Amanda Farrell


Amanda Farrell, aka Magical Mandy, was bitten by the magic bug on a one-day magic workshop in Bristol 12 years ago. "I realised within about half an hour that I had found my niche in life - instantly totally obsessed." Early tricks involved rope escapes, the 'razor blades from mouth' (!), and vanishing a silk. In 1994 she decided to pack in her day job as an area supervisor for a chain of bakery shops and cafes to become a full time entertainer performing in the Bath and Bristol area. Since then Mandy has achieved great success as both a children's performer and as a close-up magician presenting her magic at corporate events and private parties. Amanda also presents a "Saw in Half a Gram!" Recent clients include: Mercedes Benz, Habitat, Helix Instruments, Cardiff International Arena, N.E.C. Birmingham, The Mall, Sparrows Crane Hire, Esporta Health Club, The Swallow Royal Hotel, and Marriot Hotels.

Top Magician?

"Michael Ammar, because of the good usable magical content in his lecture, but primarily I find him totally inspiring - after his lecture I usually don't sleep due to being over motivated (is that possible?). Other favourites have to be Guy Hollingworth, so slick, so cool, and excellent magic as well, and all my magic mates who don't laugh at my outrageous ideas too often!"

Top Trick?

"Definitely the Sub Trunk - I could watch that being performed time and time again (is there something wrong with me?)"

Top Book?

"Mark Wilson's Complete Course of Magic, it was my first magic book. I read it cover to cover (what does that tell you?) It was bought for me before I discovered any magic clubs and I was delighted to find some 'real' magic with clear instructions."

Top Magic Moment?

"This has to be when I got picked to help David Copperfield on stage at Earls Court. O.K so I was jumping up and down shouting 'pick me, pick me' but I didn't expect it to really work. I got to be one of the crowd with the spinning levitating table (David Berglas). I enjoyed myself so much up there that it took 5 bouncers to get me off the stage!"


MagicWeek 2001