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Chris North
Surviving Half a Century in Magic!

A unique and interesting lecture from one of the country’s most enduring and versatile professionals. 50 years of experience and knowledge including a Q & A session and a little bit of magic!


Chris North has to be one of the most experienced and professional magicians in the country having presented his magic and illusions in all mediums of the entertainment business from multiple television appearances to major theatres and cruise liners. Chris has been at the top of his game and continues to change and develop his magic to suit current trends. Chris’s latest show started just over a year ago and really was on the heel of a growing trend of Victorian style entertainment, You can’t turn on the TV without seeing a Victorian drama in today’s schedule. It goes to show that Chris really knows what he is talking about. Chris is such a lovely guy and has done more in his career than all of us put together, if you ask him the right questions it could really inspire and push your career forward.
Steve Majes

Marvellous evening and a fascinating insight on the changing times in the ‘biz’ I could have listened to Chris for hours, marvellous stories, anecdotes and wise words too! Thank you so much Mr N, I get so much more out of these talks than I do with ‘standard/teach a trick’ lectures!!!
Paul Henri

It was an amazing start to the year, it was informative, very interesting even though I would have been 4 when you won New Faces! Thank you Chris for taking the time to talk about your 50 years in magic.
Stephen Bolam - The Gathering


To read a full review of the lecture by Steve Majes Click Here.

Duration: 2 hours
Availability: Worldwide
Telephone: 01692 651190 / 07860 368727
Home: East Anglia

Ian Keable
A Professional's Repertoire

Ian Keable has been a full time magician since 1990, working principally in Comedy Clubs and at Corporate events. His lecture, Cabaret Magic, concentrates on the theory and practise of what he does for a living: performing Cabaret for adult audiences.

In his lecture Ian performs and explains several tricks from his professional repertoire to illustrate not only how to, but also how not to, do Cabaret magic. Ian also talks about choosing Cabaret material, how to be funny, patter to avoid, dealing with hecklers, using assistants from the audience and other aspects of Cabaret magic which can only be learnt through solid performing experience.

Above all the lecture is designed to be entertaining. He guarantees that even if you don't use any of his tricks or buy his lecture notes, you will still have a thoroughly enjoyable evening.

"I doubt anyone in magic offers a funnier, more effortlessly entertaining lecture... I've no idea what he charges but he's worth double." Ian Rowland (from a report in Abra).

Duration: Up to two hours
Availability: UK, unless someone makes me an offer I can’t refuse.


Telephone: 020 7263 0261
Home: London

Jez Rose
We Are All Absolutely Beside Ourselves

An Associate Member of The Inner Magic Circle with Silver Star (London) and Member of the Academy of Magical Arts (Hollywood), Jez Rose is a highly respected lecturer, presenter and performer. His reputation is built on his ability to explore complicated topics with tremendous honesty, clarity, warmth and humour.

Presented in Jez’s well-known relaxed and professional style, what is We Are All Absolutely Beside Ourselves?

- It is a lecture about taking effects you already perform and creatively making them different, more appealing, more theatrically interesting, entertaining and more magical.
- It is a lecture that will show how 3 seconds can instantly improve your performance.
- It is a lecture about differentiating yourself as a performer and what that means with your existing routines and how it can result in you earning more.
- It is a lecture that will explain how 7 seconds can instantly boost your confidence.
- It is a lecture that teaches some of Jez’s favourite routines, dissecting how to start with a moment, whether a purchased routine or a selection of items, and create something that audiences care about, which immediately makes you - and your magic - more fascinating, in turn creating a ‘category of one’.
- It is a lecture like no other.

Working with theatrical directors, performers and television producers, behind the scenes Jez is sought-after as an “act doctor” for his attention to detail and his sharp understanding of how to elevate performances to become more magical and meaningful, resonating with audiences and standing out from others. With more than 100 appearances on television as a magician and broadcaster and over 18 years as a professional performer, his creative work in magic is often behind the scenes and his performances under a pseudonym. For the first time he is offering his collected thoughts and advice to the magic community.

“Jez is always at the top of his game. His innate ability to entertain has enabled him to develop a solid business as a much in demand corporate entertainer.”
Marc Paul

“One of the most refreshing performers I’ve seen in a long time."
Anthony Owen

“Jez has a deep passion and understanding of magic, both theoretical and practical and his personal performances have always been delivered with real professionalism.”
Richard McDougall

“Jez is a phenomenal performing magician - not only a wonderful performer but a font of information in the history of magic and magical effects. There are very few people who have the diversity, appreciation and magical knowledge that Jez has.”
Paul Roffman

Available as anything from 30 minutes to a full day workshop worldwide. As Jez is often working abroad, please contact his PA, Steph Middleton-Foster, in the first instance to check availability:

Mark Leveridge
E-Club Pro - Live! 2017-18 Version

A Lecture Like They Used To Be

The latest version of Mark Leveridge's professionally presented club lecture evening offers maximum value as it consists of a dozen varied routines and ideas, every single one of which is properly performed and then carefully and fully explained.

