Number 1247 - Saturday 18th May 2024


A Magical Evening with Michael Vincent - Rudolf Steiner House, London, Saturday 1st June. Elegant Deceptions & The Poetry of Conjuring - Come and join us for an evening of stunning magic, compelling stories and pure astonishment. Michael is celebrating 50 years as a student of Magic. This show will feature his astonishing technical mastery, creative storytelling and charismatic engagement with you, his audience. The show is limited to 40 people. Saturday, June at 7.30pm-9pm at The Eurythmy Room at Rudolf Steiner House, 35 Park Road, London NW1 6XT. For more info and to book visit: 18.5.24


Laura London Cheat - Live at The Magic Circle, Sunday 2nd June. From The Magic Circle: Laura London is one of the world's leading close-up magicians, and for the first time, Laura will be bringing her one-woman show Laura London: Cheat to The Magic Circle. Laura first debuted Cheat, which she devised and wrote herself, at the Edinburgh Fringe in 2016 and received four and five star reviews across the board. She has since toured this show in the UK, appearing at venues such as The Meridien Hotel, Piccadilly and Vaulty Towers, Waterloo, as well as tours of France and Germany and even taken the show to The Magic Castle in Hollywood and Moonlight Studios in New York.

The show reveals the incredible story of Geraldine Hartmann, a card shark, gambler, sleight of hand artist and of course a cheat in the 1920s. Geraldine’s passionate affair with poker, whiskey and a lover are told through the entries of her personal journal, as are the card cheating techniques she used to part suckers from their money. Laura will be sharing with you the secrets of how to cheat at cards using genuine techniques used by the hustlers of the time. Audience members will be invited to participate in this rare opportunity to see into a world which is notoriously secretive. Be enthralled and entertained as Laura London lays bare the life and secrets of one of the world’s few female card sharks. Doors 6pm Show 6.30pm. The Magic Circle, Centre for the Magic Arts, 12 Stephenson Way, London NW1 2HD Sunday 2nd June. For more info and to book visit


The Enchanted Rabbit "Wizards Weekender 2025" dates announced. 26th & 27th April 2025 at The Gibside Hotel, Front Street, Whickham, Newcastle upon Tyne NE16 4JG. Early bird tickets are now on sale! Only 100 registrations available for this small and fun magic event, so be quick! 18.5.24


Britain's Got Talent 2024 - Magic Catch Up

"Trixy shocks Simon Cowell with unbelievable magic act" YouTube
"Arron Jones delivers brilliantly chaotic musical magic" YouTube
"The Phantom unmasked in epic return to BGT?" YouTube.


Ali Cook: Principles of Deception - Royal & Derngate Northampton, 5th & 6th July. As a child, acclaimed magician Ali Cook was given a copy of a 1948 book The Principles of Deception. It was the first book to describe every type of magic trick and now Ali is going to perform them all in one show! Thrilling, funny and fast paced, with a script co-written by Ali Cook and Dave Gorman, this is a magical tour de force. 5th & 6th July at Royal & Derngate Northampton, 19-21 Guildhall Road, Northampton NN1 1DP 18.5.24


Film of Edward Victor presenting his version of the Diminishing Cards – now available in the Davenport Film Collection. Edward Victor (1887-1964) was well known for his skilful and entertaining magic and hand shadows. Davenports sold his version of the Diminishing Cards, which Victor demonstrates on this film taken by the Davenports, probably in the 1930s. Apart from his handling of the trick, the film shows his warm personality. Victor was also the author of some very popular books on magic technique. Check out this and other clips in the Film Category of The Davenport Collection or on The Davenport Film Collection on YouTube. 18.5.24


Director - Being your own director - A Stagecraft Lecture with Alex McAleer - Nottingham, 3rd June. Working with a director can vastly improve and elevate your performance but it might not be a luxury you can afford, or have even considered before. A director can help bring out your identity on stage, add shape and structure to your work, and allow you to be more present and in the moment when performing. The goal of this practical lecture is for you to leave with a set of tools and techniques to direct your own work.


We’ll explore off-stage processes that help you define who you are on stage; how to structure an effect, a routine, an act, or a full show to get the most amount of impact and entertainment; plus practical work on stagecraft such as blocking, pacing, improvising, getting volunteers, and more. 3rd June from 7pm to 10pm in Nottingham. Tickets for all events can be found at 18.5.24


Synthesis - A Stagecraft Lecture with Fernando Figueras - Nottingham, 1st July. In this practical lecture, Fernando will ask challenging questions and help us to think critically about our own performances, proposing ways to better include our audiences and to create deeper and richer experiences for them. If you are a close-up performer or a stage performer, this is a topic that is relevant to all.

