therapy) or a Magician, Mentalist or other Entertainer who uses Hypnosis and Suggestion in their work. If you'd like to be interviewed or to just watch the free weekly show please visit 18.1.20


Babylon 5 Day of the Dead. The Brakiri's eerie Day of the Dead celebrations are staged, but everyone in the section of the station where the festivities are being held meets with people who have died. Guest starring Penn and Teller. Saturday 18th January (1 hour) on Sky Two. See TV Magic. 18.1.20


"Shin Lim Is Magician X?! Marc Spelmann Blows Minds With Magic! - America's Got Talent: The Champions" YouTube • "Magician Keith Barry says he won’t be voting in General Election as he reckons all politicians tell lies" Click Here • "Top magician Richard Jones is heading for Mansfield Palace Theatre" Click Here • "Magician Uri Geller reveals why he applied to work for Boris Johnson" Click Here • "The magician who wants to conjure up £5Billion to launch small firms: Growth fund boss on why more support from the Government is vital" Click Here • "Big Stone Gap magician shoots for stars with latest show" Click Here • "Magic Goes Wrong, Vaudeville Theatre review - entertaining spoof" Click Here • Simon Rosselli reviews Chris Wood's recent lecture at the South London Magic Society, Click Here • "Derek Hughes Opens His “Bag Of Tricks” At Liberty Magic" Click Here • "The Illusionists Live from Broadway at Connor Palace" Click Here • "Review: Magic Goes Wrong" Click Here • That's it for another week. Your UK magic news/reviews/articles always welcomed. See you next week, Duncan. 18.1.20

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Number 1020 - 11th January 2020


Broken Robot Productions presents Magical Bones: Black Magic on Tour. From the promoters: Following a totally sold-out run at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe, the star of international stage hit Impossible takes to the road with his much anticipated debut solo UK tour. Direct from appearances on BBC1’s BAFTA Awards, ITV1’s This Morning and Sky’s Around The World In 80 Tricks, and his acclaimed London residency, join one of the most explosive names in street magic today as he effortlessly combines intricate sleight of hand with jaw dropping breakdance moves in one of the most awe-inspiring shows you’ll see this year. Tour Dates, 2020:
Friday 21st February The Lowry, Salford
Friday 20th March Cornerstone, Didcot
Saturday 4th April Nonsuch Studios, Nottingham
Thursday 7th May Castle, Wellingborough
Friday 8th May Leicester Square Theatre, London
Saturday 9th May Curve, Leicester
Thursday 14th May Mac, Birmingham
Friday 15th May Truck Theatre, Hull
Wednesday 20th May G Live, Guildford
Friday 2nd May Hazlitt Theatre, Maidstone
Tuesday 26th May Palace Theatre, Southend
Friday 29th May Arts Centre, Swindon
Saturday 20th May Norden Farm, Maidenhead
Friday 12th June Hawth, Crawley

For more information and to book visit 11.1.20


Magic in the City, Bristol, Sunday May 17th, now booking. From the organisers: The Bristol Society of Magic 2020 Magic in the City convention is up and ready for booking through their website Lecturers and performers already confirmed for this year include Pit Hartling, Nick Einhorn, Marc Oberon, Fay Presto and Mark Shortland, with more to be announced. Following last year’s success the convention stays at the Doubletree by Hilton Bristol, minutes from Temple Meads station for easy train travel, plenty of parking and excellent facilities for the convention. It’s also based near the historic city docks with plenty of attractions to make a weekend of it. Great magic at a great venue so book now! 11.1.20


Blackpool Magic Convention latest. From the organisers: On Thursday 13th February 2020 there will be the Blackpool Magicians Club Convention Mega Auction to be held in the Derham Lounge Winter Gardens Blackpool commencing at 10am and finishing much later, and maybe even on the same day as over 900 items are booked in! It is worth arriving in Blackpool early and in time for the auction. It's also the International Close-up Competition on the Thursday night. 11.1.20


Magic Goes Wrong, the reviews are in...
"Review - Magic Goes Wrong at the Vaudeville Theatre" 4 stars

"Magical Mischief. Magic Goes Wrong! But it’ll have you spellbound for the evening" 5 stars

"Spellbinding romp by the masters of mischief" 4 stars

"Magic Goes Wrong review – Penn & Teller mangle minds with Mischief Theatre" 3 stars

"Magic Goes Wrong review" 3 stars

"Review: Magic Goes Wrong (Vaudeville Theatre)" 3 stars

"BWW Review: Magic Goes Wrong, Vaudeville Theatre" 4 stars

"Magic Goes Wrong review — revelling in the art of the complex cock-up" 4 stars [subscription]

