Number 1108 - Saturday 18th September 2021


Many congratulations to Megan Swann MIMC - elected first female president of The Magic Circle! Megan said "Ever since I got into magic aged five, The Magic Circle has had a big impact on my life. I am so proud and honoured to be elected as President, and look forward to representing all of our Members around the world. Magic is a wonderful performance art and our members come from all sorts of backgrounds. We have amateur as well as professional members and I hope The Magic Circle can continue to support all of them, and I hope that I can encourage more women to become magicians too. With Katherine Rhodes MIMC winning the post of Vice-President it's an historic moment in The Magic Circle's history." [What a happy photo, snapped on new council member Rodney James Piper's camera by Andy Nyman, featuring Megan and Katherine in the foreground, together with a number of the new council members, on the famous spiral staircase at The Magic Circle HQ on Monday, 13th September. DT]


The Magic Circle has its first female president! "The Magic Circle has its first female president! We've conjured up the pioneering magician herself, Megan Swann, who tells us about her new job and has a special trick for BBC Newscasters." At 28' 45" in, on BBC Sounds: 18.9.21


Andy & Preston Nyman are proud to present the first ever ‘London Magic Convention’ on November 14th 2021 at Bush Hall, West London. A brand new, one day event, featuring three amazing lectures from British magic stars Guy Hollingworth, Chris Power and Marc Kerstein. As well as the lectures, attendees will be able to compete in The London Close-up Magic Competition, where someone will win the ‘Anthony Owen Trophy’, and the highly coveted title ‘London Close-up Magic Champion’. As if that wasn’t enough, there will also be fantastic dealers and an evening show to ensure you leave the day on a high. All this for only £50. Tickets for this inaugural year are strictly limited, so book asap to avoid disappointment. For more information and to book tickets, visit 18.9.21


Diverting Card Magic by Andrew Galloway - back in print! International Magic. Misdirection is a fundamental skill used by the magician. It's often overlooked, being frequently seen but never noticed. If, as a magician, you want your audience to be truly amazed, the sooner you study and implement this secret weapon, the better.

This is a book on misdirection as used in card magic. It's a book you'll study and refer to again and again, it's vital reading for any performer intent on improving their performance in close-up magic, particularly card magic.

In the pages of this hard back book, Andrew Galloway goes into great detail on where, when & how to use Misdirection in your routines. He begins by explaining how misdirection should be applied in some of the necessary card sleights 'The Palm', 'The Double Lift', 'The Glide', 'The Pass' and 'The Top Change' (important moves for the card magician and it's vital that all moves go unnoticed in performance). He then proceeds with practical routines, explaining and including the appropriate Misdirection, with comments at the end of each concerning where, why & how it's implemented.

"A must have for anyone seriously interested in studying misdirection as applied to card magic" Jerry Sadowitz.
"A clear and intensive course on misdirection with cards. A wonderful book." Caspar Thomas.

For more information and to order visit 18.9.21


The MagicWeek Video Archive. This week Larry Parker, who sadly died last month aged 92. Larry Parker had a full and varied career in magic and was a real favourite when he appeared on television in the 60s and 70s. Older readers will remember him with great fondness I'm sure. His website looks back at his career: See The MagicWeek Video Archive. To catch up with more from The MagicWeek Video Archive Click Here. DT. 18.9.21


Nick Einhorn on Craig Petty's Magic TV: 'Talk Magic'. Every Tuesday, Wednesday and Saturday at 9pm, Craig Petty sits down and chats with a well known magician; a creator, a performer, or someone who has had a positive impact on the Magic Community. "This week I sit down with an absolute legend - Nicholas Einhorn. Nick is a very busy person so I was delighted when he found time to come on Magic TV. Myself and Nick talked about his career and how he has become one of the top performers in the UK. We talked about creativity, performing, generating gigs as well as chatting about products like DFB and more. Nick also finds time to offer some wonderful advice to magicians of all experience levels. Bottom line this interview is incredible and one you don’t want to miss." YouTube. 18.9.21


Damon Conlan: Jocular Prestidigitator. Crescent Theatre, Birmingham. Mortals! Witness miracles* of the modern age that are in no way understood by science. In my post-apocalyptic sanctuary, observe a new world of mutant showbiz raccoons, cocoa-based gluttony, and spectacular telepathy.... 8pm on Saturday 9th October at The Crescent Theatre, 20 Sheepcote Street, Brindleyplace, Birmingham B16 8AE. See 18.9.21


