Number 1246 - Saturday 11th May 2024


Merlins Magic Festival Day - Barnsley, next Sunday, 19th May. This year's lineup features three amazing lectures by Graeme Shaw, Chris Congreave and John Morton. Highlights include a unique talk on the Houdini Water Torture Cell and hands-on workshops led by Kev Mark Johnson and Rob Shearsby. Dealers include Merlins, Brian Berry, Enchanted Rabbit, Mohawk Magic, Dark Artefacts, Magicbox, Chris Congreave and John Morton. Complimentary tea and parking is also included. A fantastic evening Gala Show is part of the full package. If you opt for the full event, a surprise awaits in the form of a 'Merlins Goody Bag', packed with magic worth more than the event's price. Secure your tickets now, see: Day 9.30am - 5.30pm. Evening 70pm - 9.30pm. The Academy Theatre, Birdwell, Barnsley S70 5TU 11.5.24


Trix 2024 - Stoke on Trent, next Monday & Tuesday, 20th & 21st May. From the organisers: Trix in the Stix is the fun convention for Family Entertainers. It’s a convention like no other with a truly amazing lineup of talent! See Eric Leclerc, Dan Harlan, Adrian Carratala, Becky Kitter, Sam Fitton, Pat Fallon, Dov Citron and Skittleman. See them perform and lecture at Trix 2024 in our new home, DoubleTree by Hilton, Festival Way, Stoke on Trent ST1 5BQ. 20th & 21st May 2024. Tickets £75. For more details and to book tickets go to 11.5.24


The Magicians Table: London's first carnival-themed, immersive close-up magic experience to open in September. Set in the private warehouse of a recently deceased carnival owner, audience members will be treated to close-up magic from the UK’s finest magicians, all while being served incredible cocktails to the sounds of live music, engaging in a tale of love, loss and mystery. It’s an experience you will never forget. Sign up now for access to the advance secret sale and early bird tickets: 11.5.24


Magic Circle Convention - tomorrow, Sunday 12th May in London! From the organisers: There are just a few tickets left for The Magic Circle's 3rd Annual Convention on May 12th, held the prestigious Magic Circle HQ, nestled in the heart of London on Stephenson Way. Experience The Magic Dealers Emporium with Pro Magic Academy, Ben Williams, Stellar Magic Shop, Mark Chandeau, Trik Trik Boom, Thomas Moore, George Kovari, Pocket Miracles, Monster Magic, Pat Page Magic, GRUM, Frostie Enertainment, Alakazam, International Magic, Craig Petty, Castle Magic Services, Mark Bennett, Sean Goodman, Sirus Magic, Jacmagic, Rubik’s Cube Magician, DTrick and Custom Card Tables, split over two rooms and all conveniently located at The Wesley Hotel, just behind the HQ from 10am -6pm. Admission to just the Magic Emporium is free for Magic Circle members and only £5 for non-members (pay on the door).


For the full convention enjoy performances from world class magicians, including the legendary King of Close-up Magic Mr Michael Vincent, witness the amazing pickpocketing skills of James Freedman and be blown away by the stars of stage and screen, Richard Griffin and Rya Hayashi, and, to top it all off, we have Magic Royalty - the lovely and legendary Debbie McGee!

Whether you're a member or non-member, there are still a few convention tickets left, for what is going to be a sensational day of magic. To purchase your tickets Click Here.


Paul Zenon: Trust Me! Tales from a travelling trickster. 18th & 19th May. The UK's oldest juvenile delinquent, sultan of street magic, multi-award-winning lounge wizard and scourge of the psychics is back - honest. Paul is the author of three books and has made several hundred TV appearances including several network one-man specials - look 'em up.