And guess what - this is NOT a thinly disguised 'dealer dem' that requires the club members to put their hand in their pocket to pay for the props to perform the lecture items, as there are NO individual items for sale afterwards at all! Yep, it's a lecture like they used to be!

The reason is that the magic in this lecture uses everyday objects or commonly used props. There are routines with coins, cards, purses, Jumbo cards, silks, rope and more, and the effects themselves are all practical and well within the abilities of everyone except the total beginner. With magic to suit a close up show, and walkabout, as well as parlour performances and mentalism, there's pretty much something for everyone.

All the routines come from the Vintage Vault and The Teach In sections of Mark's online magic resource E-Club Pro, hence the lecture title, and it provides an entertaining and fascinating evening of magic for all club members to enjoy.

Duration: Full evening
Availability: Worldwide

Telephone: 01392 490565
Home: Exeter

Martin Duffy
Educational Magic Shows

Join Martin Duffy and glean a unique insight into the amazing (and rewarding) world of educational magic shows for schools.

Martin will share how he chooses routines and fits them closely into themes that schools love.

You will learn how to take standard tricks you probably already own and adapt them and write patter to create themed educational magic shows.

Here you can find out how to offer educational magic to your clients - whether it’s adding the occasional routine or a whole new show.

Martin will talk about

• Why do schools love educational magic shows?
• How to choose a topic
• Why schools will pay you
• What topics are hot?
• The structure of a show

This talk comes from years of experience and features some brilliant routines you'll want to use straight away.

If you want to fill up your weekdays with magic shows, you'll learn how to put together a highly valuable educational magic show for schools in your area.

Lecture review by Donald Bevan – Former editor of Abracadabra magazine:

"Another break, before a feature lecture by Martin Duffy, well known to many magicians and one of the busiest performers in the North-east. The lecture was special on two counts: one it was Martin’s first on the subject, two it was aimed at children’s performers. Not however the ‘party magician’ but educational magic for schools, Martin’s specialist forté. He explained how he divides his work into age groups, effects used to cover maths, environmental issues and other subjects all wrapped up in one package – fun! His workbox or trunk has a combination lock which the children solve, his sponge ball routine is fun (counting), and numbers on a silk scarf magically jumped around. There was sound advice on how to approach schools, suggested fees and effects. Excellent."

Duration: 2 hours including interval
Availability: UK

Telephone: 0191 237 6240 or 07951 159381

Noel Qualter

Noel is a professional magician and magic consultant for Objective Productions advising on shows such as Help My Supply Teacher is Magic and Killer Magic. In his almost 15 years as a professional magician he's performed several stints at The Magic Castle in Hollywood, at the Harry Potter wrap party and a private show for the Saudi Royal family, with armed guards watching on.

He's been awarded The Magic Circle Originality prize for the last three years (2014, 2015 and 2016) and placed second in The Magic Circle Close-up Magician of the Year 2015. He has released several products to the magic community, including Alarmed and iDeck.

In this lecture he will share his inventive close-up magic which has a strong focus on quirky humour. From classic magic plots to wildly original premises there is something for all fans of close-up magic.

Duration: Up to two hours
Availability: Worldwide


Telephone: 0781 382 5547
Home: UK

Oliver Tabor
Stage Magic - Perceptions on Principles and Psychology

Oliver has been a full time magician for over 15 years, he was the winner of multiple awards at the 2013 IBM British Ring Convention and is the producer for West End Magic at the Leicester Square Theatre and the 'Magic at the Barn' shows in Essex.

Oliver has lectured at the Magic Circle, the IBM British Ring Convention and for the Blackpool Magicians Club, his lecture mostly covers stage magic with an introduction into how the techniques, psychology and rules followed by stage manipulators can easily be applied to all performance situations: from cabaret to close-up and from parlour to children's shows.

He offers effects for close-up, comedy, stage and children's magic, and also demonstrates how to produce a dove. Throughout the explanations he illustrates how to make performances more powerful by applying the rules of stagecraft, how to deconstruct a routine or act whilst eliminating any unnecessary movements and actions, and how to give your magic more of an impact in general.

He sells accompanying lecture notes and products such as 'Balloon Tie-d' and 'Ready Rope Routine'.

Duration: 1-2 hours
Availability: Worldwide

Telephone: 01702 543242 or 07900 543384
Home: Essex

Steve Dimmer
Eccen-Tricks - The new lecture from Steve Dimmer

Steve Dimmer offers a brand new lecture featuring a whole 2 hours of original effects.

This lecture is different. It comprises of at least 16 close-up and stage tricks of which only one is a playing card trick, only one involves coins. The majority involves everyday objects transformed into amazing magical tricks.

Highlights include

Over A Barrel, a walk-around Russian Roulette routine
Distress Signal, an amazing routine themed around The Titanic, suitable for close-up or stage.
A Bump on The Head, a divination themed around phrenology with the magician feeling a spectators skull!
Text Book, an exercise in mentalism which can be done with an audience or by phone, email or even text!!