'The Complete Walton' Volumes 1, 2 and 3 by Roy Walton are now back in print. These books have become classics for card enthusiasts, and his family hope a new generation of magicians will be able to learn from one of the world's most brilliant, creative and innovative card magicians. These editions have been printed using the same renowned printing company as the 2012 editions. Available now from 18.9.21


Dave Bonsall & Aki's Walk to Wales. Do you want to join Dave & Aki in making a difference? They are raising money in aid of Breathe Arts Health Research and every donation will help. Thank you in advance for your contribution to this cause that means so much to them: 18.9.21


Steve Valentine's Magic On The Go. Steve Valentine writes: Love magic? Billy Kidd calls Magic On The Go "the best kept secret in magic"... I haven’t really advertised the site; it’s been growing since 2017 and our exclusive member program has been pure word of mouth. If you haven’t checked out Magic On The Go yet, feel free to browse over 650 videos, almost all taught by me, Steve Valentine.

The price has been crazy low for the amount of content members can stream. Because of that I wanted to let everyone know that if you have been thinking of joining Magic On The Go and put it off, a quick word of warning, October 1st 2021 will see a major price increase. The sheer volume of content on the site, and the sheer number of courses and in-depth magical immersion has reached a critical mass where, I believe (and many others have told me), it’s worth way more than I've been asking.


Magic On The Go is the exclusive home for all my marketed projects, plus ever growing courses such as: Egg Bag, C2P - Cards to Pocket, Booked, Cloth, Three, Suspensions and Diminishing Cards, are alone worth the price. As well as limited run items, such as the current Three Month Teach-In on my number-one performance piece from my show, The Chocolate Box, (Runs from August to October, only on Magic On The Go). This will be the only time the effect is taught in Masterclass detail on the site. Not to mention the talks, lectures, and historical value fused into everything we do. It’s a site I’m proud of, a site of secrets great and small, a site that truly celebrates the fabulous art of magic. You can find out more and see the Trailer at or

So if you're thinking about it, come join us now: Join up for the Chocolate Box, or because the ridiculously cheap price is going away forever, or because you just love magic and just want to support what I’m doing here with the creation of a massive online database of magic, or because that last $100 you spent on that one trick DVD and gimmick with the fabulous packaging is already in the back of your Magic Junk drawer... Whatever the reason, please support, come join, and feel that wonder you felt the first time you fell in love with magic. Sincerely, Steve Valentine.


Harrogate Society of Magicians - new venue for meetings announced. Gary Craswell writes: The society is returning with face to face meetings with a new venue. Meetings will now be held in the upstairs room of North Bar, 2D Oxford Buildings, Cheltenham Parade, Harrogate HG1 1DA. Meetings are held on the third Tuesday of every month starting at 8pm. If you are interested in joining please feel free to attend Tuesday's meeting on September 21st, where you can see what the club's about and enjoy some magic! 18.9.21


Magic School Offer. From the producers: Over lockdown Tony Middleton 'Sonic' created a unique learning experience for magicians with over 100 training videos, and over 16 hours of live Zoom classes. From "I've never picked up a deck of cards" right through to "I want to turn pro", he has made a cohesive training course for would be magicians. Learn from London's top parlour magician from the comfort of your own home, and book private lessons too. Previously priced at £35 per month, full access to all Magic School content is now available for just £4.99. This offer is only available for 2 weeks, so join now! 18.9.21


Castle Magic (established in 1982 as Castle Magical Services) is one of the leading dealers in pre-owned and second-hand magic apparatus and books, often handling antique and vintage apparatus from around the world. Based in Great Britain, where a considerable amount of vintage magic equipment started life, we supply and ship items worldwide. We also purchase and exchange magic props, books and allied arts apparatus from individual items to complete acts. During 1997 we launched our Castle Premier Range of exclusive magic tricks for children and close-up entertainers.

