Number 1143 - Saturday 21st May 2022


Derren Brown: the Showman tour - in Bristol this evening. Derren Brown returns to the stage with 'Showman', his brand new live show. "We were all ready to open Showman when the tour had to be postponed. Now, after sitting around in my pants for months I am so, so eager to get this show on the road. I’m hugely grateful to everyone who bought tickets and then were told they had to wait. Let’s get together and have a hug and a party." Derren. "The closest our Galaxy can boast to a Jedi Master" Empire. See for tour dates.

"Derren Brown's Showman is coming to Bristol for his biggest tour in 20 years"
"Derren Brown mesmerises with mind-bending return to stage"
"Derren Brown - Showman: I'd love to be able to tell you more about this show - but I can't..."



North Wales Magic Circle present An Evening of Stage Magic. Mike Harris writes: Established in 1942, North Wales Magic Circle have been providing magical entertainment in North Wales and further afield ever since. This June sees the return, after many years, of An Evening of Stage Magic at the Little Theatre in Rhyl. "The Club returned to the Little Theatre last year and this is our first opportunity to put on a performance for the people of Rhyl" said President Mike Harris. "The club has moved around different venues in the past few years but it is great to return our meetings to The Little Theatre. The team at The Little Theatre have been very accommodating and supportive of the club and we have a great working relationship with them. Many ideas for new projects are in the pipeline."

If you are interested in joining the North Wales Magic Circle we meet every first Tuesday of the month at The Little Theatre in Rhyl and every third Wednesday of the month at The Magic Bar Live in Llandudno. You can find out more about membership on our website: We welcome all skill levels from beginners through to seasoned performers. An Evening of Stage Magic will be held on 7th June at 7pm at The Little Theatre, Vale Road, Rhyl LL18 2BS. Tickets are £5 and can be purchased either from the Little Theatre or from the club website.


A Night of Magic with Lee Hathaway. From the promoters: Siorai Bar proudly presents Lee Hathaway, international magician. A special night of close-up magic, performances and special guest performer and hostess for the night, our very own resident drag queen, Christina Draguilera (as seen in The Telegraph). Lee has worked with some of the greats: Madonna, Amy Winehouse, the Royal Family, Simon Cowell, David Tennant and too many more to name here. He has been featured on ITV, Netflix and Channel 4. This night really is not one to be missed. Be prepared to be wowed, dazzled and entertained on this very special night. Saturday 4th June, 8pm-10pm at Siorai Bar, 114 Junction Road, London N19 5LB. There are limited tickets so book now to avoid disappointment via 21.5.22


The Magic Live Lounge, Friday June 10th, The Chapel Arts House, Ormskirk. From the producers, Jumpstart Entertainment: Following on from two sell-out shows in November 2021 and March 2022, The Magic Live Lounge returns to The Chapel on Friday 10th June.  Doors will open at 7pm to enjoy drinks in the bar with close-up magic from Alvaro Campos and Mark Roberts ahead of the main show. In addition there will also be live music from local acoustic performer Stuart Belcher.

Starting at 8pm, the evening of magic, mystery and comedy will be hosted by Modern Magician and Psychological Illusionist, Adam Dadswell. In addition, two seasoned performers gracing The Magic Live Lounge stage for the first time are magic's best kept secret: Paul Sylvester and master magician and funny man, Andrew James.

For the second half of the show, we are excited to announce that Mind Reader & Mentalist, Mason King, will be performing his brand new Edinburgh Fringe Festival Preview Show 'Mind Games'. This will be one of several preview shows before being performed on the Edinburgh Fringe stages in August. If you are interested in a night out with a difference, then book now to avoid disappointment! Venue: The Chapel Arts House, St Helens Road, Ormskirk, Lancashire L39 4QR. For more info and to book visit


Lloyd Barnes on Craig Petty's Magic TV: 'Talk Magic'. Every Tuesday and Saturday at 9pm, Craig Petty sits down and chats with a well known magician; a creator, a performer, or someone who has had a positive impact on the Magic Community. "Lloyd Barnes talks Creativity, Releasing Products and more!" YouTube. 21.5.22


