Number 1094 - Saturday 12th June 2021


Evolution of Magic starring Craig Christian and Elizabeth opens June 25th in Blackpool. From the producers: Evolution of Magic is a fast-paced mind-blowing illusion show starring magician and illusionist Craig Christian. His urban and edgy style is changing the face of magic. Elizabeth's thought provoking tales of the impossible delve into the world of the unknown. You may recognise Elizabeth from Britain's Got Talent where she made it to the semi-finals she shocked audiences with a terrifying audition that resulted in Amanda Holden swearing live on stage! Craig and Elizabeth perform all over the world but enjoy coming back to the home of magic, that is Blackpool. This show is truly a performance not to be missed! Selected dates 25th June - 30th October 2021. See and YouTube. 12.6.21


Christian Grace's Magic Monthly. Christian Grace, the creator of Level One and Pluck is running a new online card magic membership called Magic Monthly. The membership has over 180 five star reviews from members and you can currently learn 7 original effects for only £10 + VAT. When you join you’ll get instant access to performance and explanation footage which will feature methods, principles and performance theory. Two new effects are added each month! See what others are saying and join Magic Monthly here: "I have known Christian for a few years now. I enjoy talking magic with him. He is passionate and... he fools me. I am delighted for Christian because he is at the forefront of cutting edge magic, technical execution and creative expression" Michael Vincent. 12.6.21


MagiCon 2022 - dates and venue announced. James Hobart writes: The dates and venue have been released for MagiCon 2022 - the Irish Magic Convention - hosted by The Ulster Society of Magicians. It will be held from Friday 29th April 2022 to Sunday 1st May 2022 in the Marine Court Hotel, Bangor, Co Down. They are now accepting bedroom reservations at a discounted rate if you mention the convention when booking. 12.6.21


Houdini's Magic Bars in Canterbury and Broadstairs are now open! Alan Porter writes: Apart from showcasing possibly some of the best bar magic in the UK, they are venues for their Black Card Club. Last week, members had an exclusive lecture and Q&A session with Jeff McBride. A two and half hour masterclass from a true legend. Back in February, a three-day virtual Convention featuring 15 lecturers included such stars as Jay Sankey, Fenik, Oliver Tabor, Wayne Goodman, Etienne Pradier, Wayne Fox, Richard Jones and Daniel Chard. Houdini's B.C.C is a small club with big ideas that is looking forward to a wonderful 2021-2022. Please see 12.6.21


Kevin Quantum - additional tour dates announced. After Brighton's sell-out last weekend new dates in London and Lichfield have been added. Never has an audience been given so much control over how they view/enjoy/observe a magic show. Enjoy all the tricks that are and ever were in 60 minutes! Kevin Quantum is a Britain's Got Talent 2020 semi-finalist and was trained by Penn & Teller. Gain a unique insight into deception! See for all current dates and to book. 19th June: Litchfield. 24th July: London. 18th,19th September: London. "Astonishing" ★★★★★ Evening News. "Art of deception demonstrated perfectly" ★★★★★ Three Weeks. 12.6.21


Masters of Magic 'United Magicians For The World' web streaming event, 17th-20th June 2021. "We dream of creating something special, that everyone in magic can remember not only in terms of video screens, but with emotional contact that allows our love for magic to become a unique experience that combines the digital world with the real world, and all by helping others" See for full details. 12.6.21


Magic and Mayhem! Hunstanton and Hailsham dates. From the producers: Once again JezO and Bondini are pleased to be on the road again with their show Magic and Mayhem! Shows throughout August at Princess Theatre, Hunstanton (Wednesdays 11th, 18th and 25th August) and at the Acting Moon Events Big Top, Hailsham, Sussex, twice daily 4th-8th August, 12th-17th August, 23rd & 24th August, all under the auspices of That's Entertainment Productions. The show will feature new items as well as some old favourites and the audience will be amazed, amused and definitely entertained by the high energy infectious personality of JezO and the more sedate classic style of Bondini. For details and to book see: and 12.6.21