During 2011 Castle Magical Services acquired the business and rights of the Bradford Magic Studio – a company set up and operated by Cliff Lount since 1949, making Bradford Magic Studios the 2nd oldest established magic company in the UK still trading. We will be remaking and supplying a number of its classic magic effects in the near future. We are also proud to announce that Workshop Thirteen, which produces Escapology and Bizarre Magic, will now also be part of the Castle Magic family.


The Magic Car Boot Sale, Birmingham - tomorrow! Now with 35 stalls indoors at the Austin Sports and Social Club, Tresall Lane, Birmingham B31 2SF. Ten minutes from Junction 4 of the M5. Adjacent to Longbridge railway station. Free parking. Admission £5. Opens at 10.30am. Hot food and drink available. Thousands of bargains! Well spaced, over two halls. All stalls must be booked in advance, contact Alec Powell on 07831 115448 or email 18.9.21


Sean Goodman lectures for The Surrey Society of Magicians on Thursday September 23rd. Adam Mosley writes: "100%" is the new lecture from full-time working professional magician, Sean Goodman. It's named 100% because all the effects are 100% commercial, as Sean uses them in his professional close-up sets. This is not a dealer dem, just a lecture packed full of solid workable material suitable for stand-up and close-up performances - there will be something for everyone! Cards, Coins, Business Cards and even Apps too... Nice. Sean has been a professional magician for nearly 30 years working extensively in the wedding and corporate marketplace, and has also released several effects for the magical fraternity such as Genetics, Secret Servante, Vision and most recently DUO - all his work has been widely acknowledged as 100% commercial... which brings us back full circle to the name of the lecture! Spoiler Alert! Only one card trick will be taught during the lecture, so be warned lol! Members are free and visiting magicians are welcome for a £10 entrance fee. The lecture takes place in East Horsley, Surrey at 8pm. For full details please contact Adam Mosley: 18.9.21


The September 2021 E-Video Newsletter. Mark Leveridge's monthly online video programme is always interesting to watch, combining as it does magic instruction, commercial advice and other worthwhile content. In the latest edition: The Teach In – a card effect using a versatile gimmicked card box is taught. Pro Peeks – an explanation of a classic packet trick extracted from E-Club Pro’s Vintage Vault Archive. Keeping Control Unplugged – part 15 explains ways to deal with noisy back-of-the-room parents and how to create working space in front of the kids. Web Offers – save money this month on a magician-teaser rope effect and a really helpful advice e-book. 60 Seconds To Success – a strategy is revealed that should help you to target your show publicity more effectively. The Review Corner – an assessment of Bennie Chickering’s CVF Deck. To get access to the E-Video Newsletter you simply have to be signed up for MLM's free E-Club Lite. You will then receive Mark's monthly email newsletter which contains, amongst other interesting content, a link to the latest E-Video Newsletter. For more info go to 18.9.21


Places by Looch - Astound your audiences with a fresh and unique product, specifically designed for the professional mentalist’s tool kit. Places is a custom-designed utility product which is brand new to the market. From the creative mind of award-winning mind reader and mentalist, Looch, these postcards will enable you to perform demonstrations that are guaranteed to blow minds and confound audiences across the globe.

Comprising a special set of postcards from various well-known destinations around the world, these postcards introduce a brand new marking system to the magic community. Designed to be as clear as possible to the performer, they are psychologically invisible to your audience. In addition to this incredible and original marked set, you will also receive a custom set of forcing postcards that allow you to perform a 3-phase routine that Looch has been using for years to audiences across the UK. The postcards can be configured in a variety of ways unique to each performer. This is a cutting edge utility tool for the modern working mentalist with no expense spared. You will love them! Limited to 250 sets. Find out more:


The Magic Circle recognises another Kent Magicians Guild Member. Mike Ingham writes: The Magic Circle has recognised yet another Kent Magicians Guild Member. First Reg Martin, now Janet Clare. We are very proud at the KMG to announce that Janet Clare, who is already an honorary member of The Magic Circle, has been awarded the Silver Wand for outstanding services to The Magic Circle. Janet, who was nicknamed The Cool Lady by the Americans, was the first woman to be awarded the Zina Bennett Trophy for Close Up Magic performance in 1982, under Roy Johnson’s coaching. Janet was runner-up again in 1984, when she presented her highly acclaimed Lear Jet Vanish routine.

