Number 1088 - Saturday 1st May 2021


Ehrlich Brothers Dream & Fly, The SSE Arena, London. Saturday, 4th September 2021. Limited tickets now available. In this gigantic show, the two World Record breaking magicians will present jaw-dropping and unique illusions that have to be seen to be believed in their spectacular live show. They will appear from nowhere with a helicopter, fly in a golden Lamborghini and make the world's largest candy jar appear. In addition, the two magic brothers will perform magic in the middle of the audience.

Andreas and Chris Ehrlich said: "After our first phenomenal show in 2019 in the UK, we were very excited to come back to The SSE Arena in 2020. Unfortunately, Covid-19 thwarted our plans. We are very happy that we have now found a new date. See you on 4th September 2021" Tickets:


David Copperfield's History of Magic - now available for pre-order! By David Copperfield, Richard Wiseman and David Britland, with photographs by Homer Liwag. An illustrated, illuminating insight into the world of illusion from the world's greatest and most successful magician, capturing its audacious and inventive practitioners, and showcasing the art form's most famous artifacts housed at David Copperfield's secret museum.

In this personal journey through a unique and remarkable performing art, David Copperfield profiles twenty-eight of the world's most groundbreaking magicians. From the 16th-century magistrate who wrote the first book on conjuring to the roaring twenties and the man who fooled Houdini, to the woman who levitated, vanished, and caught bullets in her teeth, David Copperfield's History of Magic takes you on a wild journey through the remarkable feats of the greatest magicians in history.

These magicians were all outsiders in their own way, many of them determined to use magic to escape the strictures of class and convention. But they all transformed popular culture, adapted to social change, discovered the inner workings of the human mind, embraced the latest technological and scientific discoveries, and took the art of magic to unprecedented heights.

The incredible stories are complimented by over 100 never-before-seen photographs of artifacts from Copperfield's exclusive Museum of Magic, including a 16th-century manual on sleight of hand, Houdini's straightjackets, handcuffs, and water torture chamber, Dante's famous sawing-in-half apparatus, Alexander's high-tech turban that allowed him to read people's minds, and even some coins that may have magically passed through the hands of Abraham Lincoln. By the end of the book, you'll be sure to share Copperfield's passion for the power of magic.

This title will be released on October 26th, 2021 and is now available for pre-order from


Ben Hart: Live - Brighton Fringe 2021. Britain’s Got Talent Finalist, West End star and multi-award-winning magician Ben Hart is bringing his unique brand of magic to Brighton. Described by David Walliams as "the living embodiment of magic", Ben has played to royalty, heads of state and celebrities, in West End theatres, international arenas and on dozens of UK and international TV shows, including his own series on BBC Three, on The One Show and on BBC One’s "Now You See It". A show that shines a light on magic, life, the universe and the darkest corners of your imaginations. With the simplest of props, using the objects and minds of the audience, Ben Hart conjures an altogether new kind of magic. "Unbelievable! That was unbelievable" Simon Cowell. Brighton Fringe 2021: 29th May, 27th June, 4th July. See for more info and to book. 1.5.21


Las Vegas Magic Star Jeff McBride brings a new kind of magic show to screens worldwide starting May 7th. Las Vegas master magician Jeff McBride has used his time during the pandemic to create something utterly unique. McBride’s latest creation, Jeff McBride – MagicQuest uses the Zoom platform to deliver truly interactive magic and storytelling over the internet. After months of development with his team, McBride has combined his magical performance with the tale of his life-long quest to uncover the secrets of real magic. With MagicQuest, he invites audiences into his home – his House of Mystery – for a unique experience that is part show, part tour, that even includes a special VIP after party.

Few performing magicians will profess to believing in "real magic", but McBride has been on a lifelong quest to discover just that. Has he found it? The answer is Jeff McBride – MagicQuest. Tracing his career, which has paralleled his quest, for over 40 years, the show is filled not only with amazing magic, but with stories of his travels, revelations, and his continuing search for the magical.