Eccentric, eclectic, enthusiastic and effective Eccen-tricks is an amazing collection of newly devised routines all of which have been bench-tested in the real world. It is already receiving huge praise from the magical fraternity.


"Steve Dimmer's new lecture is surely destined to become one of the highlights of the current lecture circuit. Highly original, highly entertaining and highly innovative with a broad spectrum of magical effects and ideas that are guaranteed to mystify the lay public and magicians alike. It is rare that a lecture has such a wide and enthusiastic response from both beginners and experienced magicians - don't miss it if you get the opportunity to see it." Royston AIMC


"Steve lectured at our club on Tuesday 3rd October and it was an amazing varied lecture, chock full of brilliantly original ideas... To say there was something for everyone, would be an understatement. There was so much for everyone. Over the barrel is brilliant, but the fun you generate with his Face Mats routine and the photo opportunities they provide make them something your audience will never forget." David Miller

"It was a very different lecture and kept well away from what I call more accursed card tricks. Steve passed on some great storylines that could be used as a model for many pieces of magic. One of the best lectures we've had for a long time." Ted McCrillack, Treasurer NMC

"Steve is able to create magic out of just about anything. It could be an old photo, a fidget spinner, or even a tin can! Entertaining and original routines appear out of nowhere just like, well, magic.---A two hour lecture packed full of easy to do and original ideas.--Highly recommended." Ken Hawkes


"Steves’ lecture is amusing, informative and imaginative. He brings his own enthusiasm and humour into the lecture, introducing new and exciting ideas." Michael. J. Price. Leamington & Warwick Magic Society

"Steve delivered a lecture packed with new and original effects all with great stories for the plots, ideal for the working pro and hobbyist alike, this lecture has something for everyone." Steve Butler

"I have got to honestly say this is up there with the best lectures I've seen in the past couple of years since I've been going to lectures. What I loved firstly was how diverse the magic was. Lately it seems I'm seeing card trick after card trick with maybe a few coins or so on in between. But Steve has variety, with great ideas and magic to suit everyone. It ranged from bizarre magic to stuff you can use in kids shows. One of his tricks I bought I think will be my main event trick in my act now and personally I would have paid double for it, so Steve prices are more than reasonable. I'm not just saying this it really was a pleasure to have had the chance to see this wonderful lecture." Lee Joseph


"I always find Steve's lectures entertaining and informative. He is a creator and innovator making the impossible magical by using everyday objects, leaving you spellbound." Andy Bracey


"Steve's reputation as a top creator and performer of magic ensured we had a large audience for his lecture. We knew we were in for a treat and he exceeded our expectations. He presented a strong and varied lecture, which was ram-packed with quality content that has all been worked. All items were clearly taught in his fun, friendly approach. We will be sure to book Steve again in the future. Very Highly recommended!" Matthew Garrett MIMC

"Extremely well structured lecture that engaged the audience at every level. I thoroughly enjoyed the humorous elements and felt every trick was a 'worker'. Brilliant !!!" Mark Paul

Steve has been a professional magician for 21 years. During that time he has devised commercial effects for Davenports Magic, Practical Magic, Made-To-Measure Magic, Merlins of Wakefield and Pythagorus Magic. His mentalist trick Screen Test has been a huge seller for Alakazam Magic and is now in four different editions.

ECCEN-TRICKS is an amazing, unique and innovative lecture. It is now being offered to magic clubs throughout the UK. Further details from Steve:

Duration: Whole evening with break half way through

Availability: All year subject to commitments, world-wide

Telephone: 01604 409010

Mobile: 07904 311 007
Home: Northampton

Tony Griffith
The P.E.C. Lecture: Practical – Entertaining – Commercial

The magic presented in this lecture is practical entertaining commercial material that has served Tony really well for the last 25 years as a professional magician.

It is not the finger flinging type of magic which is sometimes seen today.Well scripted presentations and clever and easy to do methods allow you to focus on interacting with your audience and express your personality. In an age where so much 'new' material is devised more with a view to just fooling the purchasing magician than being suitable for lay public entertainment, Tony's magic bucks the trend.

The material presented covers a wide range of the magic art. There is something for everyone, regardless of whether you perform close up magic, stand up magic or children's magic. The magic has been designed so that it can be performed in a whole variety of situations. Tony Griffith has been all the way around the magic roundabout.

He is a Member of The Inner Magic Circle and has lectured there six times. He has lectured and entertained throughout the U.S.A, Australia, New Zealand, Europe and the U.K. He has lectured on five occasions at The Magic Castle, Hollywood where he has also presented his close up magic show over 100 times.

Tony is the author of a number of publications, his latest being: Reflections, Further Reflections, Final Reflections, Ultimate Reflections, The Essence, The Magic of Science

He has appeared on the front covers of Abracadabra, New Tops, Genii, The Linking Ring. The most frequently heard comment from those who have seen Tony's lecture is that it is choc full of practical entertaining commercial magic for anyone who wishes to go out and entertain the public. What more could you wish for?

Duration: 2 hours

Availability: Worldwide

Telephone: 01275 835463
Home: Bristol