Number 633 - 11th August 2012


TV illusionists: the magic ingredient. "Watch star Dynamo has achieved the impossible by making street magic hip again, but it takes more than a few impressive tricks to win over a sceptical audience. From Tommy Cooper to Paul Daniels, David Blaine and David Copperfield, magic has been a perennial of television. But like the magicians themselves, TV needs to move with the times and constantly revise how it presents their craft to the viewing public..." To read the full article in Broadcast by Balihar Khalsa Click Here. (Broadcast free trial subscription link: if the article is blocked).


This article offers some keen observations and a solid overview of the relationship between magic and television. In addition I'd argue that for magic to really succeed on television for an adult audience, production companies need to stop flaffing around trying to hedge their bets with the multi-magician type shows that we've seen in recent years (that do nothing but dilute any potential talent) and understand that magic is in fact not the star of a magic show, but rather the magician presenting it. So instead of bunching a group of magicians together and crossing your fingers hoping that it will all work out, do some serious legwork first. Go out and find the talent (a talent) and then develop a show around them... you'll then have a 'brand' that can be built on, and one that may well run for years and years to come. In my time, here in the UK, David Nixon, Tommy Cooper, Paul Daniels, Wayne Dobson, Derren Brown and now Dynamo have all enjoyed real television success, becoming 'TV stars', each with their own series... find a performer, develop a show/format around their particular talent (as opposed to molding them into your preconceived notion of a magic show) stand back and let them shine. DT. 11.8.12


International Close-up Competition, November, London. From the organisers: "If you are thinking of entering The Close Up Competition at this years International Magic Convention (Nov 16-18, The Mermaid Theatre, London) now is the time to apply via who can also provide you with the outlines and rules for the event. There are three cash prizes of £1000, £500 and £100 and a further three Awards of Merit. The Competition is always a keenly anticipated event at the Convention and takes place on the Saturday morning, with the various prizes being announced and awarded on the Sunday. The lucky winner also receives an invitation to attend the FFFF Convention in America as well, which, as this event now is by invitation only and has a long waiting list for possible attendees, is considered worth more than the cash and the trophy by some of the past winners." 11.8.12


The launch of Giggio 2.0 has just been announced and it introduces some great new features to the leading client management system for performers. Now 100% web based and available to users worldwide, Giggio will make the business side of performing more efficient and much more fun! 11.8.12



Kidology UK 2012 have just announced that one of the workshops to be held during the convention will feature Christopher Somerville, a true puppet master. He runs the Harlequin Puppet Theatre in Rhos-on-Sea, where he has worked since it was built by legendary puppeteer Eric Bramall in the late 1950's. Working first only the summer seasons, Chris developed a cabaret marionette act. When the club scene started to fade, Chris with his mentor Eric wrote and created more than a thousand television programmes for both the BBC and ITV, spanning more than 25 years. He cruised with his cabaret puppet act, later concentrating on work as a children's entertainer and maintaining productions at The Harlequin Theatre. In addition to all of the above Chris is an accomplished magician and this features heavily in his children's work now as Mr Bimbamboozle. He will present a workshop titled: Puppetry for Magicians. How to choose, use and what to do with a puppet to enhance your children's entertainment. For full details and registrations contact Alec Powell on 07831 115448 or visit the Albion Magic website 11.8.12


Blackpool Magicians Club members and associate members will enjoy a lecture by Wayne Fox's 'Out Foxed' lecture on Tuesday 14th August. Wayne has been performing magic for over 20 years and in that time he has devised, invented, manufactured and collected magic to suit the working magician. More Blackpool news: See all the F.I.S.M. World Champions for just £90.00 at the Blackpool Magicians Convention on Friday 22nd, Saturday 23rd and Sunday 24th February 2013, visit or email registration officer Arthur Casson: 11.8.12


Eddie Dawes History of Mystery programme; IBM British Ring Convention, Great Yarmouth. Geoffrey Newton PRO writes: Details of the Eddie Dawes (photo) History of Mystery part of the IBM British Ring Convention (Great Yarmouth 26th – 30th September) have just been announced. The first speaker will be Will Houstoun (current editor of The Magic Circular), in a talk entitled “King Koko and the Magic Playlet” detailing how short magical playlets became popular amongst magical illusionists. Followed by Bryan Baggs with “Positive Aspects of Goldin”. From Horace Goldin’s (known as “The Whirlwind Wizard”) first appearance in Britain in 1902 he made enormous contributions to magic extending over a forty year period. He created illusions including the visible sawing in half and was a superb close up worker. He was popular with magicians, and Bryan, a great admirer of Goldin, will consider all these attributes during his section. Finally, well known award winning magician, magic editor, author and one time pitchman Walt Lees takes to the stage. Using the latter description he focuses on experiences and psychological approaches used during his time of peddling Svengali Decks. Entitled appropriately “Selling Svengalis” Walt will bring the very interesting 2012 History of Mystery to a close. The event takes place at the Hollywood Cinema on Saturday 29th September at 2.15pm. 11.8.12