"Magic Goes Wrong review: Forget subtlety — it’s all about the bants" 3 stars

"Magic Goes Wrong, Vaudeville Theatre, review: a terrific new helping of the art of comic incompetence" 4 stars [subscription]

"Magic Goes Wrong review at Vaudeville Theatre, London – ‘Mischief Theatre’s entertaining fusion of magic and comedy’"

"Magic Goes Wrong Reviews" 11.1.20


Showtown The Museum of Fun and Entertainment. The name of Blackpool's first museum, set to open in 2021, was revealed on Friday as 'Showtown The Museum of Fun and Entertainment'. Open year-round the museum will be fun, accessible and fully-immersive, filled with objects, film, music and performance – mixing the best experiences of museums and visitor attractions and giving visitors an opportunity to look behind the scenes at what it took to make Blackpool special. Showtown will be divided into six themes: seaside, magic, shows, circus, illuminations and dance:

Beside the Seaside The story of how Blackpool became symbolic of the British seaside holiday both at home and abroad and why people flocked to the town.
How’s Tricks? Discover Blackpool’s long history as an important centre for magic, illusion and fortune telling.
It’s Showtime Features comedy, music, dance performance, magic and other speciality acts that put Blackpool on the map and turned the seaside resort into a capital of show business.
It’s Better with the Lights On Discover the stories behind the making of one of the world’s greatest light attractions – Blackpool Illuminations.
Everybody Dance Now Find out how Blackpool became the spiritual home of ballroom dance and continues to host the biggest international dance festival in the world.
Roll Up! Roll Up! A celebration of Blackpool’s international role in circus and home to the Tower Circus.

The themed spaces will be the first permanent displays in a UK public museum relating to circus, magic, variety and ballroom dance – filled with over 800 objects from Blackpool’s internationally significant and extensive collections and those on loan from national partners, including the Victoria and Albert Museum and private partners. Objects on loan from the Victoria and Albert Museum include much loved comedian and entertainer Tommy Cooper’s headtwister illusion and costumes worn by comedy stars Eric Morecambe and Ernie Wise. A rare signed black bowler hat which was owned by film and comedy star Stan Laurel and acquired by Blackpool Council will also be on view. Items will also be showcased from Blackpool Council’s The Blackpool Tower and Winter Gardens Archive – the largest collection of entertainment history in the town exploring its 125 year circus history with posters and incredible photographs. Photo: Programme for The Tommy Copper Show, Winter Gardens Pavilion, Blackpool, 1968. Courtesy Blackpool Council Heritage Service,


Conjuring at the Court - London. From the organisers: On Thursday 23rd January the show features Jamie Raven, finalist in Britain's Got Talent - you may remember him producing a helicopter. Fay Presto is a legend in magic, performing direct, visual and astonishing miracles. The witty Thom Peterson is amusing and most mysterious. And Martin Cox brings plenty of gusto to his magic and comedy. Tickets £11 from The show starts at 8pm and runs to 10pm with an interval. It’s in the lovely function room of the Drayton Court, 2 The Avenue, West Ealing, London W13 8PH (Map). Just 12 minutes from Central London: take the West Ealing train from Paddington and the pub is 2 minutes walk from the station. Parking is free from 6.30pm. 11.1.20


BAFTA award-winning magician Fergus Flanagan makes his London debut with 'When I Grow Up, I Want to be a Magician', a magic show that shines a light on mental health and explores the trials and tribulations of being a working magician. Both previous dates sold out in a little over 5 hours! Tickets are now available for February 20th, 21st and 22nd at the Hen and Chickens Theatre, 109 St Paul's Road, Highbury, London N1 2NA (Map). Tickets Also see 11.1.20


Brazen, a stage show of magic and illusion by Alexander Wells & Co. Brazen is a portrayal of two travelling magicians demonstrating their deceptive arts and exhibiting an ancient, magical automaton; A talking brass head that can read minds and see everything that was and will ever be, an oracle transcending time. The show combines illusion, puppetry, magic, mentalism and comedy to create this world and entertain the audience. It has visual and artful magic, dangerous feats of skill, audience involvement and uses ancient and modern artifice from the conjurer's art. Two dates: Thursday 27th February at 7.30pm at The Golden Lion, Fielden Square, Todmorden, West Yorkshire OL14 6LZ (Map). Tickets: also see  and Wednesday 4th March at 7pm at Manchester Art Gallery, Mosley Street, Manchester M2 3JL (Map). The show will take place in the beautiful setting of Gallery 14, The Dutch Masters. Tickets available on Eventbrite and organised by Manchester Art Gallery. 11.1.20


