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The Gazzo Infamous Range
at The Enchanted Rabbit


"The Gazzo Infamous Range" at The Enchanted Rabbit - Exclusive new releases. The Enchanted Rabbit write: The Enchanted Rabbit Proudly and Exclusively Presents The Gazzo Infamous Range. First, the Gazzo Cups Up Close Video Download. He’s the most (in)famous street performer in the world today... He started as a look out for Cracker Parker's criminal 3 card trick outfit on the streets of London, before changing direction and using his sleight of hand talents to become a professional street magician. In this new download, Gazzo reveals the secrets of his Close-up Cups & Balls Routine - direct from his current repertoire! This is very different from his large street cups act and is tailored to a more close-up "doorway show" type audience. Run time: approximately 80 minutes. Available now: Click Here.


Also exclusively available, Gazzo's Final Football Load Balls and his wooden Street Sticks, perfectly designed for working the Cups on the street. There’s another download on our site, too, which sees Gazzo chatting to Chris Cross about his life as a street performer and suchlike: Click Here. Also see

Learning From Experience

The Professional Worker Series Vol.6 by Mark Leveridge

Learning From Experience is a 44 page e-book in which Mark looks back over 40 years of full time professional experience and identifies 20 key things about performing commercially for lay people that he wishes he had known when he started.

Organising these into 20 Key Facts, Mark explains the lessons that he has learned in this rich period of experience about performance, marketing, fees, trick selection, dealing with spectators and more, and sets out clear advice and food for thought to help you to short track your way to making good decisions. Here is a list of the contents.

Key Fact #1 – The Booker Isn’t Always Right. Key Fact #2 – Fee Levels Can Define Show Types. Key Fact #3 – Presentation And Personality Are More Important Than The Tricks. Key Fact #4 – Organising Your Workspace. Key Fact #5 – Targeted Advertising Is Best. Key Fact #6 – Your Website Is Your Shop Window. Key Fact #7 – Actively Pursue Testimonials. Key Fact #8 – Responding To Show Enquiries. Key Fact #9 – The Social Media Black Hole. Key Fact #10 – The Benefits Of A Bulletproof Repertoire. Key Fact #11 – Conversational Patter. Key Fact #12 – Classic For A Reason. Key Fact #13 – Getting And Keeping Attention. Key Fact #14 – Being Self Contained. Key Fact #15 – The Importance Of An Amplifier. Key Fact #16 – Slow Down. Key Fact #17 – Dealing With Volunteers. Key Fact #18 – Hecklers May Not Be Heckler.s Key Fact #19 – Be Wary Of Topical Patter. Key Fact #20 – Show Business – 20% Show, 80% Business.

This is a goldmine of relevant advice and opinion which should be helpful to magicians of all standards and types. Laced with anecdotes from Mark's professional life, Learning From Experience will give you just that, the chance to learn from his experience.


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Out of Credit

Discount Magic

Out Of Credit £9.98 - The next generation mentalists credit card with contactless technology.

7 Reveals in 1 Card.

Perform number forces, card forces, verbal forces and comedy magic all from your wallet!

Includes specially produced "Credit Card" and full instructions for 8 effects, which include a contactless prediction.

Great to carry and perform.


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Join The Mark Leveridge E-Club

The E-Club, which is now in its 11th year, has three levels of membership, each with distinct benefits.

E-Club Lite - free. You will receive an email newsletter on the first of each month. The newsletter contains: 1. The latest news from MLM. 2. Free advice and taster offers from MLM. 3. Information about the latest offers. 4. Details of the latest monthly podcast. 5. Free access to the monthly E-Video Newsletter.

E-Club Pro - £12.00pm. 1. Gain username and password access to hundreds of pages of exclusive online content. 2. Get free access to the monthly E-Video Newsletter. 3. Receive a link to the Mark's Monthly Message advice videos delivered to your inbox in the middle of every month. 4. Receive an email newsletter on the 1st of each month. 5. Enjoy a members only 50% discount on all full price MLM download purchases.