Jeff McBride – MagicQuest opens its doors to the public on Friday, May 7th at 7pm (Las Vegas time), over the Zoom platform. Tickets range from $30 per screen, up to the $100 VIP ticket, which includes an after party, where guests can interact with McBride, see parts of his House of Mystery never before revealed to the general public, and even receive a special 'Treasure Chest' of rarely seen McBride video, graphics, and other mementos. Only 8 performances, with 100 tickets available for each, are currently available.

McBride’s show is not the first magic show on Zoom. In fact, he and the team from his McBride’s Magic & Mystery School have been producing a weekly Monday Night Mystery School show online for almost ten years, the last 14 months of which have utilized the Zoom platform. "I love the real interactivity of the medium," says McBride. "It allows me to interact with audience members even more directly than you can do with live audiences in the theater."

McBride is joined by producer/director Tobias Beckwith, his longtime manager and producer who has worked with him since the late 1980s. Also on board is technical producer Scott Steelfyre. Such magical luminaries as Max Maven and David Copperfield have lent their expertise and advice to the creation of the show, as well. Jeff McBride – MagicQuest opens May 7th at 7 pm (Las Vegas time) and runs for 8 performances through May 16th. Audiences can learn about Jeff McBride, this show, view a video trailer and purchase tickets by visiting


Magicseen issue 98 May 2021. The latest edition of the UK's only independent magic magazine is now out and has modest mentalism maestro Michael Murray on the cover and in the feature article inside. He is joined by top international escapologist Andrew Basso, quirky medicine show magician Greg Solomon, and the Amazing Johnathan returns for the second and concluding part of his in-depth interview. If you worry about making performance mistakes, our Skating On Thin Ice article will help you to take steps to avoid many of them, and if you're feeling up to it, you can read the latest diatribe from magic's favourite moaner in the Grumpy Old Magician Does Lockdown. If you want to learn some magic, Gregg Webb and John Bannon provide excellent effects in the Masterclass, and you can also win a John Bannon 4 DVD box set courtesy of BigBlindMedia in the competition we are running. All this plus so much more awaits your attention in the May issue, and you can secure your copy via a 6 month, 1 year or 2 year printed copy or download sub, or by buying the individual issue right now from 1.5.21


The MagicWeek Video Archive. A new magic clip or show every week! This week the magical mime of Tina Lenert in a guest appearance on The Paul Daniels Magic Show on 16th October 1982. See The MagicWeek Video Archive. To catch up with more from The MagicWeek Video Archive Click Here. 1.5.21


Richard Young on The Magicians' Advice Podcast. Hosted by Phil Taylor and Ian Brennan. Episode 152: Richard Young, Performing on stage and releasing Magic. Richard Young joins Ian and Phil to chat about Stage magic, life on the road, and Richard's new release of Bob Swadling's Torn and Restored Card. www.magiciansadvice.com1.5.21


R&D Mind Control Tour, August 2021. Rick Green and Dean Williamson, aka R&D Mind Control, present an Evening of Magic and Mind Reading. From the promoters: Highly interactive and theatrical we begin with Mind Reader Dean Williamson who will open the evening with his 'Influence' show. This show transcends what it means to influence and be influenced. Followed by International Personality Magician Rick Green back performing in the UK for the first time in eleven years. He was the first magician to get a yes from every judge on Britain's Got Talent. Rick will take you through a spectrum of magic from pure sleight of hand to grand illusion. With support from comedy magician Lewis Hill.

Early bird tickets £15 each. Families welcome (minimum age 12).

7th August: Layton Institute - 30 Westcliffe Drive, Layton, Blackpool FY3 7HG.

11th August: Alexander's Live - Rufus Court, Chester CH1 2JW.

13th August: Prohibition Cabaret Bar - 25-27 Pink Lane, Newcastle upon Tyne NE1 5DW.