Confessions of Real Mind Readers - York: "Confessions of Real Mind Readers is a special, day long event taking place on August 25th at The Royal York Hotel, York. Featuring talks, workshops and hands-on instruction from three of the country's leading, performing mentalists (Luke Jermay, Paul Voodini and Chris Rawlins), this is not your average ‘magic lecture’ but rather an intensive examination of what it means to read minds in the modern age. Filled with usable material as well as techniques, tips and tricks to instantly improve your performance, Confessions of Real Mind Readers is a full-day seminar that will make you and your show better! Places are strictly limited to 40 so book now to avoid disappointment!" Visit for details. 11.8.12


Chain Reaction. Chris Addison talks to Derren Brown. 12.30pm today, Saturday 11th August (30 minutes) on BBC Radio 4. Tag-team interview show, where last week's interviewee is this week's interviewer. Comedian and actor Chris Addison talks to illusionist Derren Brown about magic, comedy, art, faith and Hitler. The following week Derren talks to Tim Minchin. 11.8.12


Sub Zero by Wayne Dobson - due for release mid September. "The name says it all. Sub Zero is way beyond cool! Sub Zero could be the best solution to Paul Curry’s unsolved card problem ever devised. Imagine a prediction so clean you show the spectator the card beforehand! Wayne Dobson's Sub-Zero is the definitive work on his fantastic Janus Card effect. Wayne, along with Peter Nardi, has taken this routine to the max with handlings for an awesome open prediction routine, A Card At Any Number, an ESP prediction, plus ideas for Trade Shows, Comedy & Kids shows. Everything is explained in great detail by Peter Nardi and all the routines are free from any sort of sleight of hand. Which means even the beginner can perform them! Watch the trailer: Click Here." For more info and to order visit 11.8.12


Evolution: "Evolution is an impromptu approach to the classic cap in bottle effect. Imagine being able to take an empty beer bottle from a random table in a bar or nightclub, then taking any bottle cap, perhaps from behind the bar or from another drink, having it signed, and then, visually, whilst the spectator is holding the bottle, penetrate the bottle leaving the signed cap inside! This can then be given to the spectator and kept as a souvenir. No setup; No clean up; No gimmicks; No magnets; No extra caps; 100% examinable; Everything can be left with the spectator. For those that do not want to perform the impromptu un-gimmicked effect we also supply you with a gimmicked version that you can use to perform the same effect. You receive: A DVD with full explanations and gimmicks to be able to perform gimmicked version." "Beautifully Devious" James Brown. For more info, to watch a video and order, visit 11.8.12


Owen Lean's 'Hit And Run Magic' lecture - London Society of Magicians. Mark Saltissi, LSM Secretary, writes: "The London Society of Magicians would like to invite you to Owen Lean's Live Lecture on the 11th of September. Over the last 10 years Owen Lean has become one of the world's most successful street magicians, receiving the world's first street magic degree in 2006 and being heralded for 'carrying the flag of great British street performers' by Gazzo. When Owen first started performing on the streets he crafted his own style of performance that came to be known as Hit and Run magic. This style, similar to the style seen by television magicians such as David Blaine, Paul Zenon and Criss Angel - involved performing close-up magic on the streets and making a quick bit of money before moving on. Owen is still to this day the only magician who has made a living with this style of magic. In this lecture Owen will outline how Hit and Run magic works, teach how you can get out and make a living doing this kind of magic immediately, and teach some of the effects he used to blow people's minds while performing. Payment on the door is £5.00 for visitors, email Mark to reserve a place. Start Time: 7:30. Venue: Davenports Magic Studio, 7 Charing Cross Underground Arcade, The Strand, London WC2N 4HZ. 11.8.12


Test Your Brain. "Prepare to be tricked, tested and amazed as David Copperfield narrates a super-smart interactive test, designed to reveal how easy it is to distract the brain." 9am on Monday 13th August on National Geographic. See TV Magic. 11.8.12


