Marc Paul


Marc was introduced to magic, like so many others, when a relative bought him a magic set at the age of 7, and like so many others he couldn't do any of the tricks! It was only when he was off ill from school one day that the magic set was pulled out of the cupboard and young Marc discovered how to vanish a coin. He amazed his mum, then his school friends, with this little miracle and hasn't looked back since!

Through the late Bill Stickland (Past President of the IBM, International Brotherhood of Magicians) at the age of 12 Marc was introduced to Fred Castle (A Member of the Inner Magic Circle, whose catch phrase was "Magic with a Smile") who took him on as a pupil teaching all the basics and giving Marc a strong background knowledge in ALL aspects of magic, a knowledge that he still puts to good use when he advises on magical TV shows.

The teenager was an avid reader of anything magical. He scoured markets and second hand bookshops and bought any magic books he could find. By the age of 13 he had read all of the Tarbell Course (a seven volume set of magic books) and under the direction of Fred had put together a good stand up patter magic show and started doing shows.

After school Marc moved to London in 1988 to work in the world famous Harrods department store for magic retailers Marvin's Magic. This was the start of 7 years with the company in which he developed strong friendships with Marvin and David Berglas. He also joined The Magic Circle and was soon an active council member and for 2 years was Monday Night host. For his services to The Circle he was awarded membership to The Inner Magic Circle. It was also during this time that Marc developed a strong fascination in the art of mentalism inspired mainly by his hero David Berglas.

When he left Marvin's Magic in 1995 he formed a magic company with Paul Andrews, Nick Reade and Anthony Owen (all ex-demonstrators and friends from Marvin's Magic). The company created a lot of performance work for all its directors. The team worked on major company promotions and did car productions for Vauxhall and BMW. One of the highlights for Marc during this period was selling his version of the linking finger rings to David Copperfield!

Since the early 90's Marc has made regular appearances on television. They include...

Top of the Pops (BBC1)
Equinox - Secrets of the Psychics (Channel 4)
Paul McKenna's Paranormal World (ITV1)
Mysteries (BBC1)
Stuff the White Rabbit (BBC2) Hands only!
Secrets (BBC1)
Trick on Two (BBC2)

In 1999 he got the opportunity to create and perform in his own 16 episode series for cable TV called "Mind Games." This show was seen by the judging panel for the World Magic Awards in Las Vegas and as a result Marc won the title of "World's Greatest Mentalist" for that year.

On Christmas Eve 2002 he appeared on the BBC's Parkinson show and amazed Michael and his guests Tom Jones, Martine McCutcheon and Alistair McGowan.

Recently you may have seen him heading up the mentalism episode in part of the BBC's History of Magic series.

You can currently see him every week on Sky One as part of the "Undercover Magic" team.

Later this year he will be touring a theatre show with Joe Pasquale (details will appear on MagicWeek nearer the autumn).

Top Trick?

The Berglas Effect (Any Card at Any Number).

This is like a holy grail of card tricks - many top performers have created versions, but none are more famous than David Berglas'. The effect has an astounding impact on all types of audience. The plot is simple to follow and yet the effect seems to be totally inexplicable... Which is what good magic/mentalism is all about.

Top Book?

The Mind and Magic of David Berglas.

This book has to be read, and read, and read, and read to fully gain the knowledge that is in its pages. If you are one of the people who after reading felt a little disappointed then you have completely missed what this book is about.

Top Magician?

David Berglas (of course!)

He always has and always will be my hero. He is a truly inspiring man. He is everything that a mystery performer should be. From his look to his effects, everything about the man furthers his image as someone who has unique abilities. If I am ever the performer he is I will be happy!

Top Magic Quote?

"Mentalism is easier to do then magic... but harder to do well" Max Maven.

I could not agree with Max more. There has been a huge explosion of performers who do mentalism, you only have to look at to see how many magicians are now a magician/mindreader. Which is fine, but take to heart the above quote.

Top Magic Moment?

Being asked perform on Paul Daniels Secrets in 1995. I had watched the Paul Daniels Magic Show all through my childhood so it really was a dream come true!


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