See for more info and to book. 1.5.21


Zoom presentation on Sideshow Showman Jon Gresham. On Tuesday 4th May at 7.30pm Jon Marshall presents a live Zoom presentation featuring the story of Jon and Pat Gresham's Sideshow illusion empire, his fire-eating, cinema, magical and theatrical exploits and how his Museum, Penny Arcadia, Europe's largest collection of coin operated amusement machines, came into being. Later Penny Arcadia became Pocklington Arts Centre a vibrant and popular cultural and entertainment venue in Yorkshire. The Arts Centre has just celebrated their 20th Anniversary. Tickets for From Penny Arcadia to Pocklington Arts Centre are available from 1.5.21


Blink 2 - New from Read My Mind. Designed by Looch and produced by the incredibly talented Alan Wong, Blink 2 is a modern peek case that offers a variety of peeks to suit its owner. You are still able to utilise the peek methods used in our original Blink but now you have the ability to work with a myriad of new peek mechanics such as the Turnover Peek and the now legendary Hookway Peek! Blink 2 has an integrated money clip built into the gimmick which allows you to hold bank notes/predictions etc., and the pockets are wide enough to accommodate Poker size cards.


In 2018 we brought you the original Blink. A premium leather business card case designed to do one thing perfectly... peek! Blink quickly sold out and was regarded by many of the world's top mentalists as one of the finest peek cases ever. Soon after the release of Blink, Looch was already creating designs for its successor. The fundamental mechanics behind Blink's ingenious peek were retained, but this time built into a modern, minimalist, business card case. Limited Edition. Find out more: 1.5.21


Wayne & Mike’s Coffee Morning. Wayne and Mike start every Friday with a chat, a coffee and a surprise guest. This week: Gary & Paul from The Twins FX, Part Two. YouTube. 1.5.21


The May 2021 E-Video Newsletter. This month Mark Leveridge's online magic video programme runs for 43 minutes and includes: The Teach In – learn a simple ‘regular deck’ variation to the Brainwave deck. Pro Peeks – a nice coins and purse routine is extracted this month from E-Club Pro’s Vintage Vault. Keeping Control Unplugged – part 11 discusses when and how to pack your show to get the best out of it at the venue. Web Offers – dems and info on a children’s routine and a quirky close up effect which are both discounted this month. 60 Seconds To Success – how to implement a simple piece of card handling that will dramatically improve trick endings. The Review Corner – taking a look at Isolated, a special deck to create a version of ACAAN. Anyone who is signed up to Mark's free E-Club Lite will receive an email that contains the link to access the E-Video Newsletter, so if you are not currently a member and would like to register, go to 1.5.21


Light and Heavy Chest - Merlins. There are lots of versions of this effect on the market, but we believe this is one of the best available. The wooden box is carried on by the magician and placed down. It is opened and items are taken out and replaced during a performance. At any time, a spectator is asked to pick up the box and move it. Amazingly, no matter how hard the spectator tries, they can not lift the box. The magician says there must be too much in it, so opens the box and removes a hanky or other small item. The magician then lifts the box and moves it very easily. The box is under the magician's control, so lots of bi-play and routines can be created to make this a feature item of anyone's act. Comes with instructions and ideas: 1.5.21


Ring and String Deluxe - Mark Leveridge Magic. Mark Leveridge’s original Ring and String routine comprised of four moves – 1 ring on and 3 ring off handlings – and as No.6 in the Master Routine Series, it has proved hugely successful and popular for many years. This PDF download features the original four moves plus two further ones making it a comprehensive collection of great looking ring and string handlings.

There are two ‘ring on’ moves, including Mark’s famous Dip Down Move which is considered by many to be one of the best ring moves ever created, and four ‘ring off’ handlings, including Mark’s Squeeze Move which has fooled many magicians never mind lay people. The supplied PDF explains each of the moves clearly and succinctly, and the text is accompanied by some excellent colour photos which really help to make everything easy to understand. With no gimmicks required (you simply borrow a finger ring and use any length of cord or round shoelace), this is the ultimate selection of natural looking moves with which to amaze and entertain your audiences. For more info, to watch a video, and to order visit


The Simpsons with guests Penn & Teller. Hello Gutter, Hello Fadder. Series 11, episode 6. "After a rotten day, Homer bowls a perfect 300 game, and becomes a local hero. But his fame soon fades, and to keep himself from gloom, Homer decides to focus his attention on baby Maggie. Guest Starring Penn and Teller, Ron Howard, Nancy O'Dell and Pat O'Brien as themselves." Monday 3rd May on Sky One. See TV Magic. 1.5.21