The MagicWeek Video Archive. A new magic clip or show every week! This week The Magic of David Copperfield II from 1979. Featuring a brilliant opening sequence (music, choreography, camera work and magic) which really demonstrates just why David Copperfield made such a huge impact so early on in his career. DT. See The MagicWeek Video Archive. To catch up with more from The MagicWeek Video Archive Click Here. 12.6.21


David Copperfield's History of Magic - now available for pre-order! By David Copperfield, Richard Wiseman and David Britland, with photographs by Homer Liwag. An illustrated, illuminating insight into the world of illusion from the world's greatest and most successful magician, capturing its audacious and inventive practitioners, and showcasing the art form's most famous artifacts housed at David Copperfield's secret museum.

In this personal journey through a unique and remarkable performing art, David Copperfield profiles twenty-eight of the world's most groundbreaking magicians. From the 16th-century magistrate who wrote the first book on conjuring to the roaring twenties and the man who fooled Houdini, to the woman who levitated, vanished, and caught bullets in her teeth, David Copperfield's History of Magic takes you on a wild journey through the remarkable feats of the greatest magicians in history. The incredible stories are complimented by over 100 never-before-seen photographs of artifacts from Copperfield's exclusive Museum of Magic, including a 16th-century manual on sleight of hand, Houdini's straightjackets, handcuffs, and water torture chamber, Dante's famous sawing-in-half apparatus, Alexander's high-tech turban that allowed him to read people's minds, and even some coins that may have magically passed through the hands of Abraham Lincoln. By the end of the book, you'll be sure to share Copperfield's passion for the power of magic. This title will be released on October 26th, 2021 and is now available for pre-order from


Wayne & Mike’s Coffee Morning. Wayne and Mike start every Friday with a chat, a coffee and a surprise guest. This week: Mark Mason. See YouTube. 12.6.21


Dave Loosley on Magicians Advice Podcast. Hosted by Phil Taylor and Ian Brennan. Dropping in this week, special guest Dave Loosley talks with us about performance, character, creating and releasing magic. Thank you Dave for joining us on this episode: 12.6.21


Tony Junior presents his next online Magic Zoom Event this Monday, June 14th. Tony writes: The virtual doors open at 7pm and will close when we are finished! And what a line-up! Not one, but two guest lecturers! The first lecture 7.30pm–8.45pm with the fabulous all-round family entertainer from the States, Conrad Cologne and after a short interval, we have magician Adam Hudson who has authored three books of his own material.

Conrad Cologne is a full-time family entertainer. His focus on entertaining families has allowed him to become a rising star in the magic world. He has performed at fairs, festivals, and private events all over the Northeast; and now through virtual performances, Conrad entertains families all over the country. His routine Mis-Carved Jack-O-Lantern (produced by Wonder Imagery) was a smash hit and completely sold out on its first run! Conrad's lecture focuses on family entertainment, but every entertainer can take something away from it.


Adam Hudson's lecture will consist of entirely original routines written by Adam, including ways to reveal any spectator's birthday either in-person or over Zoom, a very clean ACAAN that again can be performed virtually, or in-person, and various other pieces including ESP revelations and PIN code divinations. As usual, the evening is free. The Zoom link will be here: and numbers are limited to the first 100. Hope to see as many of you as possible there. 12.6.21


The Magic Researcher - Historical Research on Magicians and Magic Effects. In his latest article The Magic Researcher (Phil Lawson) takes an in-depth look at magician Joe Riding. Joe Riding - ‘The Champion of Commercial Magic’ is the most in-depth look ever at Joe Riding; both his magic and his life. Tributes and memories have been shared by his friends, including Wayne Dobson. See 12.6.21


Sili-Coin Chip - Mark Leveridge Magic. This is an intriguing pseudo mental effect using 5 coins each of which is marked with a different coloured sticker. The coins are placed out of sight in a bag and the performer removes one of them and without showing it to the audience and drops it into a small brass box which is closed and left in full view. A spectator is invited to try and read the magician’s mind and tell him which coloured coin he put into the box. When the spectator freely selects any colour, amazingly he is proved to be 100% correct. Clever method for a different type of close-up effect. This great routine is available either as a TricKlip Video Download if you learn best from video, or if you prefer written directions, then please select the E-Routine Download order button which will deliver the instructions via a PDF text file. See for more info and to watch a live performance. 12.6.21