The MagicWeek Video Archive. This week John Wade, Member of The Inner Magic Circle with Gold Star, who sadly died on Wednesday, 11th May. John enjoyed a lifetime in magic. Seen here in a performance that I recorded on 10th January 1987 (unfortunately I didn't take note of the programme's title at the time, but reader Paul Sheriff later kindly emailed today to let me know that it was a televised Christmas lecture given by Biologist Lewis Wolpert at the National Institute, called 'Frankenstein's Quest: The Development of Life - Growing Up and Growing Old'). See The MagicWeek Video Archive. To see more from The MagicWeek Video Archive Click Here. DT. 21.5.22


Marc Oberon lectures at the Zodiac Magical Society in Ealing, West London, at 8pm on Wednesday 25th May and we are looking forward to an excellent evening. It will be an in-person only event in our clubroom, so it will not be possible to join us online this time. Visitors are welcome to join us on payment of a £10 lecture fee. If you would like to come, please contact the Membership Secretary by email: Alan Browne, President, Zodiac Magical Society. 21.5.22


Comedians the book, gives us an exclusive and revealing peek behind the curtain of the British Comedy scene. Steve Best’s own years on the comedy circuit have not only taken him to the four corners of the planet but helped him to gain the trust of some of the funniest people on it – and with it an open door to the four corners of their dressing rooms.

Being in the exact right place is only one thing, however. Being there at the right time is another matter entirely; and none more so than when it can be measured by the split-second of the camera’s shutter. We are very fortunate, therefore, that Best’s mastery of photographic timing is faultless because with it we get such a complete picture.

"His pictures document the ever changing world of comedy and comedians. With this collection of photographs he has not only given us so much visual pleasure but also a superlative historical pictorial documentation of the best live comedy scene in the world." Don Ward, the Comedy Store. For more info and to order visit


Britain's Got Talent 2022. Tonight sees the second to last audition show go out, with more magic surprises! The week of live finals starts on Monday 30th May. See TV Magic for details. 21.5.22


Shimada. Genii, June 2022. Remembering an Icon: Haruo Shimada’s Life and Career: 21.5.22


Magicseen Issue 104 Competition. In the latest edition of Magicseen readers get the chance to win one of two copies of Mark Leveridge's Ring and String Deluxe Combo (worth £15). This special download comprises of a PDF colour photo illustrated booklet containing clear text instructions for all 6 of Mark's classic Ring and String moves. This PDF also has a link to comprehensive video footage in which Mark performs and explains the moves, making this a comprehensive package of instructions on these excellent effects. To get your name in the draw to win one of these special bundles, you need to purchase issue 104 (May 2022) of Magicseen, turn to page 17 and answer the simple question there before the 31st May entry deadline. Do this and your name will be included in the draw to win the prize. You can get your copy of Magicseen right now from 21.5.22


Six-Card Mind Control - Mr E Enterprises. The perfect mind control illusion, Six-Card Mind Control is the ideal mystery for table-hopping and stand-up, produced in table-hopping pro size cards. Talking about mind control you show a large envelope and explain that inside is your prediction of a playing card yet to be selected. From your own regular, jumbo or even borrowed deck, you remove six playing cards and lay them in a face down row upon a table or alternatively as a fan in your hand. A spectator chooses one of the six cards and it is turned face upwards in the row still in the position it occupies. From the envelope which has been in full view since you started you remove six jumbo cards, the envelope is otherwise empty and can be examined if you wish. Your fan of six cards is matched against the cards on the table and one of yours is also seen to be turned face upwards. The face up card is a perfect match both in suit and value of the selected card - and note this: it is in exactly the same position in the fan as the one chosen by the spectator!