The Making of Harry Potter. Geoffrey Newton was whisked off to see the new Warner Brothers attraction 'The Making of Harry Potter' at their film studios in Leavesden last month, and reports on his magical visit this week, Click Here. 11.8.12


Anthony Jacquin and the Head Hacking team - at the Derby Magic Circle. Paul Sharp writes: Anthony Jacquin and the Head Hacking team will be presenting their 'Practical Mesmerism' lecture for the Derby Magic Circle on Wednesday, 22nd August at Breadsall Village Hall, Derby. In this unique lecture, you will learn what hypnosis is (and what it isn’t), its practical uses and limitations, and how to make it work in a performance setting. They will discuss working details such as patter, structure and success rates and they will demonstrate the routines they perform with close-up magic and mentalism. You will be taught a simple but flexible technique that they will exploit to explain their approach and set up, the nature of suggestion, ambiguous language and the production of basic phenomena. For more information about the Head Hacking team see Concepts Taught on the Night: Appreciate how you can easily combine hypnosis with your magic and mentalism; Learn and practice a Mind Control technique that you can instantly perform; Understand the secrets of hypnosis, presented via intriguing and informative anecdotes; Explore the Automatic Imagination Model developed at Head Hacking Research and see it being demonstrated. Visiting magicians are very welcome, there is a small fee of £8 payable on the night. Please contact our secretary Allan Humphries on 01889 590 975 prior to attending. For more information about our programme for the remainder of the year 11.8.12


Steve Gore's Visions from Vegas: Steve writes: "Here's an Ingenious, seemingly impossible 3 word prediction unlike any other. YouTube. Genuine jaw dropping reactions; Pocket sized for walkaround, close up, stand up and stage; No Reset and easy to do with no memory work; Believed to be a new method in magic, that you will love; Nothing inserted into the book apart from a blank postcard; No long and short pages and everything can be examined; Extra option available to repeat with a different outcome; Bonus Vegas postcard routine included with 4 revelations on (The postcard is also customizable with your own messages); August orders will receive my free PDF lecture notes." "If I did walkabout magic, this would probably be my mental effect of choice" - John Archer. "The method is just as clever as the effect." - Gregory Wilson. Only available from" 11.8.12


"The Cardwarp Tour" by Jeff Pierce is a new hardback publication based on Roy Walton's Cardwarp effect. For details and to pre-order visit 11.8.12


Egg Sausage & Peas. Update from the organisers: "Tuesday 14th August is your last chance this year to catch a public performance of Comedy Mind Reader Jonathan Royle in his new ESP Show. He is appearing at The Basement in York with this bizarre and highly original show which has been receiving rave reviews from Magicians, Mentalists and the general public alike. For more details, some video clips and to grab one of the last tickets go to" 11.8.12


Frank Allen lectures for the Cornish Magical Society at 3pm on Sunday 19th August at Carnon Downs Village Hall near Truro. Visiting magicians welcome, £5.00 entrance. Call Paul Scott on 01726 851823 to attend. 11.8.12


John O’Riordan lectures at The Merlin Magical Society on Thursday 16th August: "John will present his tried and tested variations on old and new effects in close-up magic. The lecture will highlight that by careful study before any presentation, we can simplify the methods and handling in order that the audience are magically entertained and experience a sense of wonder. The importance of timing, body language and audience management will be considered. It is the primary objective that those attending will find some practical hints and tips to enhance their magic!" We are holding this event at a different address, due to our usual venue being redecorated; The United Reformed Church, Tilbury Hall, Darkes Lane, Potters Bar, Hertfordshire EN6 1BZ (Map). There is plenty of parking at the hall. John Clayton (Secretary) The Merlin Magical Society. 11.8.12


Ed Fringe, in the spotlight: Boris Nicoli's Hamered and Tickled: "Arriving in the UK with only an entertainment visa and his “fake” mind reading experiments, now visa is expiring. Unexplainable Mind Reading demonstrations with a twist of Original Comedy and KGB leanings, Boris is looking for love. 'We are the show together with great minds interacting, like no other.'" Sounds like fun! Edinburgh Fringe Festival to 25th August at 6.05pm at the Voodoo Rooms, EH2 2AA 11.8.12


Cynthia Neptune. Sad to report that Cynthia Neptune has passed away. The funeral is on Thursday 16th August at 2.15pm at St. Peter's Church, Monkseaton, Whitley Bay. Cynthia was a member and past president of IBM and leader of the junior section of the Northern Magic Circle for 40 years. Annette Claire. 11.8.12


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