Danny Buckler


Danny Buckler is one of Great Britain's fastest rising stars of comedy and magic, with a unique style that has already taken him around the world and resulted in his own comedy special for Channel Four: Danny Does Tricks.

Danny fell in love with performing almost as soon as he could walk but it was while at college, when called upon to perform a self devised piece as part of a drama course, that Danny realised this was something he could do with his life. Danny has worked his way up through London's tough comedy circuit to become one of its most popular performers - regularly playing at all the top venues including Jongleurs and The Comedy Store. Danny also works as a TV warm-up artist, on shows as diverse as the hard hitting Channel Four show Is This Your Life? (Open Media) and the award winning sitcom Dinner Ladies (Positive Productions). Last year Danny was called upon to do a 'Bob Hope' and entertain troops overseas in Bosnia and Northern Ireland. He was also a part of the weekly 'cultural event' that was 'Having Words With The Barefoot Doctor' in which the Doc would let Danny perform magic or just let out whatever was on his mind!

Danny was the opening act for Victoria Wood on her recent sell-out tour and was chuffed to bits to be asked to perform alongside Victoria and Imelda Staughnton as part of the recent show Victoria Wood and Friends at the Adelphie Theatre, in London's West End. This year Danny is teaming up with the amazing Mandy Muden to bring their first show, Two Funny Magicians, to the Edinburgh Festival.

Top Trick?
"When Billy Connelly transports an audience from a comfy theatre in London to a Glasgow slum to Beverly Hills and back again with nary a magic prop insight, just with his words."

Top Book?
"The Stars of Magic. I bought this when I was sixteen with my last twenty quid in the world and I'm still learning from it now. I have visions of one day lying on my death bed, passing it on to little Danny Buckler the Third, my grandson, and him waiting until I'm gone before chucking it out along with my Batman comic collection the ungrateful little sod."

Top Magician?
"Chris Power. He's one of the true quiet men of magic, He never blows his own trumpet and yet he knows so much about timing, performing and misdirection. One of the world's finest people."

Top Magic Quote?
"You are the magic. The magic is you." Al Goshman

Top Magic Moment?
"There's been quite a few, but the most recent was walking over London Bridge on my own having just received a huge response for my comedy from a sold-out Adelphie Theatre as part of the 'Victoria Wood and Friends' and looking out over London and for once in my life feeling proud of myself."


MagicWeek 2002