E-Club Elite - £20.00pm. 1. Benefit from everything enjoyed by Pro Members. Plus.... 2. Receive a useful Elite Members Only Resource Newsletter each month with links to exclusive advanced extra material including video tutorial on marketing and show creation, plus extended in depth versions of the Mark's Monthly Message advice videos. 3. Get personal access to Mark, via telephone or Zoom, for advice and help on magic projects important to you. 4. Get access to the Magic Den where you can download for FREE any of a selection (changed monthly) of MLM marketed products.

There is no set subscription period for the E-Club - stay as long as you want - and payment for the Pro and Elite levels of membership is taken using a monthly PayPal automated payment. For more information go to

Amazing Human Lie Detector - Table-Hop Pro Size

by Eddie Burke

Entertaining, effective & straight forward it almost works itself. Packed with audience participation. Eddie used this for several years as part of his billing as The Human Lie Detector.

You pass out five large playing cards for examination, these can be mixed and shuffled by your audience, as you explain that you have studied lie detection without using a Polygraph machine and you rely instead on people’s breathing, palpitations, hesitation, and general body language for your clues.

With your back turned to your participant you instruct him over your shoulder to mix the five cards even more thoroughly. Then you ask him with the cards in his own hands to simply think of one of the five cards while your back is still turned so you cannot receive any clues as to the card he has in his mind.

Now you ask him only to answer yes to your following questions, in this way he will tell four lies and only answer truthfully on ONE occasion.

Taking a card in turn you ask questions such as, “Is your card a RED card?” or a heart card etc, to each question he answers yes. In this manner you eliminate in turn four of the cards, until you are left holding just one card back to the audience.

Now you ask him to truthfully name his simply thought of card, let’s say he names the, “Jack of hearts.” You turn around the card you are holding for everyone to see it is indeed the Jack of Hearts!

This clever method is 100% certain. The card is different every time you perform it. Yet you always reveal the card he is merely thinking of correctly. No stooges, no peeking. Everything can be left for examination.

Comes complete with instructions and five unfaked playing cards in Table-Hop Pro size.

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The classic chop cup, now with Play-Doh®.


Ask a spectator to make a ball with the Play-Doh® from a small pot. From that moment you can perform any chop cup routine with a large ball and a cute animal final load. Modern magic with organic props!

A fantastic way to bring a classic of magic to children or even adults.


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Clone Coin by Mark Lee

This is a super clean 'Special' coin that can be shown clearly as a regular coin. There are two effects included, but once you see the ingenuity of the coin, there are many more possibilities. Effect one, is a simple coins across in your hands effect. You start off by displaying two coins openly, there is obviously nothing else in your hands. You place the two coins, one at a time, and very cleanly, from your right hand to the left. You now pick the two coins up with your right hand, and display them. They are then thrown one at a time into your left hand (you can even hear them clinking), and you grip them, making a fist with both hands. You make a magical gesture, and although your hands never come anywhere near each other, you can now show that you have one coin in each hand! Effect two, is a coin matrix effect. Using four coins, which are shown and counted, and two regular playing cards, borrowed if you wish. The coins are spread out in to a square formation. Two of the coins are now covered by the playing cards. When one is lifted, a coin has gone, and when the other card is lifted there are now two coins under it. This is repeated, until all the coins are now under one card! You can now show you have only two cards and four coins! These are available in the 10p coin version as standard, but you can order any coin you require. - Standard 10p coin plus instructions - £25.00 + £2.95 UK postage or £4.95 overseas.

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Impossible Card Magic

Impossible Card Magic is a perfect title for this DVD. Every effect on this tape is impossible to figure out when you first see it - you will be fooled! The skill level ranges from intermediate to advanced but the effort involved in learning these routines will surely put you ahead of the crowd. All the routines are show-stoppers and all the methods are new and original. This is card magic that will fool and entertain. Includes Raise Rise - One of Ray's signature pieces, an ambitious card sequence where a signed selection is placed near the bottom of the deck, sticking out for half its length. Visually, the card jumps up to the middle of the deck, then near the top, then becomes the top card! The card magic contained on this DVD is not easy but each effect is well worth the practice. Highly Recommended!

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