But there is more to come. When your single prediction card is turned face down it has a different coloured back to the rest of the cards! Mind control is the only solution! No R&S or sticky stuff used. Use your own regular or jumbo playing cards. Easy to do. Comes with an unfaked envelope, table-hopping pro sized (A6) laminated playing cards and instructions. Post free within the UK. Only £9.99 from 21.5.22


Blackpool Magicians' Club Magic Auction. BMC write: After many requests we have reintroduced the Blackpool Magicians' Club Clubroom Auction on Tuesday 9th August. Commences 6pm prompt with viewing from 5pm. Blackpool Magicians' Club, 56-60 Caunce Street, Blackpool FY13LE. Admission is £4 for non-members. For further details or a lot number please contact Michael Shepherd 21.5.22


New MLM Select Releases - May 2022. Two new routines this month, from the E-Club Pro vaults for a limited time: 1. Lucky You. This close up or parlour show effect is a variation on a classic theme in which a valuable item borrowed from a spectator is locked inside a box and the item owner becomes involved in a magical search for which of 6 keys will be the one to open the lock to retrieve the possession. This uses an ungimmicked padlock and box and the selection of keys is done in a simple and very fair manner, yet the spectator successfully manages to find the only key that opens the clasp. 2. Heart On Your Sleeve. This effect sets out to prove that a spectator cannot keep a secret. From a pile of all 13 Hearts cards the lady genuinely freely selects any one. She records the name of her selection on a heart shape drawn on a pad which is placed down sight unseen. The selection is returned to the pile which is shuffled by another spectator. The performer then shows the cards to the lady assistant one at a time and asks her each time if this is her card, to which she is required to answer ‘no’ even to the one she did choose. Despite apparently having given no clues to the magician, the performer removes one card from the pile and it is seen to match the one the spectator wrote on the pad. Both the above downloads cost just £7.00 each from 21.5.22


Houdiniana & Magic Memorabilia, Potter & Potter Auctions - online, today. Our May magic sale features Houdiniana that has never before come to market. From the earliest known photograph of Houdini and Hardeen performing a magic trick, to Houdini family heirlooms, scrapbooks, and more, this offering is one not to be missed. Complementing the Houdiniana will be an array of choice ephemera, posters, and magic apparatus, including a large offering from the collection of Bill Trotter. Online, May 21st: 21.5.22


News Deadline reminder. MagicWeek welcomes your UK magic news, but please remember the news deadline... by Thursday if possible; final deadline 12 noon Friday. 21.5.22


"Illusionist David Blaine to launch new Las Vegas Residency Show at Resorts World" Click Here • "David Blaine joining crowded Las Vegas magician field" Click Here • "‘The Sound of Magic’: Ji Chang-wook Learned Magic and Worked With a Master Illusionist" Click Here • "TV debut on the cards for popular Donegal magician" Click Here • "Raj Bisram: Inside the Bargain Hunt star's life as a magician" Click Here • "Michael Carbonaro’s love of magic, ‘joyful absurdity’ isn’t disappearing" Click Here • "World famous master illusionist brings show to Machine Shop" Click Here • "Mind-bending optical illusion does something really weird to your hand – what do you see?" Click Here • "'My magic show assistant cast a love spell over me and I don't know what to do'" Click Here • And finally, "Vangelis, 1943-2022: a synth and recording titan" Click Here (whose brilliant music has been used by so many magic acts over the years). That's it for another week. Your magic news is always welcomed - see you next week, Duncan. 21.5.22


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Number 1142 - Saturday 14th May 2022


Minds Conference. 2nd-3rd July, Newcastle upon Tyne. From the organisers: The lecture lineup for this event is in the process of being finalised and the list of lecturers will be updated soon. This year's MINDS event promises to build upon the success of the last one, delivering you the highest level of tuition from the biggest names in mentalism. As with the previous events, we will be holding a social 'open mic' style event for those who are arriving early on the Friday and we will also be hosting a free show on the Saturday evening for all of the delegates too.

Confirmed artists: Drew McAdam, Fernando Figueras, Fraser Parker, Steve Wood, Christian Grace, Lewis LeVal and Timon Krause, with more to be announced. The event will be held at the County Hotel which is situated directly opposite the Newcastle Central Rail Station. This venue is right in the heart of Newcastle's city centre, allowing easy access for those traveling by plane, train or car. Limited to 100 Delegates. For more info and to book visit