She then went on to enter the 1988 FISM Competition at the Hague, where she received a standing ovation for her act. At the end of the 1980’s, Janet again challenged the magic establishment by being the first woman to be allowed to join the London Society of Magicians... not long after, she was made president of that auspicious club. Janet worked tirelessly to gain acceptance for women into The Magic Circle, her powerful catchphrase to her wonderful Three Card Trick with Four Cards was "I don’t wear braces", which was a constant reminder to all of the very outdated policy The Magic Circle had on women in those days. A massive KMG congratulations to Janet for all her hard work.


Magicseen Advertising. From the publishers: As a means of raising profile or of selling specific products or services, Magicseen puts your message right in front of the perfect target audience, helping to spread your message around the world. Discerning magic dealers work with us regularly, using Magicseen's profile as a well recognised magic magazine to remind people of what they have to offer and to help push new customers to their websites. But Magicseen can help non-dealers too. Do you have some unwanted magic that you want to sell? Do you or your magic club have a magic event or lecture that you wish to promote? Are you a collector who is looking for very specific magic items to buy? Are you a lecturer who wants to alert magic societies to your lecture offering? The full regular version of Magicseen, along with the free taster download version Magicseen Lite, offer everybody the chance to put out a message that will be seen by a wide cross section of the magic public. So let us help you. We are currently allocating advertising space for issue 101 (November 2021) and with space in the main full edition starting at just £35 and in the Lite edition at a mere £25, now is a good time to contact us on and see how we can help you to contact the magic world. 18.9.21


Magician Gareth Foreman discusses his work, magic, gangs and prison on South Devon Radio this Thursday, September 23rd, at 2.30pm. See 18.9.21


Salon de Magie - The Klosterman Collection Auction - Part I. Potter and Potter is pleased to announce the first sale from Ken Klosterman's world famous collection of magicana, The Salon de Magie, on October 30th, 2021. Filled with historically-significant ephemera, books, and apparatus, the collection was developed over the course of five decades and is made up of many truly important relics from the careers of Robert-Houdin, Houdini, Chung Ling Soo, Harry Kellar, and their contemporaries. In addition, the Salon held fine examples from the great craftsmen of the "golden age" of magic apparatus manufacturing: Thayer, Willmann, Conradi, Klingl, Abbott, and their peers. 18.9.21


Hocus Pocus - Magic, Mystery & the Mind by Richard Wiseman - A PropDog Exclusive. This comic will predict the future! As has been foretold, Richard Wiseman's best-selling Hocus Pocus returns with its fourth installment, and this time we explore the world of prophecy. Yorkshire's soothsaying superstar Mother Shipton predicts your future and looks at the planetary prospects of "The Mars Effect". Nostradamus tells the tale of how he became the crown prince of prophecy and reveals the secrets of publishing profitable predictions. Deep sea seer and soccer-loving cephalopod Paul the Octopus psychically puts dream predictions to bed. Beautifully illustrated, printed in full colour on heavy card stock, limited edition. Illustrated by Jordan Collver, written by Rik Worth and coloured by Owen Watts. Order via 18.9.21


Magic on the Mersey reviewed by Quentin Reynolds: "Growing up in magic I always enjoyed reading reports of magicians like Charles Bertram who frequently performed in the drawing rooms of private homes. These shows have a warm intimate atmosphere and lend themselves well to banter with the audience. Steve Price has taken a season in one of the grand rooms at Liverpool's Aloft Hotel. He takes us through a plethora a magic classics with never a pack of cards in sight..." To read the full review Click Here. 18.9.21


Tarot - Featuring more than 500 cards and works of original art. From the publishers: To explore the Tarot is to explore ourselves, to be reminded of the universality of our longing for meaning, for purpose and for a connection to the divine. This 600-year-old tradition reflects not only a history of seekers, but our journey of artistic expression and the ways we communicate our collective human story. Trace the hidden history of Tarot in the first volume from Taschen's Library of Esoterica, a series documenting the creative ways we strive to connect to the divine. Artfully arranged according to the sequencing of the Major and Minor Arcana, this visual compendium gathers more than 500 cards and works of original art from around the world in the ultimate exploration of a centuries-old art form. To order via Click Here. 18.9.21