Name It - Alakazam. Name It is an amazing card routine in which you'll show spectators that all of their choices were predicted from the start. At no time will they expect the final reveal! Name It is a modern, high-impact, take on spelling tricks, with, for once, a truly magical finale. Simple to perform and requiring almost no memory work, this effect will enter your repertoire and become a killer routine that you will always have with you to impress those around you! You will receive the effect and the gimmicks necessary to complete this trick, all you have to do is customize them with your own predictions, your own language, and you will be ready! Watch the trailer and find out more, see 1.5.21


John Kimmons Zoom Lecture, Wednesday 5th May 2021 at 8pm. Des King writes: South Downs Magicians have a Zoom lecture on the 5th May by John Kimmons on comedy and family entertainment. This will be a great night as Kimmo is one of the very best and funniest family entertainers around. South Downs Magicians invite full members of other magic clubs to this lecture for the small price of £8.00. Anyone interested should contact Jonathan Cann 01444 320409 or 07850 917126 1.5.21


Tony Griffith's Zoom Lecture. Tony Griffith writes: How are Mifelew, Becton and Coffrin connected? To find out you will have to book Tony Griffith’s ‘Art of The Magician’ Zoom lecture. It contains a bit of history, anecdotes and many easy to do commercial tricks you will want to do. Climb on board and get the benefit of 30 years of professional experience. Available worldwide. Details: 01275 835463 1.5.21


Now You See Me 2. Jesse Eisenberg, Dave Franco, Woody Harrelson and Morgan Freeman are among the returning cast of Jon Chu's sequel to the crime thriller about magicians who stage seemingly impossible heists. The previous movie saw the Four Horsemen - Danny Atlas, Merritt McKinney, Henley Reeves and Jack Wilder - emerge from nowhere, use perfectly crafted illusions to rob a Parisian bank, fleece an insurance magnate of hundreds of millions of dollars, shower their fans in cash... and then vanish again. But before disappearing they framed Thaddeus Bradley for their crimes. Now, the jailed former magician who publicly reveals how tricks are done, aims to exact revenge on the Horsemen. And Bradley may get his opportunity when the Horsemen - minus Reeves, who has been replaced by Lula May - eventually surface in the employ of a tech genius who needs to recover a stolen gadget that can decrypt and access all electronic devices. Starring: Jesse Eisenberg, Mark Ruffalo, Woody Harrelson, Dave Franco, Daniel Radcliffe, Lizzy Caplan. Saturday 1st May  on Film4. See TV Magic. 1.5.21


Magic on Game of Talents tonight! Vernon Kay hosts a game show in which contestants pair up with celebrities to try to uncover the secret talents of the eight mystery performers in each episode. With big money prizes up for grabs if they get it right, will they be able to tell the fire-eater from the footballer or the line dancer from the lion tamer based solely on the performers' appearances and some intriguing clues? See TV Magic. 1.5.21


"Edinburgh Castle magician performs daredevil flaming cannonball pendulum stunt" Click Here and YouTube • "Britain’s Got Talent magician Richard Jones reveals his heartbreak after losing best friend and manager to Covid" Click Here • "Globetrotting twin magicians in homecoming live show" Click Here • "Dancing On Ice star and magician Ben Hanlin shares very embarrassing parenting moment as he discusses life as a dad" Click Here • "Kent Magicians Guild in Dunton Green, Sevenoaks, recruiting new members as performers emerge from lockdown" Click Here • "Reopening theatres: a rolling list of venues and shows that have confirmed returns" Click Here • Thank you to everyone who submitted news this week, it is always welcomed. See you next week, Duncan. 1.5.21


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Number 1087 - Saturday 24th April 2021


After a dry spell, there's magic brewing in the West End with Wonderment - Palace Theatre, Shaftsbury Avenue, London, 16th July - 30th August. From the promoter: There’s magic brewing in the West End once more. A vaudevillian journey of illusion, with performers at the cutting edge of their art, Wonderment is set to astonish audiences this summer at the Palace Theatre. This fun night for all the family must be seen to be believed.