IBM British Ring Stage Magic Championships. 1st September, Devonshire Park Theatre, Eastbourne. From the organisers: Held as part of this year's I.B.M. British Ring Convention in Eastbourne, the prestigious Stage Magic Competition will take place within the Devonshire Park Theatre. Over £1500 in prize money and trophies will be presented to the 1st, 2nd & 3rd places; plus additional awards with £100 each for Originality, Manipulation and Comedy. The winner of the 'Grand Prix' trophy, The British Ring Shield, will receive £1,000. The competition is open to British Ring Members only and all types of stage/parlour acts are welcome. For more information and to receive entry forms email Oliver Tabor The closing date for entries is 31st July 2022. Also see 14.5.22


The Hoax: The 18th Century's Most Intriguing Deceptions with magician and historian Ian Keable at the British Library on Monday 23rd May. Prepare for some mind-bending magic and deceptions as magician and historian Ian Keable details some of the biggest hoaxes of the 18th century – a woman who birthed rabbits, a new Shakespearean play, curious astrological predictions and more hoaxes of intrigue. In 1749 a newspaper advertisement appeared stating that a man would climb inside a bottle on the stage of a London theatre. Unfortunately, although the audience turned up, the conjurer didn't. Over the following decades, elaborate jokes and fanciful tales would continue to bamboozle people across England. In The Century of Deception Ian Keable tells the stories of these 18th-century hoaxes and those who were duped by them.

The English public were hoodwinked time and time again, swallowing tales of rapping ghosts, a levitating Frenchman in a Chinese temple and outrageous astrological predictions. The hoaxes were widely influential, drawing in celebrities such as Samuel Johnson, Benjamin Franklin and Jonathan Swift. ‘Fake news’, ‛going viral’ and ‛social media’ may be modern terms, but as this eye-opening book shows, these concepts have been with us for centuries.

Ian Keable is a Gold Star Member of The Magic Circle. He has received The Magic Circle Comedy Magic Award and has also won the British Champion of Comedy Magic. Monday, 23rd May, 7pm-8.30pm at the British Library, 96 Euston Road, London NW1 2DB. For more information and to book visit


Chris Dugdale Int Ents Presents Ethermind - playing 24 shows in Edinburgh at the Assembly Rooms from 3rd-28th August. From the promoter: Ethermind is a hard-hitting dynamic magic experience which quickly segues into an incredible mind-control act, following the true narrative of Dugdale's life and his experiences during the pandemic... This material fooled the greatest minds in the Pentagon. He will demonstrate his unique take on "thought implant" that got the Pentagon Generals on their feet. Now it's your turn... Wooed by Angelina Jolie, praised by the Queen, World class magician and mind-control artist Chris Dugdale will be returning for his 9th Edinburgh Festival. He is the only act ever to win the Edfest Bouquet 4 times from professional reviewers Bouquets & Brickbats. As seen on Penn & Teller: Fool Us and TV shows around the world.

Assembly Rooms, 54 George Street, Edinburgh EH2 2LR. Time: 6.35pm. Running Time: 60 minutes. Dates: 3rd-28th August (no show 9th. Previews 3rd, 4th & 5th). Tickets and more info: Also see "The most unbelievable ending of any trick ever" ITV. "One of the top magicians working the circuit" Broadway Baby.


Final Call For The Inner Circle Zoom Card Session. If you are reading this before Wednesday 18th May you still have time to secure your place at Mark Leveridge's exclusive one-off online card event. Mark will be explaining a sleight-free cards across, a simple yet hugely effective card stab, a prediction effect you can do at the drop of a hat with a borrowed deck, a fooling version of a classic four Ace routine, a packet trick with a great kicker ending, a totally commercial walkabout version of the Invisible Deck that requires no deck, a funny and fooling card transpo trick that uses a wonderful switch idea and a personalised and engaging routine using spectators' names. All this, plus explanations of a number of useful moves you may not have come across before including a full deck false shuffle, a force and two card controls.