"‘It helped me get away from crime’: Cape Town’s College of Magic – a photo essay" Click Here • "Derren Brown performance at the Marlowe in Canterbury cancelled due to A1 and M25 traffic problems" Click Here • "My culture fix: Derren Brown" [subscription required] Click Here • "'Heartbroken' magician's unicycle disappears - after being pinched by thieves" Click Here • "Dustin Tavella inspires the crowd with incredible magic - America's Got Talent 2021" YouTube and "The winner is" YouTube • "AGT fans furious after magician Dustin Tavella is declared season winner and claim finalist Aidan Bryant was ‘robbed’" Click Here • "Who Is Zach King? Net Worth, Age And Key Facts" Click Here • "A little bit of magic is being shared online thanks to Hunter magician Joel Howlett" Click Here • "BNPL Laybuy Joins up With Illusionist Ryan Tricks to Celebrate Launch of App Exclusives" Click Here • And finally "Mesmerizing Examples of Spiral Staircase Photography" [look who's on top!] Click Here • Thank you to everyone who submitted news this week, it is always welcomed. See you next week, Duncan. 18.9.21


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Number 1107 - Saturday 11th September 2021


The Magic Circle Awards 2021. The Magic Circle honoured some great names in magic on Monday evening, September 6th, in a special edition of TMC TV, broadcast via The Magic Circle's vibrant Facebook group, hosted by Vice-President Megan Swann.


The Maskelyne Award for Services to British Magic was awarded to Russ Stevens MIMC. Russ Stevens has enjoyed a long career as a magician and illusionist, and in more recent years as magic director for Britain’s Got Talent. He is also the co-organiser of the world's largest magic convention, The Blackpool Magic Convention. (Photo)


The David Devant Award for Services to International Magic was awarded to Dutch illusionist Hans Klok MIMC. From performing at friends' birthday parties as a child, Hans Klok (the world’s fastest magician) having performed all over the world is now headlining in Las Vegas.


The Carlton Award for Comedy was awarded to Carisa Hendrix AIMC.

The J N Maskelyne Prize, for outstanding contribution to magic literature was awarded to Mark Leveridge MIMC

The Silver Wand presented for outstanding service to The Magic Circle - awarded to Janet Clare MIMC, Scott Penrose MIMC and Richard Pinner MIMC

The Cecil Lyle Award for 'The Best Trick published in The Magic Circular' was awarded to Reg Martin AIMC


And a newly instigated award, The Martin Chapender Award, for services to the community using magic, was awarded to Breathe Magic. Breathe Arts Health Research use magicians from The Magic Circle alongside occupational therapists in a programme to help people with hemiplegia, a weakness or paralysis affecting one side of the body as a result of brain injury or stroke. The Breathe Magic programme uses specially designed tricks to develop hand and arm function, cognitive abilities, self-confidence and independence. Martin Chapender was a founding Member of the society but died before it decided on The Magic Circle as its name. One idea was to name the society after him, but 'The Magic Circle' was eventually decided upon.


For more information about this year's awards, and full details of previous recipients see For information about the Breathe Magic Intensive Therapy Programme see, and for Magic Circle membership details see 11.9.21


Spoiler-free review of Derren Brown Showman tour as it opens at the Sunderland Empire. "First rule of seeing a Derren Brown show is: you don’t talk about what you saw in the Derren Brown show" writes Katy Wheeler in the Sunderland Echo... "Derren Brown's Showman tour will have you questioning everything for days" 11.9.21


Studio52 presents 'Inside Out', Ben Earl's live UK Lecture Tour. Booking for Ben Earl’s 2021 'Inside Out' UK lecture tour is now open: After nearly two years of being stuck indoors online, we are hitting the road and coming to a club near you—that’s right, in person! This is a brand new lecture based on Ben Earl’s best-selling book Inside Out; featuring live performances and explanations of effects from the book, plus brand new material that nobody has seen! A showcase of real-world, mind-blowing, close-up magic that you will immediately want to add to your repertoire. Ben is one of the best magical thinkers, technicians and teachers in the world… and now you can watch and learn from him in person. If you want us to come to your local club, just email with the subject ‘Lecture’. 11.9.21


The MagicWeek Video Archive. A new magic clip or show every week! This week Russ Stevens in a guest spot on BBC1's Pebble Mill from 1st April 1994. See The MagicWeek Video Archive. To catch up with more from The MagicWeek Video Archive Click Here. 11.9.21


Ian Keable's book The Century of Deception: The Birth of the Hoax in Eighteenth-Century England was published on 7th September and is now available on Amazon, the publishers or all good bookshops including Waterstones.

