The El Duco/Leveridge Wallet Combo
Reviewed by Jay Fortune

Another new release from Mark Leveridge Magic. In this set you receive an El Duco leather hip-style wallet, 60 minute DVD of Mark Leveridge routine's using the wallet and a set of specially printed zodiac cards for one of the routines. Starting with the wallet, it's well made and looks like it really could be your normal wallet, something which many other wallets on the market fall down on. The load is very easy to do with minimal fumbling in your pocket. There's a few spaces for credit cards and a money pocket. The card is produced from within the popper-pocket section of the wallet (no zip, two poppers) The DVD has full handling and explanations for six routines. Leveridge has created many additional uses for the wallet; namely loading a card, swapping a previously loaded card and peeking a loaded card. Most of the routines use a signed card and Leveridge has a valid reason of why the wallet comes into play as he keeps stickers in the wallet for the spectator to sign and stick to their chosen card. Most of the routines use palming, however the wallet can be used to load a card without palming, and thanks to its construction this is very easy to accomplish. The routines are varied and strong. Upon watching the DVD I found myself creating other tricks for the wallet based on Leveridge's ideas. This is great fun, quality props and strong magic for lay people. Not a cheap product, but an investment that will pay for itself many times over in my opinion as this wallet will be used regularly for engagements and apparent impromptu performances if you choose to use this as your everyday wallet. Highly recommended.


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Jay Fortune, March 2012