Wonderment brings together some of the greatest illusionists live on stage in breathtaking displays of magic and illusion that will electrify, surprise and delight. Taking to the stage will be the multi-award-winning mind reader and TV star, Chris Cox, and the most talked about woman in magic, Josephine Lee.

The star of CBBC’s Chris Cox’s Mind Boggling Magic, Chris Cox has sold out UK tours and runs at Fringe Festivals from Edinburgh to New Zealand, and is the only mind reader in history to have played the West End, Broadway and Sydney Opera House. Josephine Lee took the magic world by storm after her appearance on Britain’s Got Talent in 2017. Her dynamic and modern spin on illusion saw her act hit millions of views overnight.

Both stars of The Illusionists which has played on Broadway, the West End and across the globe, as well as Impossible which travelled from the West End on to a world tour, Josephine and Chris are only the first incredible artists to be announced. Five acts will showcase their awe-inspiring talents at every performance and the rest of the line-up will soon be announced.

Director, Annabel Mutale Reed comments, It’s an absolute privilege to be creating Wonderment with world class magicians, who are bringing their greatest illusions to the West End this summer. Audiences have been making memories at The Palace Theatre for 130 years, and we are delighted to be filling its stage with a vibrant 2021 twist on an old-fashioned variety show. Wonderment is an exhilarating, mind-bending show that really has to be seen to be believed, all under the roof of what was once described as ‘The Handsomest Music Hall in Europe’!

Wonderment producer, Stephen McGill comments, We are so excited to bring some magic and wonder to the West End again, which we know has been sorely missed during this difficult last year. Our fun-packed family show is full of magic, illusion, and comedy. It promises some old-fashioned entertainment with some innovative, fresh, contemporary style and exceptional performers. We hope it will cast a spell over our audiences and fill them with Wonderment!

Nica Burns comments, Wonderment: fantastic and fantastical, full of surprises and marvel. Hugely entertaining. A perfect summer show for all. Just the tonic.


Palace Theatre, London. 16th July - 30th August. Website: Box Office:


Edinburgh Castle hosts world premiere of spectacular stunt by scientist and magician Kevin Quantum. On Thursday 29th April, scientist and magician Kevin Quantum will celebrate the journey out of Covid-19 adversity by staging the world premiere of a spectacular demonstration of courage, optimism and harmony at Edinburgh Castle. Broadcast worldwide on YouTube, the premiere of Flaming Cannonballs at Edinburgh Castle will show Quantum relying on science, self-belief and hope as he attempts to walk blindfolded through nine flaming cannonballs swinging from a huge pendulum on the ramparts of the capital’s iconic landmark.

If his scientific studies of the pendula’s patterns and calculation of the precise magical moment the cannonballs harmoniously align, Quantum will emerge unscathed from his daring stunt at precisely the moment Edinburgh’s famous One O'clock Gun is fired. In the run-up to his fearsome feat, Quantum has released a trailer which can be viewed here: YouTube

Internationally acclaimed magician Quantum, also known as Kevin McMahon, lives in Edinburgh and his last performance was as a semi-finalist on ITV’s Britain’s Got Talent. He has gained exclusive access to Edinburgh Castle to stage his dramatic performance in the shadow of Mons Meg, the famous Medieval Bombard and one of the largest cannons in the world. His stunt will mark the moment Scotland begins to open up after life in lockdown and people celebrating the chance to reconnect with friends and experience the joy of live performance. While anyone within a two-mile radius of Edinburgh Castle will be able to hear The One O'clock gun go off, Quantum is inviting people across the city, Scotland, the UK and the world to connect with the performance and each other by watching the premiere on YouTube.


Topas - a Zoom lecture presented by The Newcastle Magic Circle on Monday 3rd May at 7.30pm. James Piatt writes: Join us for a very special lecture from German magic superstar Topas! Topas is a FISM World Champion and a regular performer on major international TV shows such as The World’s Greatest Magic and most recently, Penn & Teller: Fool Us. This must-see lecture is free for members of the Newcastle Magic Circle and only £5 for visiting guests. Please contact for further information. 24.4.21


Castle Magic (established in 1982 as Castle Magical Services) is one of the leading dealers in pre-owned and second-hand magic apparatus and books, often handling antique and vintage apparatus from around the world. Based in Great Britain, where a considerable amount of vintage magic equipment started life, we supply and ship items worldwide. We also purchase and exchange magic props, books and allied arts apparatus from individual items to complete acts. During 1997 we launched our Castle Premier Range of exclusive magic tricks for children and close-up entertainers.