The MagicWeek Video Archive. A new magic clip or show every week! This week, The Magic of David Copperfield 10: The Bermuda Triangle, featuring Copperfield's groundbreaking Death Saw. See The MagicWeek Video Archive. To catch up with more from The MagicWeek Video Archive Click Here. 11.1.20


Become a MagicWeek Backer! Backers help with projects such as The MagicWeek Video Archive which not only consumes a lot of time, but also a lot of Terabytes of hard drive space. After clips have been captured at a high resolution and tidied up they are edited onto external hard drives and then immediately backed up onto duplicate drives. Because the video decks that I'm using are of course old I've sourced additional decks as well, so that when the inevitable happens (as it just did a few weeks ago) I can continue with the ongoing Archive. I've just started on my Betamax tapes which are in surprisingly good shape, although they don't have the 'Hi-Fi' soundtrack of my VHS tapes. If you'd like to become a MagicWeek backer you can find out all about it here MagicWeek Backers. All backers receive a small 'thank you' gift. DT. 11.1.20


The magical mystery toys: Marvin Berglas on the global renaissance of magic. "'Magic is more popular than ever,' says Marvin Berglas, founder of Marvin’s Magic. There have of course been several magic themed fantasy films, while there has been more magic online and on TV than ever before. Marvin’s Magic has enjoyed considerable growth this year. This year, whenever we created new products, we refocused and concentrated our efforts on our core values of quality, innovation and amazement. This clearly paid off as our sales increased by 25 per cent." To read the full article in Toy News Click Here. 11.1.20


Dave Loosley Lecture – The Zodiac Magical Society, Ealing, West London. Simon Rudd, President, Zodiac Magical Society writes: The Zodiac Magical Society will be hosting Dave Loosley starting at 8pm on Wednesday 15th January; there are 10 places available for visitors. If you would like to book a place, or would like further information then please email, the cost to attend is £10. If you wish to join us please ensure you book in advance, as anyone turning up on the night without booking will be politely turned away. 11.1.20


R Paul Wilson is pictured here, receiving The Great Lafayette Award from Edinburgh International Magic Festival artistic director Kevin Quantum at the Edinburgh International Magic Festival at the Traverse Theatre in December 2019. The award is presented annually to magicians who have greatly contributed to live performance magic. Paul's contribution to the magic community with his original creations, his live shows, consultancy and TV work made him a worthy recipient, joining Paul Daniels (2011), Maestro Voronin (2012), David Berglas (2013), Juan Tamariz (2014), Johnny Thompson (2015), Roy Walton (2016) Jamie Harrison (2017) and Marcel Kalisvaart (2018). The award is in the shape of Lafayette's dog 'Beauty'; the dog was a gift from his friend and contemporary Harry Houdini. 11.1.20


Thank You George Bleeks! James Hobart, Secretary, Ulster Society of Magicians writes: Monday 6th January’s meeting marked another milestone in the history of the Ulster Society of Magicians as our esteemed Secretary George Bleeks stood down after more than thirty years in the role. To many people George was the USM - it will be hard to imagine it without him at the helm. We are delighted that for the remainder of the Society year George has agreed to continue as Assistant Secretary (continuing to chase up bookings for our Chairman’s Dinner featuring Fritz Alkemade on March 21st!) and we hope he will continue to be involved for a long time to come. On behalf of the Society and Magicians Worldwide who have been brought to visit Belfast Thank You George Bleeks. 11.1.20


Ali Cook’s short film about Welsh folklore magic has just won the prestigious London Lift-Off Film Festival short film award for best director. Its 14th Best director award. It was long-listed for BAFTA 2020 and came second place for the Melies D’Argent award. The film has already played in 38 festivals worldwide and can be seen at British film festivals throughout 2020. The film tells the story of an elderly and mysterious farmer who drifts through the Welsh valleys collecting dead animals. Refusing the services of the local abattoir’s collector, what he has in store for these creatures is beyond anyone’s imagination. It’s an enchanted tale in the face of callous greed. Trailer: 11.1.20