"The consummate showman - slick & engaging, warm - faultless"
"His deceptive self-deprecation belies the inventive precision of his stunts and the sharpness of his warm wit"
The Guardian
"He really is a master of his craft. Top drawer stand-up. Skilled and generous storyteller. Zenon is both the tricks and the show"
"He has the wonderful talent of being very funny, and also the brilliant skill of his magic - quite unique"
Don Ward, Founder, The Comedy Store


Brighton Spiegeltent 2024, Old Steine Gardens, Brighton BN1 1EH. Saturday 18th May and Sunday 19th May. See 11.5.24


Radio Magic newsletter launches. Ian Fenn AIMC has launched an email list for magicians interested in performing magic on the radio. Subscribers receive curated links to captivating radio magic performances, and concise guides on how to combine trickery with airwaves. Paid subscribers will also receive exclusive material linked to the forthcoming Ian Fenn / Arthur Setterington book "Magic on the Air." Sign up at 11.5.24


Northern Magic Circle President's Dinner & Events. From the organisers: Doug Gregg invites you to join him for his President's Dinner & Events on Saturday evening, 19th October, and Sunday morning 20th October at the Derby Mickleover Hotel, Etwall Road, Mickleover, Derby DE3 0XX (complimentary parking if your vehicle is registered at reception on arrival). Special discounted rooms at £95 per double or single room, including breakfast. Telephone: 0330 028 3404. Email:

Saturday dinner includes a three choice, three course menu and top line Cabaret. Sunday morning includes a presentation of Tenyo Magic followed by videos of famous magicians of the past. All Inclusive ticket price: £50 per person. Contact Doug Gregg on 07811 614 945 or by email


John Morton Lecture - Zodiac Magical Society, London, 15th May. Donato Capitella writes: On 15th May the Zodiac Magical Society in London will be hosting a lecture by John Morton. This is an extremely rare chance to see John Morton lecture in London. The creator of the Blackpool Convention sell-out Imposter, John makes hard hitting fun magic that has been worked in and packs a punch. His stuff slays. This event will take place on Wednesday, May 15th from 8pm-10pm at our club room located just a five-minute walk from the Northfields Tube station on the Piccadilly Line. There is a £10 charge for visitors, you need to email to let us know that you are coming as soon as possible, as we have limited places. You can follow us on Instagram at @zodiacmagicalsociety for updates. 11.5.24


Henry Ferris on Craig Petty's Magic TV: 'Talk Magic'. Every week Craig Petty sits down and chats with a well known magician; a creator, a performer, or someone who has had a positive impact on the Magic Community. This week: "Henry Ferris on creating the trick of the Blackpool magic Convention at only 14, and more" YouTube. 11.5.24


The MagicWeek Video Archive. A new magic clip or show every week! This week, Illusionist Clifford Bradley on 'The Hidden Camera Show' with host Ainsley Harriott from 25th September 1999. See The MagicWeek Video Archive. To see more from The MagicWeek Video Archive Click Here. 11.5.24


New From Mark Leveridge Magic. Here are the latest additions to the Select range of downloadable video routines. 1. Battery Pack. The magician picks up card box as if to demonstrate a card trick and discovers that it rattles! Opening it, he tips from within four 3 volt circular batteries! Taking one of the batteries into his fist, he squeezes it and on opening the hand it is seen to have changed to a more powerful AAA battery. Holding this battery at fingertips, the performer passes his other hand across it and causes it to visibly change to a larger AA battery. Finally, he clasps his two empty hands together and on parting them reveals that now a square 9 volt battery has magically appeared! No gimmicks required, just a card box and a few batteries plus some low level sleight of hand.

2. Table Hopper's Coin Into Bottle. A small plastic tub with a tight push on lid is shown, opened, and a collection of coins tipped from inside. The performer and a spectator each put their initials on self adhesive round stickers which are attached to one of the coins. The rest of the coins are returned to the tub and the lid is pushed back on. Taking the marked coin into his hand the performer strikes it against the bottom of the container, immediately showing that both his hands are empty. The tub is handed to a spectator who prises off the lid, and on tipping out the coins from within, discovers the marked coin is also inside there. No gimmicks required, this is a practical version of the classic coin into bottle which is suitable for table work. Each download costs just £7.00 (£3.50 for members of E-Club Pro). To watch dems and to order go to


