Number 12 - 16th September 2000


Illusionist Russ Stevens lectures at The Magic Circle on Monday September 25th in a change to the published event. Russ has just returned from another Cruise where he was presenting his full Theatre of Illusion show. This is a 'Magicians Only' lecture with a 10.00 charge for member's guests. For details of Magic Circle membership write to: The Magic Circle, 12 Stephenson Way, London NW1 2HD. 16.9.00


Here's a complete list of participants at this years IBM British Ring Convention, 26th September - 1st October Eastbourne,  from PRO Bob Hayden: Aquarius, Amethyst, Jeffery Atkins, Steve Bedwell, Bobby Bernard, Rich Bloch, Ali Bongo, Mike O'Brien, Carlin, Dave Cass, Roger Crosthwaite, Anne Davenport, Mandy Davis, Eddie Dawes, Dominique Duvivier, Nicholas Einhorn, The Evasons, Peggy Fox, Julius Frack, Peter Gardner, Goldfinger and Dove, IBM Clowns, Ian Keable, Jur Luiten, Peter Marvey, Matto and Polo, Billy McComb, Bill McIlhany, Mickael and Bethy Ross, Brian Miller and Audrey, Murray, Anthony Owen, Tom Owen, Peter Pontzen, Shirley Ray, Colin Rose, Rousseau, Jim Scott, Terry Seabrooke, Richard Stupple, Michael Symes, Grenville Taylor (Faust), Tensai, The 60's Tiller Girls, David Tomkins, Versini, Tad Ware, Tommy Wonder, and David Wood. Late registrations will be accepted at the Registration Desk in the Winter Gardens Complex from 7.30pm onwards on Tuesday 26th September. 16.9.00


A special Children's Showtime 2000 will be presented at the Devonshire Park Theatre, Eastbourne at 10.30am on Saturday 30th September organized in conjunction with the convention. Produced by Terry Herbert (photo) the David Wood Magic and Music Show features David Wood, Peter Pontzen, The Europa Clowns Matto and Polo, David Tomkins, and Brian Miller and Audrey. All seats are 3.00 Box Office telephone: 01323 412000. 16.9.00


If you ever find yourself lost for inspiration when trying to devise new magic, be it tricks or plot, then perhaps a look through Unexplained Phenomena - A Rough Guide Special will do the trick (oops). From teleportation to levitation, and 'shared visions' to the 'materialization and flight of objects' this book has it all! We have a first edition, hot off the press courtesy of Rough Guides, to give away. It'll go to the most thought provoking article we receive entitled either "Is Magic Turning Full Circle?'' or "The Future of Magic" Your article can be as long or short as you like. Alternatively you can order a copy from the MagicWeek Bookshop under 'Miscellaneous.' 16.9.00


Series Two of The Quick Trick Show starring Stephen Mulhern (Objective Productions) has just been nominated for a Bafta. Congratulations to the entire team. Series Three is nearing completion, produced by Anthony Owen. 16.9.00


This is going to bring a smile to a few magician's faces. The Theme from Shaft, the definitive 'magic' backing music from the seventies, is back, making itself known to a new generation in the movie sequel, SHAFT, starring Samuel L. Jackson. I used it for my first ever magic show, the influential and super-cool British magician Victor Burnett used it, Russ Stevens used it... everyone used it! Isaac Hayes's funky bass driven theme, with the tightest high-hat, wah-wah guitar, strings and horns, won both a Grammy and an Oscar and reached number one in the charts. Shaft the soundtrack became more successful than the movie - let's see if the same thing happens this time around. At cinemas across the UK now. Can you dig it? 16.9.00


Contact Page: A number of readers expressed an interest in having a 'Contact Page' following the suggestion from Jason Wood last week. So I have set one up. You can visit it and enter your details 'live' by clicking on the new Contact Page button (on the left - near the bottom). Your details will be displayed immediately. Please note that the 'Magic Interests' and 'Message' entries are restricted to just 100 characters. 16.9.00


There's a review of Geoffrey Durham at the Brunton Hall, Musselburgh in East Lothian (Thursday 14th September) under Reviews - many thanks to Tony Walker for sending it in to MagicWeek so speedily. The World's Greatest Magic is on Channel 5 tonight (Saturday) at 6.50pm. It's not clear which one in the series it is. Sporty Spice levitates in the new Spice Girl video "Holler" (and a very nice levitation it is too). Let's see if the News of the World run the Wayne Dobson piece this Sunday. (They didn't so here's the news: Wayne's mother won the mid-week Lottery!! close to 1,000,000 tax-free cash! I told you it was amazing... the odds are about 1 in 14,000,000 Many congratulations to the whole family. 17.9.00) Paul Gordon Lectures at the Kidderminster League of Magicians club, at the Swan Hotel, Stourport at 7:30pm on Thursday 21st September - Contact Graham Morris on 01299 402620 for more details. There's more magic on Channel5 next Saturday - see under TV Magic. That's it for this week - please do think about contributing an article or review. Duncan. 16.9.00