It has been described by comedian Matt Lucas as "A fascinating, witty, comprehensive and beautifully-written book" and by Derren Brown as "Utter joy! A delicious romp through the heyday of balderdash and grand-scale deception, penned by one of the country’s finest magical minds." Andy Nyman wrote "Ian Keable’s brilliant book has opened my eyes to an incredible world of hoaxers and deceivers I didn’t know even existed. A cracking read filled with extraordinary stories." While Richard Wiseman said: "A masterful and fascinating journey into a hitherto hidden world of history, mystery and hoaxes." It has been reviewed in The Spectator.

See for further details about the book. If anybody would like an inscribed copy of the book, please contact Ian direct via


Illusion: Impossible - September Tour Dates. From the promoters: Illusion : Impossible showcases 5 of the most incredible illusionists in the world including: Britain's Got Talent runner-up Jamie Raven, Britain's Got Talent 2020 Finalists James & Dylan Piper, award-winning magician Oliver Tabor, highly acclaimed magical duo The Glamourists and world speed illusionist Kayden Black. Collectively these performers have been seen by hundreds of thousands of people around the world and with over 500 million YouTube views between them, this production showcases their incredible talents together - live on stage. Illusion : Impossible features exclusive tricks never seen before... a non-stop show packed with breathtaking magic and illusion. Illusion : Impossible touring the UK and Europe. See for current tour dates. Trailer: YouTube. 11.9.21


Harry Houdini’s Miracle Mongers and Their Methods is available to pre-order today from for delivery from October 12th. This new reprint, from New York’s Curios Publications, explains the secrets of the side-show and circus acts Houdini encountered through his career. First published in 1920, it is a fascinating insight into Houdini’s life and the strange and wonderful acts he saw. Pre-order for £11.99 today from, where David Copperfield's History of Magic is also now available to pre-order: 11.9.21


The Order of The Magi - new venue for meetings announced. Mike Sharples writes: The Order of The Magi which was formed in 1909 is now celebrating its 112th year as a magic society. In that time, we have never missed holding a monthly meeting or putting out a monthly magazine. Even through the last crazy 18 months we have still held all our meetings, all very socially responsible as all of them were held via zoom. Once a month (on dates to suit our kind hosts at our temporary accommodation), The Order of The Magi will return to meeting in person on the 14th September at 7.30pm. Whilst The Irish World Heritage Centre continues to be an important Vaccination and Testing centre, we will be holding meetings at The niu Loom Hotel – directly opposite the front doors of our usual HQ.


The “first” meeting bearing in mind the time we have been going the word first refers to the first meeting back and the first meeting at our temporary accommodation. As our first “real” meeting in over a year and a half, there is no topic – just an opportunity to catch up with old friends, and meet some of our newest members that joined during the pandemic. Guests are welcome by arrangement with myself. Performing is always encouraged, but is never compulsory. Why not bring along an effect you bought in the past 18 months? Who knows, you might get an idea for a new routine, or be able to offer advice to someone working and developing an effect.

Our new temporary HQ is: The Niu Loom Hotel, 2 Irish Town Way, Cheetham Hill, Manchester M8 0RB. This is on the same complex as the IWHC, and directly opposite the front door. To mark this special event, we are offering a very special rate on membership. If you join the society in September 2021 your membership fee will run until March 2023. For more details please contact: Mike Sharples Life Member Secretary/ Treasurer Order Of The Magi (Manchester’s Magicians’ Society) 07748 833666 or 01612 877865.


Jeff McBride MagicQuest - one more time! Master Magician Jeff McBride and his McBride’s Magic & Mystery School are celebrating Jeff’s Birthday with a one-of-a-kind virtual fundraising event, a virtual show and afterparty. On September 11th at 6pm (Pacific) 2am (GMT), McBride will host a single performance of his hit show Jeff McBride – MagicQuest, followed by a gala afterparty. The show is a 70-minute telling of Jeff’s personal quest to discover real magic, from his boyhood dreams until his days headlining on the Las Vegas Strip and beyond. It includes many of the magic performances pieces for which he is best known, as well as many new pieces fans have never seen. David Copperfield makes a cameo, introducing the show. "Best of all," says McBride, "my friends and fans can attend from anywhere!"