All of Mark's magic is practical and well within the capabilities of everyone except the total beginner, so book your online place now for just £20.00 by going to and spend an enjoyable evening dedicated to the card magic of Mark Leveridge. 14.5.22


The MagicWeek Video Archive. A new magic clip or show every week! This week, interactive magic from Max Maven on John Fisher's The Best of Magic from 13th September 1989. See The MagicWeek Video Archive. To catch up with more from The MagicWeek Video Archive Click Here. 14.5.22


Harry & Peter Nardi on Craig Petty's Magic TV: 'Talk Magic'. Every Tuesday, Wednesday and Saturday at 9pm, Craig Petty sits down and chats with a well known magician; a creator, a performer, or someone who has had a positive impact on the Magic Community. "The new Alakazam website is here - interview with Harry and Peter Nardi" YouTube. See the new website: 14.5.22


Merlins Magic Day - tomorrow! 15th May. Merlins write: The day will consist of lectures, workshops, surprises and a Gala Magic Show in the evening. If you would just prefer to come along and see some of the best professional magic, comedy and variety acts, then the evening show is for you, ideal for the whole family. If you would like to see everything, then get the special discounted ticket for the whole event. With a minimum age limit of 10 years old, and concessions for under 16 year olds. There is plenty of free parking, a cafe/bar and the venue is easily accessible from the M1, junction 36. For more info and to book visit 14.5.22


The Order of The Magi Auction, Manchester. Mike Sharples writes: The Order of The Magi (Manchester’s Magicians’ Society) is holding its first auction for a couple of years (for obvious reasons). Now is the time to either grab yourself a bargain or get rid of props, books and DVDs that you no longer use or need. Is it possible that like me you bought a load of magic during lockdown just to pass the time of day and now you’re wondering why?

The auction is being held on Tuesday 24th May from 7.30pm at the Irish World Heritage Centre, Irish Town Way, Cheetham Hill, Manchester. If you would like a lot number please contact either Max Townsend on 07527 387146 or Mike Sharples on 0774 8833666. All items are limited to 50 items per lot and must be submitted on the official Auction Form available from There is a £3.00 door charge for non-members, however if you join the society on the night, there will be a special one-off discount on the membership fee for the first year. Town members within 20 mile radius of our HQ membership fee will be £25.00. Country members outside of the 20 mile radius membership fee will be £18.00.


Wayne Goodman's A-Musing Lecture - Darlington Magic Circle, 9th June. Nick Richmond, Secretary, writes: We are proud to present a lecture from the inimitable Wayne Goodman on Thursday, June 9th, from 7.30pm. Entry for non-members will be £10 and all are welcome. Wayne Goodman is back, with a brand new lecture packed to the gills with commercial workable material straight from his own performing repertoire. Wayne is renowned, not only for his magic, comedy and thinking which has led to some amazing releases, but also the vast selection of books that he has written making him an authority on working in the real world and in real world situations.


Wayne will deliver a 2 part lecture over the course of 2 hours which will include: Close-up magic with coins, cards and sponge balls. Kids show magic with themed magic tricks and family and stage magic. To reserve your place please visit Venue: The Railway Institute, 93 North Road, Darlington DL1 2PP. 14.5.22


Manchester Circle of Magicians Auction. Alex D Fisher writes: Manchester Circle of Magicians is holding its second Auction of the year. Over 166 items, mostly with no reserve, to be sold on the night: mentalism, close-up magic, DVDs, and some nice electronic items. Auction starts at 6.30 pm at The Micker Brook, Councillor Lane, Cheadle Hulme, Cheadle SK8 5NU. Monday 16th May. Viewing from 6pm. Cash only please. All welcome (non-members £5 on the door). Why not join us for a meal first? Pizzas and burgers 2 for 1 on Mondays. 14.5.22


Mr Sam The Magic Man Lecture at The Gathering. Kyle Sarocen writes: The Gathering's next meeting is on June 1st. Door's open at 7pm; lecture begins at 8pm at The Grosvenor Casino, Marine Parade, Great Yarmouth NR30 3JG. Sam will be sharing all his knowledge on entertaining children, including some original effects and an array of props made by his own hand. Sam will run through his show and explain everything but don’t worry, you won’t need to pretend to be 5! Lecture highlights include a new Magic Painting routine and Can Can table. There will be a few items for sale and lecture notes will be available. There will also be an interval. Don't miss a fantastic evening with this very talented entertainer. See you there for a fun night of magic. No booking required. All welcome. 14.5.22