During 2011 Castle Magical Services acquired the business and rights of the Bradford Magic Studio – a company set up and operated by Cliff Lount since 1949, making Bradford Magic Studios the 2nd oldest established magic company in the UK still trading. We will be remaking and supplying a number of its classic magic effects in the near future. We are also proud to announce that Workshop Thirteen, which produces Escapology and Bizarre Magic, will now also be part of the Castle Magic family.


Harapan Ong Leicester Magician Network Zoom Lecture - tomorrow at 2pm! Adam Edgeley writes: The Leicester Magician Network is proud to present Harapan Ong on Sunday, April 25th, at 2pm via Zoom. For info on how to attend please visit The charge for non-members is £10. Singapore's Harapan Ong has caused an online sensation with his technical abilities. Videos began to circulate some years ago showing a pair of hands doing extraordinary things. His style is natural, unassuming, and soft. But Aces appear, card selections transpose, and magical things just seem to happen in Harapan's hands! 24.4.21


The MagicWeek Video Archive. A new magic clip or show every week! This week, Faust & Company on '3-2-1' from January 14th 1984. See The MagicWeek Video Archive. To catch up with more from The MagicWeek Video Archive Click Here. 24.4.21


Wayne & Mike’s Coffee Morning. Wayne and Mike start every Friday with a chat, a coffee and a surprise guest. This week: Gary & Paul from The Twins FX. YouTube. 24.4.21


Steve Dimmer's new Zoom Lecture: Tricks For The Trade. This lecture is different and specifically designed to be presented over Zoom, although in a perfect world everything would be performed with a live audience. Each routine is videoed as it would be seen by spectators and then explained by Steve in his usual breezy style. It comprises close-up, parlour and stage tricks, the majority involving everyday objects transformed into amazing magical tricks. All the effects are within the scope and skill level of every performer (no finger-flinging!) which means presentation is the focus of the trick, often relying on original principles never employed in magic before. Featuring:


Agent ZigZag: In which a picture of the most infamous of British spies disappears and reappears into other spy portraits.
Spice of Life: A revelation of a chosen spice using spice jars, suitable for parlour show.
Licensed to Trick: James Bond becomes the focus of a mind-reading effect.
In Full View A predicted card is shown face up before 3 genuine selections are made, all of which match the prediction.
Text Book: An exercise in mentalism which can be done with an audience or by phone, email or even text!

Eccentric, eclectic, enthusiastic and effective Tricks For The Trade is an amazing collection of newly devised routines all of which have been bench-tested in the real world. This lecture is now being offered to magic clubs throughout the UK. For a zoom lecture, the fee is an all-inclusive £85. Further details: Steve Dimmer Email: Telephone: 01604 409010 Mobile: 07904 311 007.


Prof Richard Wiseman recently carried out research showing that teaching a simple magic trick to school children increases their creative thinking. The study compared magic to an art lesson, and suggests that teaching magic might be an economical, practical and fun way of boosting creativity in the classroom. The study, 'Conjuring up creativity: the effect of performing magic tricks on divergent thinking' is published in an academic journal called PeerJ and you see it for free here: 24.4.21


The Mark Leveridge April Podcast. If you half an hour to spare you might care to spend it in the company of Mark Leveridge as he presents his latest podcast featuring thoughts and opinions on the following topic: Plot and effect – the difference as explained by Doug Dyment : announcing the arrival of E-Club Pro Select : hybrid conventions may be the way forward for some magic event organisers : the secret to finding a receptive audience for your magic as you grow older : details of an online session in which the attendees decide the content : how to harness one of magic’s most potent performance weapons. A new podcast is released on the first of each month and you can access your free copy either from, or from where you can also sign up to be a follower and receive each new edition automatically. 24.4.21


Pure Cards Across - Mark Leveridge Magic. Two sets of 10 cards are counted out fairly and openly onto a spectator’s hand before being dropped into two glass tumblers where they can be clearly seen. One at a time three cards are invisibly moved from one glass to the other, and when the piles are counted back onto the spectator’s hand again, the first glass only contains 7 cards and the other 13!