Saturday’s show will celebrate Jeff’s long career both as performer and founder of the school, for which it will serve as a fundraising event. In a month-long run earlier this year only a few VIP ticket purchasers were invited to stay on after the show for a special afterparty in which they could interact one-on-one with Jeff, hear stories about his travels, and experience more of the curious wonders in his House of Mystery. For this single performance, however, everyone is invited to the gala afterparty (still virtual), where Jeff has new surprises in store for all. [If you missed the show last time around don't miss it this time. I loved it. DT]. See for more info and to book. 11.9.21


Max out with Dynamo on Saturday 18th September. Three shows in a row from Sky Max: "Documentary following the magician on tour around the globe as well as charting his road to recovery from a career-threatening illness brought on by Crohn's disease." Repeat. See TV Magic for details. 11.9.21


Woody Aragon on Craig Petty's Magic TV: 'Talk Magic'. Every Tuesday, Wednesday and Saturday at 9pm, Craig Petty sits down and chats with a well known magician; a creator, a performer, or someone who has had a positive impact on the Magic Community. From Tuesday, Woody Aragon "The Spanish Wizard Talks Card Magic, Competitions and More". YouTube. 11.9.21


The Illusioneer Presents, Thursday 16th September, London. From the organisers: Bringing together some of London's most talented magicians for a full evening of sophisticated entertainment in an elegant setting. The Illusioneer Presents is a mix of close-up, casino magic, parlour magic and magical games, presented by our eclectic team of talented performers in the magnificent surroundings of Dulwich College Old Library. Before the show, guests will have the opportunity to enjoy a drink at the bar which will remain open throughout the evening. The evening starts with an hour long presentation of parlour magic and feats of illusion performed by individual members of the Illusioneer team and guest performers. Continuing the evening you can stroll around, drink in hand, pausing at different performance booths to enjoy the entertainment on show. Tickets only £25 (plus booking fee) from with all profits from the evening going to support the charity Breathe Arts Health Research. For more information about the Illusioneer visit Thursday 16th September at 7.10pm. The Illusioneer, Dulwich College Old Library, Dulwich Common, London SE21 7LD. 11.9.21


Get Your Act Together. "Steps singer Claire Richards is mentored by fire-eating act the Black Fire Girls, former politician Ann Widdecombe joins circus ringmaster Norman Barrett, one-time Coronation Street star Oliver Mellor (Dr Matt Carter) is coached by musical quintet the Bottle Boys, TOWIE's Elliott Wright teams up with Cyr wheel performer Billy George, and TV personality Nancy Dell'Olio collaborates with illusionist Hans Klok. Host Stephen Mulhern follows the rehearsals leading up to the contestants' big performances as they compete for a place in the final in a fortnight alongside Ray Quinn, Chip and last week's winning act, James Bolam. Repeat. Saturday 18th September on Virgin Media Two." See TV Magic for details. 11.9.21


Win a mini illusion with Magicseen. From the publishers: We like to offer our readers the chance to win some excellent prizes and in our celebratory issue 100, we have a rather unique prize which has been kindly provided by one of our regular advertisers, Discount Magic. They are offering two winners the chance to own a mini table top illusion called The Appearing Man. In this unusual effect, a toy box is shown all round and the doors opened back and front to show it is empty. The doors are then closed and when they are re-opened, a Lego magician figure has appeared inside! Easy to do, you receive everything needed to construct and perform this close-up effect. To win one of the two on offer, simply get your copy of Magicseen 100 and answer the question correctly that you will find on the competition page, and then your name will go in the prize draw at the end of September. Go to for information on subscriptions and individual copy purchases. 11.9.21


Congratulations to Reg Martin! Mike Ingham writes: Fabulous news, our Founder and Honorary Life President Reg Martin has won The Magic Circle's Cecil Lyle Award, presented annually to the author of the best trick published in The Magic Circular. Our heartfelt congratulations to Reg who is a brilliant magic inventor, with many tricks and ideas in print and in production. We are honoured to have him as Honorary President of our club, The Kent Magicians Guild. 11.9.21