Magicseen Gets You Noticed. From the publishers: Magicseen Gets You Noticed. No matter whether you run a large or small magic business, Magicseen Magazine can help you to reach potential customers all around the world who might otherwise not be looking for you. Having a database to promote to is fine for people who already trade with you, but what about those new to magic, or those who don't spend their time surfing the web for magic suppliers? These are the people who Magicseen may reach and if you advertise they will see your message as they browse our issues. The next main edition of Magicseen is #91 for March 2020, but this will be published early just before the Blackpool Convention in mid February. So if you want to raise awareness of your business to a wider audience at a key time, contact Magicseen now, email or call 01392 490565 to discuss how we can help you. If you act quickly you can take an advert in the next Magicseen Lite edition (due out 1st February) as well as book your place in our biggest selling copy of the year (the March issue). Let us help you get in contact with new potential customers soon. 11.1.20


January Web Offers From Mark Leveridge Magic. Mark Leveridge Magic writes: Every month MLM makes two products from the range available at a generous discount and this time the selection includes a TricKlip Video Download and an E-Book. The first Web Offer is unusual in that it is a routine designed for presentation to magicians only! Equally Equal Ropes is a take on the classic Professor's Nightmare and the method is set up deliberately to catch out magicians. The performance proceeds as per the usual routine, but the finish is a surprise and a laugh when the magical audience realises it's a spoof. Ideal as an act opener for a magic event or as an MC spot filler on a magic show, this is supplied as a TricKlip Video download. The second Web Offer is the Collected Card Magic of Mark Leveridge Volume 3. This E-Book contains 12 great Mark Leveridge card effects including some that are still currently part of his catalogue. Everything is practical and requires straightforward handling and is therefore suitable for magicians of all standards. The magic covers close up, strolling, stand up and mentalism. Both these items are available for at least 40% off the normal price until the 31st January 2020, so go to  now for more information and to order. 11.1.20


Impossible Bottle. "These incredible art pieces, known as 'impossible bottles', are all individually hand-made and take many hours to create. The bottles have not been cut, melted or tampered with in any way. Everything inside has been put there through the bottle neck (which incidentally is barely one inch wide). An impossible bottle makes a wonderful, unique gift and a great talking point! If you're still confused about all of this, have a look at the frequently-asked questions and please also take a look at the testimonials, to see what people have been saying about the Impossible Bottle." See 11.1.20


Merlins of Wakefield January Deals! Merlins write: We've got some super effects at great prices – the more you buy the more you can save. Click Here for details. The 2020 Tenyo is also available – limited stock – get the Tenyo Special Deal Here. New items are arriving every week, to see the latest Click Here. We also buy and sell used magic and books. If there's anything you are looking for, or are wanting to sell anything, email 11.1.20


The Magic Car Boot Sale is back on Sunday 2nd February. At 10.30am at The Austin Sports and Social Club, 30 Tessall Lane, Longbridge, Birmingham B31 2SF (Map). Admission £5. Refreshments available. Some stall space still available at a cost of £15 each. Join them on the Facebook group. To book a table call Alec Powell on 07831115448 or email 11.1.20


Chris Cook: Entropy. London dates. From the promoters: Magician Chris Cook brings his hit, sell-out Edinburgh Festival show to London for three nights only. "Never faltering or losing a beat of his abounding charisma, Cook can dip into places more vulnerable, more uncertain, more real and takes his audience with him." 5 stars. World Magic Review. "Highlight of the Edinburgh Festival" The Sun. Thursday 30th January to Saturday 1st February at 7.30pm. Tickets: £12. Book online: Click Here. The Hen and Chickens Theatre, 109 St Paul's Road, Highbury, London N1 2NA (Map). 11.1.20


Magic Central Ireland. Dylan Murray writes: Magic Central Ireland is a brand new Irish based magic club/group created by Dylan Murray from County Donegal, Ireland. Its sole purpose is to connect magicians and mentalists locally, nationally and internationally. In this group we will discuss the latest news from Ireland and beyond, including upcoming conventions and TV shows. Everyone is welcome to share experiences and stories from their shows. We will talk about our inspirations for getting involved in magic and we will be remembering and highlighting the work from our favourite performers past and present to continually push the art of magic forward in every way possible. We're extending an invitation to all our UK magic friends and beyond to become a part of our group. Welcome to Magic Central Ireland: 11.1.20


Hawaii Five-0. "Chin Ho and Jerry attend a high-school reunion, where one of their old classmates winds up dead. The finger of suspicion soon points at a struggling illusionist, but has he really got blood on his hands? Meanwhile, McGarrett and Danny head to the secret burial site in search of clues." Tuesday 21st January, on Pick. See TV Magic for details. 11.1.20


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