50 Secrets To Successful Magic. From the publishers. Magicseen is renowned for the useful and insightful advice articles that it includes in every edition, and over the years the volume and quality of the information supplied has helped magicians of all types and standard to improve their magic. If you would like to benefit from this treasure trove of advice, but don't have a comprehensive library of Magicseen back issues, you need to consider buying 50 Secrets To Successful Magic published by Magicseen Publications. In this 322 page soft backed book, we have collected together 50 of the best advice and information articles covering a wide range of magical topics. All the articles are written by experienced performers who know what they are talking about and they share with you their best tips, facts and advice to help you improve many of the aspects of what you do. You might not normally consider buying a book which has no tricks in it, but if you care about your magic, you should make an exception in this case. 50 Secrets To Successful Magic costs just £20.00 + p&p and is available from 14.5.22


Flag Prediction by Mr E Enterprises. Eddie Burke of Mr E Enterprises writes: Are you ready for the big day? We are of course talking about the Queen's Platinum Jubilee. In May, more than 500 horses and 1,000 performers are expected to take part in a show in the grounds of Windsor Castle taking the audience through history from Elizabeth I to the present day.

The bank holiday weekend in June will begin with the Queen’s Birthday Parade (Trooping the Colour) and lighting of beacons. People across the country will also sit down together for the Big Jubilee Lunch on Sunday, while Sandringham and Balmoral will also be open for residents and visitors across the long weekend. And that’s where your magic will fit in nicely.

I predict that children’s entertainers and close-up magicians will be in great demand for events in your area. The Queen’s Platinum Jubilee bank holiday will take place around the UK on Friday 3rd June 2022 and last for four days. Which is why we have reintroduced an item that was popular when the Queen was crowned and will be popular for years to come and we are offering it at a special low price.

You show picture cards of colourful national flags of various countries, and these are freely mixed and eliminated by an audience member until only one is chosen and amazingly it is the perfect match for the one in your prediction envelope, that has been left in full view all along!

A guaranteed applause-winning climax. Your prediction could be a real small flag available to purchase online for most countries. Please note the reasons we offer this with pride: Very easy to do. Laminated cards will not wear out. Cards can be left for examination. Envelope is not faked. Only one single sided prediction card used. You can substitute a small real flag for the prediction. The prediction results will always vary and the effect is always under your control. Comes complete with nineteen international flag laminated picture cards (approx 4" x 3"), prediction envelope and instructions. Special bonus price just £7.99 post free in the UK; but you need to act now as this offer will close on the 5th June, after which the price will increase and the post free offer will close. Only £7.99 from


Paul Daniels: My Life in Magic. Archive footage and testimony from peers and friends is combined to illustrate how a magic-obsessed youngster from Middlesbrough grew up to become a household name. Contributors include Debbie McGee, Stephen Mulhern, David Copperfield, and Penn & Teller. Late night tonight, Saturday (actually 1.20am Sunday morning) - see TV Magic for details. 14.5.22



Mike Gancia - funeral update. Donald Bevan writes: Mike Gancia's funeral rearranged by Elizabeth Warlock. New date: Tuesday 31st May at 2.30pm at Lodge Hill Crematorium, Weoley Park Road, Selly Oak, South Birmingham B29 5AA. Elizabeth expected home from hospital shortly. 30.4.22


Jonathan Neal. Steve Blake writes: Jonathan Neal has passed after a long illness. He owned Studio 9 magic store in Northampton for many years and had also performed on many cruise ships becoming a cruise director. He was a lovely man and will be sadly missed. 14.5.22


"Famed Magician to the Stars, Steve Cohen, on Enchanting Celebrities and Being Born Into the Business" Click Here • "Raj Bisram career: Inside the Bargain Hunt star's time as a magician" Click Here • "Japanese magician claims golden buzzer from Ant and Dec on Britain’s Got Talent" Click Here • "Jabracadabra as caring magician helps children receive their Covid vaccinations" Click Here • "Illusionist duo perform in Spain" Click Here • "Mr Popular. Derren Brown became a magician to ‘show off and impress people’" Click Here • That's it for this week, your UK magic news is always welcomed, see you next week, Duncan. 14.5.22