This is the classic cards across effect using a method that is completely move and sleight free. Everything happens at fingertips and there is no palming required, nor any special counts. Designed for a close-up or intimate parlour show, this routine is so open and fair looking that it seems impossible that three cards could migrate from one pile to the other. And yet they do! This comes as a Premier E-Routine which is a downloadable PDF text file featuring detailed written instructions and which has a link in it to take you to additional online performance and explanation footage. For more info, to watch a video, and to order visit


Magicians Advice Podcast. Hosted by Phil Taylor and Ian Brennan. Ep:151 Tom Crosbie. Tom Crosbie talks about being the geek, Edinburgh Fringe, Cruises, and being rescued by the Cuban Military. 24.4.21


Free Arrow by Himitsu Magic - Merlins of Wakefield. Your spectator first selects an item on the table, or selects a card. Then they are asked to transmit, through their mind, their chosen item. A compass pointer instantly points to their item or card! The pointer will stop at a certain position during the movement, and then open precisely at the selected item. In addition, the roles can be exchanged - the audience member thinks about their card, and tries to mentally send it to the pointer. After opening, the pointer shows the very card that was selected! The inspiration for this product comes from street magic - we wanted the audience to experience a very strong visual effect as well as mentalism. 24.4.21


Game of Talents. Vernon Kay hosts a game show in which contestants pair up with celebrities to try to uncover the secret talents of the eight mystery performers in each episode. With big money prizes up for grabs if they get it right, will they be able to tell the fire-eater from the footballer or the line dancer from the lion tamer based solely on the performers' appearances and some intriguing clues? (Still not a magician in sight... but there will be one next week! DT) See TV Magic. 24.4.21


Houdini: The Elusive American by Adam Begley. From the prizewinning Jewish Lives series, an exuberant biography of the world’s greatest escape artist. In 1916, the war in Europe having prevented a tour abroad, Harry Houdini wrote a film treatment for a rollicking motion picture. Though the movie was never made, its title, “The Marvelous Adventures of Houdini: The Justly Celebrated Elusive American,” provides a succinct summary of the Master Mystifier’s life.

Born Erik Weisz in Budapest in 1874, Houdini grew up an impoverished Jewish immigrant in the Midwest and became world-famous thanks to talent, industry, and ferocious determination. He concealed as a matter of temperament and professional ethics the secrets of his sensational success. Nobody knows how Houdini performed some of his dazzling, death-defying tricks, and nobody knows, finally, why he felt compelled to punish and imprison himself over and over again. Tracking the restless Houdini’s wide-ranging exploits, acclaimed biographer Adam Begley tells the story of a mystifying man’s astonishing career.


"Witty, intelligent, and sprightly, Adam Begley's Houdini tells a story that is not only central to the American experience, but strangely pertinent to the fakery, fraudulence, and self-promotion dominating our news waves at present." Wendy Lesser, author of Jerome Robbins: A Life in Dance. Available from 24.4.21


"Who Is Murray The Magician From Pawn Stars?" Click Here • "Award-winning magicians to bring ‘Wonderment’ to Palace Theatre this summer" Click Here • "Good trick: Magicians in Ottawa and beyond have learned how to deal with the pandemic" Click Here • "Magician Mat Franco reappears at the Linq" Click Here • "Celebrated Maidenhead magician presents live show for Thames Hospice" Click Here • "Elsenham WI transfixed but can't work out magician's tricks" Click Here • "Psychological illusionist Derren Brown is coming to Theatre Royal Plymouth" Click Here • "Copycat Magician? Shin Lim Speaks Out About ‘Italia’s Got Talent’ Winner" Click Here • Your UK magic news is always welcomed - big or small! See you next week, Duncan. 24.4.21