Number 868 - 11th February 2017


Franz Harary will be holding a one-off lecture/Q&A session at the Blackpool Convention on Sunday 19th at 4pm. It will be streamed live on Facebook, allowing magicians at home to also join in and ask any questions. See and 11.2.17


Tonight with Trevor McDonald: Living in a Box. This week from the MagicWeek Video Archive, a behind the scenes look at David Blaine's endurance stunt from October 2003. See The MagicWeek Video Archive. To catch up with past weeks and the occasional 'bonus' video Click Here. 11.2.17


Magic Makes You Laugh Out Loud. "Clip show featuring the best and most hilarious antics of magic tricks going horribly wrong. From disappearance fails to dodgy tablecloth tricks, magical kids to animal magic, plus the magician who turned his usual routine into a marriage proposal, and the world record-breaking skydiving magician." Sunday 12th February on Channel 5. See TV Magic. 11.2.17


West End Magic - Saturday 18th March. From the organisers: London's premier magic show returns for 2017 with a star-studded selection of top UK magic and variety acts including the latest BGT winner! The exciting family friendly show will feature magician Lance Corporal Richard Jones, as seen on the Royal Variety Performance and winner of 2016's Britain's Got Talent. Plus the conjuring feats of Oliver Tabor, ‘King of Comedy Magic’ Christian Lee and gentlemen juggler extraordinaire Ian Marchant. Guaranteed to deliver the best in magic, illusion, comedy, juggling and variety! Booking line: 0207734 2222. Tickets: West End Magic, Saturday 18th March at 3.30pm, Leicester Square Theatre, 6 Leicester Place, London WC2H 7BX (Map). 11.2.17


Showzam Central is an exciting free attraction as part of Blackpool’s Annual Showzam Festival of Magic, Variety and Circus. From the organisers: Tipped by The Guardian newspaper, last week, as one of the top ten family half-term attractions in the UK. This year Showzam Central features the return of The Sideshows - Yvette The Headless Lady, she moves, she breathes, she lives! She’s kept alive by the miracles of modern medicine. See Cleo, a tiny five-inch tall girl swimming in a Goldfish Bowl in her polka dot bikini. She is a real live girl! Dr Phantasma’s Sideshow promises thrills, laughs and amazement with four performances a day of a fire-juggling, whip-cracking, ladder-balancing show, packed with amazing sights and stunts. And new at this year’s Showzam we are joined by Sam the Scam, aka Russ Appleby, with his Bunko Booth that will challenge your senses – Heads you Lose, Tails he Wins! If you’d like to run off to the Circus then you can try juggling, unicycling , tightrope walking and much more with Circus Avago’s daily, free, circus skills sessions. Melville and Catch’s Parlour of Prestidigitation and Victorian Magic Shoppe will mystify and entertain you. It’s all great fun! Winter Gardens, Blackpool, Saturday 11th to Tuesday 14th February, 10am - 4pm, (shows at various times). Free admission. See and "10 years of magic, mayhem, music... and all that jazz!" Click Here. 11.2.17


Trickster, a documentary entertainment. Tim Bat is a fool. At least on stage. And it’s not easy. It’s taken years of practice. Trickster is a 72 minute documentary entertainment about a year in the life of Tim Bat, entertainer extraordinaire! It’s the story of what it takes to be a professional fool. Tim juggles, he yo-yos, he twirls his hat and brolly, he delights audiences with his unruly puppets and his cowboy lasso - but will this fool prevail?

From Brighton to Eastbourne to London and ultimately to Edinburgh for the Fringe Festival, Brighton-based entertainer Tim Bat plies his trade on the stage, in the streets and in shopping centres. On the way he meets his old partners-in-crime Bodger and Badger (of children’s TV fame) and Romany, Diva of Magic. As Birdyman he tramps the streets of Brighton selling whistles. Arriving in Edinburgh with 10,000 leaflets for his show and a Birdy whistle on his tongue, Tim begins his three-week run at the Fringe Festival. “I’ve got to get people in to my show, but I’ve got to earn my money. Selling these is how I pay for my dinners you see, literally. Hopefully it'll get noticed, and that’s the point.” Video: Click Here, also see The Tim Bat Trick Show can be seen at Brighton Fringe in May, see for details.


Masterclass Volume 3 from Magicseen Publications: As well as releasing the new book by Chris Congreave called Congreave's Curiosities at the Blackpool Convention on Thursday 16th February, Magicseen is also pleased to announce the publication of Masterclass Volume 3. The Masterclass section in Magicseen magazine is where in each issue we publish a small number of quality effects for readers to try. Every four years, we collect together all of the routines and ideas from the period and publish them in a convenient stand alone book. At Blackpool we will be releasing all 51 effects from years 9-12 of Magicseen (issues 49-72), and making them available as a 100 page A4 size comb bound book. The material is varied and covers close up, stand up, mentalism and children's routines, and includes many colour photos amongst the illustrations. With such top names as Andy Nyman, David Regal, Chris Rawlins, Boris Wild, Mel Mellers, Pit Hartling, John Bannon, Vincent Hedan, Thomas Fraps, Dan Garrett, Anthony Owen and many others contributing, you know that you are in for a treat. The printed book will be available from the 16th February, but the download version is already available for purchase and, until the 13th February, the download edition is delivered free to anyone who pre-orders the aforementioned Congreave's Curiosities book. More information: 11.2.17


The Card Collection at Blackpool 2017. Clive Leewarden writes: It's Blackpool time again. The Card Collection will be attending, and will be in the usual place with some amazing knockdown sale prices on Books, DVDs and tricks. Don't forget to come and see us and go home with some amazing sale bargains. If you want us to bring anything special for you let us know before we leave on Wednesday morning. See you all there! 11.2.17