The lecture will explore five key themes: Openers in Magic, Cause and Effect, Choices, Evident and Obscure, Magic Dopamine & Testosterone - the biological process of surprise. The event is designed for magicians wishing to develop professionally and will feature practical activities, and the opportunity for questions. There are a limited number of places available. 1st July from 7pm to 10pm in Nottingham. Tickets for all events can be found at


Creation - Creating your own original material or show - A 'Stagecraft' Lecture with Griffin & Jones - Nottingham, 5th August. Using effects from their own working stage repertoire, in this lecture, Griffin & Jones will teach you how to create and develop your own signature routines. If you’re not a stage performer however, fear not, Griffin & Jones will show you how these routines can and do work for close-up workers, and obviously you don’t need to be a double act to make them work!

Griffin and Jones will do a deep dive into their work explaining not only how they work but why they work. The aim of this lecture is that you can all go away and create your own original routines that fit your unique style and personality. The event is designed for magicians wishing to develop professionally and will feature practical activities, and the opportunity for questions. There are a limited number of places available. 5th August from 7pm to 10pm in Nottingham. Tickets for all events can be found at


FISM Europe British Entrants. Everyone at the British Ring No. 25 of the International Brotherhood of Magicians wishes our three members lots of luck in FISM Europe. This takes place in Saint-Vincent, Italy, from 23rd to 26th May. We have sponsored:
Nikola Arkane in the Stage General Magic Category.
Taylor Morgan in the Stage General Category.
The Hatter (alias Douglas Tilston) in the Close-up Parlour Magic Category.

Philip Partridge, President of the International Brotherhood of Magicians British Ring No.25. 18.5.24


Paul Daniels Madame Tussauds Waxwork. Chris Cross writes: I’m pleased to welcome a new (and rather too-freaky-for-the-house) unique item to my Chris Cross Collection of Magic! He’s in the best place for some TLC and appreciation! The Paul Daniels Madame Tussauds London waxwork! It stood in Wooky Hole Caves on display for years, then the Wookey Hole Caves attraction was purchased by circus legend Gerry Cottle. Cottle sold off a lot of items that came with the purchase of Wooky Hole at auction, where it was acquired by Roy Davenport and The Davenport Family, who actually outbid Paul Daniels himself at the auction! Paul had wanted to gift his waxwork to The Magic Circle museum.


The waxwork stood in the window of Davenport's Magic Shop in Charing Cross underground shopping arcade, London for a while and then became a magic trick itself, levitating visitors at the Davenport's Magic Kingdom! After Paul’s death, the exhibit was removed from the magic museum and then sold to me (Chris Cross) for my own collection of magical curiosities and treasures! 18.5.24


Exonian Magical Society Convention - Devon, 9th October. Chris Congreve has just been added to an already top lineup that includes Michael Vincent, Laura London, Paul Draper, Roy Charles and Phil Blackmore. Wednesday 9th October 2024. Registrations are limited to just 80 places and include a three-course meal. Limited accommodation is available at the convention venue, The Waie Inn, Zeal Monachorum, Crediton, Devon EX17 6DF. Featuring 4 lectures, a close-up session, workshops and a parlour show. Book early to avoid disappointment! Full Convention £65. Day only £30. Evening only £40. For full booking information email 18.5.24


Elliott Bibby Lecture - The Order of The Magi, Manchester. Mike Sharples writes: The Order of The Magi (Manchester’s Magicians’ Society) is proud to present The Elliot Bibby lecture on Tuesday 28th May. This lecture promises to be a full-on evening of entertainment. Elliot Bibby has built a name for himself as being a quick and natural entertainer. An Associate Member of The Inner Magic Circle with Silver Star, he performs his own brand of close-up and stage magic throughout Scotland and Internationally. Accolades include ‘The John Ramsey Rose Bowl’ for The Best Close-up effect in Scotland, ‘Scottish Close-Up Magician of The Year’, ‘International Brotherhood of Magicians British Ring Close-Up Champion’, and ‘Fring World Weekly Comedy Award Winner’ in Australia. The lecture has something for everyone and combines Elliot’s love of visual, sleight-of-hand magic, with his own unique fast paced style. He has been the resident magician in one of the top nightclub/bars in Edinburgh for 7 years and has also worked on and off stage at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival for the past 13 years.

The lecture will be held at The Irish World Heritage Centre, Irish Town Way, off Queens Road, Cheetham Hill, Manchester on 28th May at 7.30pm. Visiting magicians are welcome for an entry fee of £10.00 payable on the night. Guests to have approved permission from the Secretary or President prior to the evening. For more information, please see the website Future dates for the Magi: 11th June: Michael Diamond presents his Spiritualism Lecture and 25th June: Lord Harri presents his Organised Chaos Lecture.


René Mazing's magic 'n comedy show Disappearing Tonight - Brighton Fringe Festival. An evening of hilarious magic and unbelievable comedy with Germany's second-funniest magician. René is both Austrian and German comedy-magic champion, Member of The Magic Circle (AIMC) and appeared on Britain's got Talent in 2020 and at The Magic Castle, Hollywood.