The Mark Leveridge Zoom Open Event. On Wednesday 22nd September Mark Leveridge will be presenting his E-Club Pro Live Zoom Lecture. Starting at 7.30pm BST, the lecture lasts 2 hours and is full of practical magic suitable for close-up, stand-up/parlour and mentalism. So if you would like to learn a simple version of Triumph, or a strong ring onto pencil move, or how to change the colour of a sponge ball with empty hands and no gimmicks, or how to make a real wine glass turn invisible, or how to make a borrowed ring instantly vanish and appear linked on a pair of glasses held in a case by a spectator, plus plenty more, then you need to book your 'seat' right now! For just £15.00 you not only get admission to the Zoom event, but you also will get access to a recording of the lecture afterwards to enable further revision. For more info and to book your place go to 11.9.21


The Gathering, 6th of October, Special Guest Lecture: Richard Whymark (Ventriloquist and Comedy Magician). From the organisers: Richard will be entertaining us in the first half of the evening with close-up comedy magic, and then after an interval in the second half he will be doing comedy ventriloquism. This is going to be a real fun evening not to be missed, so see you on the night! Richard Whymark is one of East Anglia's top comedy performers. In a career which spans over 25 years Richard has performed all over the UK at a variety of venues including theatres, clubs, holiday centres, comedy clubs and at private functions. Established as a stand-up comedy ventriloquist, his act also features impressions and comedy magic. Richard was a winner on ITV's Stand Up Britain and he has also featured on BBC and Sky TV. He is also a regular guest on BBC Radio Suffolk. During the past five years Richard has starred in The Great British Seaside Special which he co-wrote with fellow comedians Andy Leach and Ian Larkin. This will be a night you won't forget. Wednesday 6th of October at 8pm at The Grosvenor Casino, Marine Parade, Great Yarmouth NR30 3JG. 11.9.21


Blackpool Magicians' Club Clubroom Magic Auction. Blackpool Magicians' Club write: After many requests we have reintroduced the BMC Clubroom Magic Auctions. Blackpool Magicians' Club Clubroom Magic Auction on Thursday 28th October 2021 at Blackpool Magicians' Club, 56-60 Caunce Street, Blackpool FY1 3LE. Commences 6pm prompt with viewing from 5pm. Admission is £4 for non-members. For further details please contact Michael Shepherd 11.9.21


Merlin Magical Society Magic Auction, Potters Bar. John Clayton writes: On the 23rd of September and the 4th November, we will be holding an auction to sell the magic effects of the late Michael Chandler, who sadly passed away in 2019. As there are so many items for sale, we are hoping to auction most of it over the two dates given above, though we may also hold a third one next year. Michael was quite a collector of magical effects, some of which are very rare. There are over 300 items for sale, that are all in good condition. The Auction will be on a pay as you buy basis, so please bring lots of £1 coins, as well as notes to keep the auction running smoothly. Free Entry for non members. Please note: Under 16's must be accompanied by an adult. Doors open at 7.30pm for an 8pm start at Little Heath Parish Hall, Thornton Road, Potters Bar, Hertfordshire EN6 1JJ. Also see 11.9.21


The ESP Test Kit by Steve Cook - Alakazam Magic: Steve Cook has done it again with the ESP Test Kit. This brilliant effect is a mix of Mentalism, Remote Viewing, Psychometry and Precognition. Imagine having a spectator place the five ESP symbol cards in to separate envelopes. They place one Envelope in the supplied ESP Test Control wallet and one in their pocket. Now, and with going nowhere near the envelopes (if you should so choose) you start to reveal where each ESP Symbol is, even predicting ahead of time which card would be put in their pocket. If that wasn’t enough as a kicker your spectator is given the ability to read your mind! 11.9.21


Bargain Loving Brits in the Sun. "New Saydo Park arrivals Carole and Phyllis already love life in Spain but they want to experience more of the community spirit, so they sign up for fellow resident Margaret's mystery tour. Where will it take them? Tree surgeon Rocky faces danger on a daily basis as he tends to the high branches of the Costa del Sol, while young magician Dean faces the first night of a residency at the Chamber of Secrets theatre. Starring John Thomson." Wednesday 15th September on Channel 5. Repeat. See TV Magic for details. 11.9.21


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