Steve Gore "Ramblings from a suspender… of disbelief"

Nottingham Guild of Magicians
6th September 2012
Reviewed by Graham Harper

Looking for a lecture for your Society? Then look no further. Steve gore from t'North will fit your requirements in every regard. This is the man that wears bra's backwards - in the best possible taste! Yes it's legitimately a piece of magical equipment - honest!

Ramblings from a suspender .... of disbelief. (Easy!) In actual fact the lecture or exchange of skill and joy, is a wonderful journey of very do-able routines with more than a smattering of hilarity. These are highly commercial routines from those for children to sophisticated, but more than amply explained pieces for grown ups.

The I-Phone routine is truly stunning. Card tricks abound with not a bust knuckle in sight. A richly conceived book test is ingeniously executed. All items are correctly credited, now there's a refreshing aspect! The generosity of explanation is unfettered. This presentation will make your most stern members crack a smile. Incidentally all gimmick components can be printed from a media disc provided at a very reasonable price. Go on societies treat yourselves - you know you want to.

© Graham Harper, President, Nottingham Guild of Magicians, September 2012