Six nights only from 28th May to 2nd June, daily at 6.45pm, except 1st June (5.30pm at The Caxton Arms) Tickets £8–£9.50 (concs £7–£7.50). Venue: Bleach (upstairs at the Hare and Hounds), 75 London Road, Brighton and Hove, Brighton BN1 4JF, and 1st June (5.30pm at The Caxton Arms, 36 North Gardens, Brighton and Hove, Brighton BN1 3LB). Tickets via Brighton Fringe box office also see 18.5.24


The Magic Wand with Three Ends - Brighton Fringe Festival. A magic show for the whole family with Germany's second-funniest magician. René is both Austrian and German comedy magic champion, Member of The Magic Circle (AIMC) and appeared on Britain's got Talent in 2020 and The Magic Castle. Suitable for ages 4 1/2 –11. 28th May until 2nd June, daily at 3pm (approx 50 minutes) Tickets £9.00 (concs £7.00). Venue: Presuming Ed's, 114-115, London Road, Brighton and Hove, Brighton BN1 4JG. Tickets via Brighton Fringe box office also see 18.5.24


Jack Rhodes on Craig Petty's Magic TV: 'Talk Magic'. Every week Craig Petty sits down and chats with a well known magician; a creator, a performer, or someone who has had a positive impact on the Magic Community. This week: "Jack Rhodes - The incredible journey to becoming a full time YouTube Magician" YouTube. 18.5.24


The MagicWeek Video Archive. A new magic clip or show every week! This week, Paul Daniels on 'The Paul Daniels Magic Show 1985' from 21st September 1985. See The MagicWeek Video Archive. To see more from The MagicWeek Video Archive Click Here. 18.5.24


Steve Dela's done it again! Sue Oakley writes: On Wednesday 15th May, the Wolverhampton Circle of Magicians held their annual Stage Competition for the Tony Shelley Cup. There were 7 competitors and the worthy winner was Steve Dela, who was delighted to receive his 27th magic trophy. He's pictured here with president Robert Doyle. 18.5.24


Co-inci-mental is back. After several years of being unavailable, Mark Leveridge's simple version of the classic You Do As I Do plot has been adapted and re-introduced, now as a downloadable TricKlipXtra Video. Two identical sets of 26 cards are brought out, one set having red backs, the other blue. A spectator shuffles the blue set, while the magician mixes the red, and then both are ribbon spread face down across the table. The magician reaches across and pulls out one of the cards from the spectator’s blue backed set and drops it on the top of the blue pile. The spectator then randomly pulls out any of the performer’s red backed cards and drops it on the top of the red pile. Both halves are then collected and squared and left on the table.

Despite the fact that both halves were thoroughly shuffled, that both cards were selected sight unseen with the cards face down, and that the performer chose his before the spectator did, when the two top cards are turned over, they match! This is quite a coincidence, but even more amazing is that both piles are now flipped face up and ribbon spread to reveal that the two chosen cards are the only black suit cards in an otherwise entirely red suit collection! The video instructions for this routine cost just £7.00 and are available from


52/ACAAN App – Available now in the App Store. Ben Howard writes: 52/ACAAN allows you to perform one of the easiest and cleanest Any Card at Any Number effects out there. Simply perform one sleight and pass the deck to the spectator. The app has comprehensive customisable settings for practicing and performing. Effect: The spectator names any card and any number. The performer hands the deck to the spectator who can then count down to the named position to find their named card. This is exactly how it looks and is performed from the spectator's view!

FAQs and full transparency: The effect is reset simply by cutting the deck. The phone can either be in view or in your pocket. There is a built in 'out' within the settings if it is ever needed. Only available on IOS – an apple watch version is being worked on. Both video and written instructions within the app. Only £4.99 from the App Store:


Staged - Out Now! Wayne Slater, aka El Loco, writes: My latest book, Staged, not only covers my 40 year journey as a stage performer, but through the eyes of a comedy speciality act I will show you stage performance from a different perspective. From overture to ovation I will explain in depth how I built three comedy spec-acts by combining the arts of visual comedy, emotional tagging and mime.


How to engage an audience before you take to the stage; create the right hook; the right props and music. All from a performer who completed more than 4,000 shows worldwide, without speaking one single word whilst on stage. Presented in A4, this coffee table book is accompanied by diagrams and photos of my original and highly creative props and collectibles. You can view the reviews on Amazon: 18.5.24


Potter & Potter Magic Auction, 8th June. Featuring the collection of Peter Hackhofer to include premier Antique Magicana from legacy illusion shows of yesteryear. Potter & Potter Auctions is pleased to announce this 435 lot sale to be held on June 8th. This event will be held live at Potter & Potter's gallery, located at 5001 W. Belmont Avenue in Chicago and streamed, on the company's website: 18.5.24


This world-famous, mind-bending Museum of Illusions is coming to Manchester, writes Laura Ellis for Secret Manchester... The Museum of Illusions has proven hugely popular in the USA, and now, Manchester is set to be the first place in the UK to see it for themselves. Read the full artcle in 18.5.24


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