Catch up with Katherine. Katherine Mills: Mind Games is currently being repeated on W, see TV Magic. 11.2.17


Mel Harvey is trading in his role of Spellcaster for a Stradcaster when he takes his guitar and joins his comedy show band, 'The Meltones' for a special fundraiser for the Shakespeare Hospice in Stratford upon Avon next month. Mel who has been Sooty's vocal/guitarist since touring with Harry Corbett in the seventies and for the last four years for Richard Cadell in the annual IBM shows is now going for a little older audience. Mel was recently given a Long Service Award from The Hospice where he is a volunteer in the Diversional Therapy department. The show is being held at The Bear Pit Theatre in Stratford upon Avon on Saturday 18th March at 7.30pm and tickets are now available from The Royal Shakespeare Theatre and The Bear Pit Hotline: 01789 403416. Price £12 and £10 for concessions. The first half of the show will feature comedy magic and audience participation from Mel's cruise show, and the second half will feature Mel and his five-piece band including well known Pop Stars! Mel looks forward to meeting friends old and new at next week's Blackpool Convention. 11.2.17


New for E-Club Pro Members! Mark Leveridge writes: The content stored on the E-Club Pro Members' Only web pages now reaches almost 650 pages, most of it video, and it provides a truly comprehensive database of ideas, advice and information for online learning drawn from Mark Leveridge's 35 years experience as a pro. Recently there have been some additions to the benefits enjoyed by the worldwide membership. Firstly, there is now a new section called the Audio Booth, in which each month an audio extract from one of Mark's range of informational Audio Books is posted. Currently the Going Walkabout Audio Book is being serialised here. The second new benefit, is that now members receive a 10% refund on all full price orders that they make with MLM. E-Club Pro Elite members, who belong to the enhanced version of E-Club Pro, have always benefitted from a 20% refund, so the 10% offered to regular E-Club Pro members brings them more into line with their Elite colleagues. Membership to E-Club Pro is available via an automated monthly PayPal payment and there is no fixed subscription period, so you can stay as long as you like. With so much great magic content to enjoy, with updates and additions every single month, and with access to the monthly E-Video Newsletter at no extra charge, E-Club Pro really is a great way to supercharge your magic life every month. For more information and to sign up, please go to 11.2.17


Hey, we're Colm and Greg, one a student of Theology and the other of Philosophy and Economics. Having met by chance in First Year, we have since become an inseparable duo, bound by our love of magic and the struggles we face in pursuing such a perilous occupation. On our quest to victory in Jailbreak 2017, you will see the feeble yet valiant attempts of two failing artists, desperately trying to muster enough cash through second-rate busking and cheap props (we're stocking up on squirty flowers) to push us through to our European destination, all in the aid of charity. But be aware, behind the jovial facade, we are serious competitors and will do anything - even use sleight of hand - in order to win. For more information visit and Both are members of the Society of Irish Magicians and this year we are promoting St.Vincent DePaul and Amnesty International, as well as the art of magic. 11.2.17


Wolverhampton Circle of Magicians' annual competition. On Wednesday 1st February, the Wolverhampton Circle of Magicians held their annual competition for members who have joined in the last 5 years. This popular competition for the William Stevens Shield, was deservedly won by Mitch Gibbons, who also won our Pocket Tricks Drive in December. Well done Mitch! President, Adam Cooper presented the trophy. Sue Oakley. 11.2.17


Adam Hudson: Tricks From the Library, The Cumbrian Magic Circle, Carlisle. Adam Hudson loves learning magic from books. He has spent twenty years studying many genres of magic, just using things you already own or can easily obtain. He will share many of these discoveries in his new lecture 'Tricks from the Library' at The Cumbrian Magic Circle, Houghton Village Hall near Carlisle on Tuesday, 14th February from 7.30pm to 10pm. For more info and directions visit Visitors welcome for a small £5 fee. 11.2.17


Wayne Fox lecture - Farnborough Society of Magical Entertainers. From the organisers: Wayne Fox lectures at the Farnborough Society of Magical Entertainers on Monday 13th February. Doors open at 7.30pm for an 8pm start. Guests £5. Please contact the treasurer Mike Simpson and join us for what will be a fantastic night with one of the UK’s top magicians. 11.2.17


Help raise £2000 to allow a small group of disabled people to visit the Blackpool Magic Convention in 2018. Organiser JJ Lucia-wright writes: In 2003 I started to adapt and perform magic so it could be accessed by visually impaired people. This started of as a bit of an experiment to hopefully create inclusion. I performed and taught magic specifically to and for blind and deafblind people (both deaf and blind). Many years have passed and this continues to grow and grow - I have toured with Jimmy (see pictures) as my assistant, Jimmy was born deaf and went blind at the age of 18 - he is now 48. We performed for Sense, plus various disability groups up and down the country. Jimmy was lucky to attend the Blackpool Magic Convention twice, many years ago, with thanks to funding from Derren Brown, Kaymar Magic, Uri Geller, Beard Juggling and The Berglas Magic Foundation. This was an amazing opportunity for him and opened up many doors. We continue to teach magic to disabled adults and adults with learning difficulties and would really like to organise it for 2 of them to attend the Blackpool Convention in 2018. Please visit for more information and to contribute. 11.2.17


Don Quest. Tom Trix of Copenhagen writes: This is to tell you that Don Q has passed, he was running Don's Magic Studio for many years and was also a friend of mine. Basil was alive until he was 91 years old. According to my information the funeral will take place on 13th February. 11.2.17


News Deadline next week. Please submit news by 12 noon Thursday 16th for Saturday 18th February. DT. 11.2.17


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