49th Annual Covent Garden May Fayre & Puppet Festival, tomorrow, Sunday 12th May. Celebrating Mr Punch’s 362nd Anniversary. Sunday 12th May at St Paul’s Church Garden, Bedford Street, Covent Garden, London WC2E 9ED. Punch & Judy Professors and Puppeteers from all over the country and abroad gather to perform in the Garden of St Paul’s Church on the second Sunday in May near the spot where Samuel Pepys first recorded sighting Mr Punch in May 1662. Admission is Free. The day starts at 11am with a Grand Procession around the neighbourhood led by the Superior Brass Band. At 12 noon there is a Special Church Service with Mr Punch in the pulpit, followed by Shows, Stalls and Workshops, Folk Music and Maypole Dancing. The British Puppet and Model Theatre Guild, The Punch & Judy Fellowship and the Punch & Judy Club will all be represented alongside local community groups including the Covent Garden Community Association. The day ends at 5.30pm. See 11.5.24


Max Magic: The Incredible Holiday Hideout by Stephen Mulhern. Max Mullers is ready to take his magic skills to the next level. Then the news hits that the no-good Crayfish Twins have broken out of jail and are ready to get their revenge on Max and his friends. Luckily, Max and the gang are heading to the incredible Bupkins holiday resort for a week of seaside fun - it's the perfect place to lie low. But staying out of the spotlight doesn't come naturally to Max, and he's soon grabbing attention at Popkins with his magic and mischief - and not in a good way! Max and his friends have managed to escape some sticky situations in the past, but will they be able to stay one step ahead of trouble this time? Engaging black-and-white illustrations throughout and a dyslexic-friendly layout make this perfect for every child. Don't miss Max's latest magic-filled adventure - from Stephen Mulhern and Tom Easton, with illustrations by Begoña Fernández Corbalán. Book 3 in the series. Order via "Stephen Mulhern's rise from teen magician to successful TV host" 11.5.24


Scott Silven: Wonders - Brighton Festival, this weekend. From the promoter: Scott Silven: Wonders, a mesmerising performance that reaches far beyond a traditional magic show. Direct from New York and following a sold-out international tour, world-renowned illusionist, mentalist, and performance artist Scott Silven brings his unique form of theatrical enchantment to Brighton Festival for the first time.

Inspired by the movies of Alfred Hitchcock and fascinated with the enigmatic and unexplainable, the mood is set. Let your guard down and embrace Wonders, a shared journey through Silven’s childhood in the lowlands of Scotland and the mysteries that can be conjured through the power of our own imagination.

Silven is a modern-day marvel, pushing the boundaries of the illusionist craft by creating stylish, smart, and uniquely immersive performances that have mesmerised audiences across the globe. Let him expertly guide you through an interactive experience that explores the power of human connection through a series of breathtaking illusions. Silven leads his audiences to a place that suggests untold possibilities, a place that challenges perceptions; a place that allows them to look at the world, and themselves, in an extraordinary way. You will leave feeling different. "Wow. Wow. Wow. Silven will leave your mouth agape." New York Times. "Even non-believers, like myself, will be blow away by the artistry." Melbourne Time Out. For more info and to book visit Also see YouTube.


Bradley Walsh: Comedy Legends. Bradley explores the world of stand-up, talking about his own experiences before celebrating the routines and comedians that influenced him as well as those he thinks are geniuses, from Tommy Cooper and Bob Monkhouse to Caroline Aherne and Lee Mack. Bradley also explores the shock tactics of Jimmy Carr and the storytelling prowess of Billy Connolly and Victoria Wood. Repeat. Saturday 18th May on Channel 5. See TV Magic for details. 11.5.24


"Magician, comedian, and ventriloquist Paul Zerdin comes to Maidenhead" Click Here • "Award Winning Spanish Magician Fools Penn And Teller With... Yogurt" Click Here • "ITV Britain's Got Talent 'rockstar magician' from Grimsby gets red buzzer from Simon in 'chaotic' performance" Click Here • "I’m the only magician to win Britain’s Got Talent – here’s why this year’s magic act Jack Rhodes has a huge advantage" Click Here • "Master illusionist will be a Brighton Festival highlight" Click Here • Paul Sturgess reviews Chris Wood's recent lecture for South Downs Magicians Click Here • "'Spirited Away' review – the sheer scope of this magical Studio Ghibli adaptation is thrilling" Click Here [We went to see it last Saturday - it's a beautiful production with a number of actual magic effects, seamlessly woven in.] • That's it! Your UK magic news is always welcome. See you next week, Duncan. 11.5.24