Midsomer Murders (Rpt)

18th November

5pm on Saturday 18th November (2 hours) on ITV3.
The Magician's Nephew. Series 11, episode 5.
Jean Wildacre, a grandmother and magician's assistant, drops dead during a stage show, poisoned by a deadly tropical frog. Barnaby and Jones investigate the secretive world of Midsomer's Magic Circle - a group of friends who once formed a cult together. Ernest Balliol and his family are still obsessed with black magic, and fellow villager Aloysius Wilmington has caused upset by exposing their rituals as fakes. But why would someone want to murder Jean?


Len Goodman's Partners in Rhyme

18th November

5.10pm on Saturday 18th November (30 minutes) on BBC 1.
A fun, play-along family game show all about rhyming. In the 'Rhymewatch' section, the teams attempt to identify all the rhyming pairs within a short film starring magician Ben Hart.


The Ellen DeGeneres Show (Rpt)

20th November

8.45am on Monday 20th November (50 minutes) on ITV2.
US chat show. Ellen chats to former Vice President Joe Biden about his new memoir. NFL player and magician Jon Dorenbos also makes an appearance.


The Prestige (Rpt)

22nd November

9.45pm on Wednesday 22nd November (2 hours 15 minutes) on Sky Cinema Select.
Period thriller set in Edwardian London where two rival magicians, partners until the tragic death of an assistant during a show, feud bitterly after one of them performs the ultimate magic trick - teleportation. His rival tries desperately to uncover the secret of his routine, experimenting with dangerous new science as his quest takes him to the brink of insanity and jeopardises the lives of everyone around the pair.


The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills (Rpt)

23rd November

10am on Thursday 23rd November (1 hour) on Lifetime.
Live and Learn. Lisa Rinna films a movie with her husband Harry Hamlin and magician Penn Jillette. Lisa Vanderpump learns that her son Max wants to move up in the world.


Mr. Bean - A Magic Day Out (Rpt)

27th November

4pm on Monday 27th November (15 minutes) on CITV.

A Magic Day Out. The animated antics of the hapless bumbler Mr Bean. Mr Bean and Irma are off for a day at the seaside. Irma is travelling light, but Bean wants to take almost everything he owns in an enormous trunk. Arriving at the seaside, Bean's trunk gets accidentally swapped with that of a famous stage magician. As Bean entertains Irma pulling rabbits out of hats. the angry magician arrives on the scene - and he is not a happy bunny.


Pawn Stars (Rpt)

28th November
7.30pm on Tuesday 28th November (30 minutes) on ITV4.

The Offer. Series 7, episode 10.
Reality series. The team examines a 1956 Chevy drag racing car and a magician's box, while Corey shocks Rick and the Old Man when he tells them about a job offer from another shop.