Ulster Society of Magicians AGM. James Hobart writes: George Bleeks has been elected President of the Ulster Society of Magicians. He joined the Society on 7th April 1975 and recently stood down as Honorary Secretary after more than 30 years in the role. At the AGM on Monday 7th June Peter Gunn took over as Chairman from Paul Heaney. He is joined on the Committee by David Lillie (Vice Chairman), James Hobart (Secretary), Craig Gill (Treasurer), Paul Gomac (Membership Secretary) and members Alan "Toast" Keery, Trevor Price, Paula McIntyre, Lucie Wilson and Henrik Fries Neumann (*tbc) 12.6.21


The June 2021 E-Video Newsletter. Mark Leveridge writes: The latest edition of the MLM monthly online video programme is ready for you to watch, featuring: The Teach In – magically make a full tray of matches jump from one matchbox to another. Pro Peeks – benefit from some great advice about waistband amps taken from the Top Tips section of the E-Club Pro Archive. Keeping Control Unplugged – part 12 sets out a whole range of things you can do to make your journey to a show smooth and timely. Web Offers – a stunning finger ring effect and a classic book of feature close-up and stand-up routines are on offer this month. 60 Seconds To Success – advice on how to maximise your show income. The Review Corner – comments and opinion on the Bon Bon Box from Twister Magic. To watch the complete 37 minute online video presentation you simply have to be signed up to Mark's free E-Club Lite, as you will then receive the monthly MLM email newsletter in which you will find the link to the E-Video Newsletter. Go to for further details. 12.6.21


Magicseen Lite Issue 13. From the publishers: It's hard to believe, but on the 1st June we published the 13th edition of Magicseen Lite, our free download taster magazine. A copy of Lite appears a month after the main issue of Magicseen is published and contains some selected content from the main magazine in order to give you an idea of what Magicseen is all about. If you haven't tried Magicseen Lite yet, just go to and you will be able to download any/all of the 13 editions released so far at no cost. It's our gift to you! And if you enjoy what you read and want to get hold of the full monte, then we can offer you printed copy and download subs of 6 months, 1 year or 2 years to ensure that you never need miss any of the great content that we put together for you every two months. So get involved and join the Magicseen family now. 12.6.21


Wessex Magical Association 90th Anniversary Celebration Convention, Sunday 3rd April 2022. From the organisers: Save the date now for our convention - A full day of lectures from top names, together with a dealers hall, followed by our very special evening gala show. Venue: Bournemouth. More details nearer the date. 12.6.21


The Unknown (Instant Download) - Mark Bendell, Lee Smith & Gary Jones - RSVPMagic. For the first time Mark Bendell releases some of his best creations, including Bag 4 Life, Ouija Card and Back to the Future. Sit back as Lee Smith and Gary Jones bring the Bendell effects to life before a live audience and get stunning reactions from material that is all relatively easy to do. There are 13 incredible routines on this download that runs for nearly two hours. See 12.6.21


Remote Control, Complete Pack by Wayne Goodman - Alakazam Magic. In these two PDF books you will learn 12 simple effects that can be performed over camera or live in person. Some of these I have been performing for years at trade shows to end on a highlighted product etc as well as during my regular close-up table hopping. These effects can be done either with the spectator making all the decisions or totally hands off, meaning you can do it over zoom/video with the spectator being at home with their own cards. See for more info and to order. 12.6.21


"Huddersfield magician gets job working with legendary actress Joan Collins" Click Here • "‘America’s Got Talent’ magician Patrick Kun makes Simon Cowell a believer: ‘It can’t be explained’" Click Here • "Patrick Kun: 5 Things To Know About The Magician Auditioning For ‘AGT’ Season16" Click Here • "Dunedin magician Jonathan Usher sweeps national awards, at Magicana" Click Here • "Magician Xavier Mortimer to open new show at the Strat July 1" Click Here • "Markets, magicians and misdirection" Click Here • "Liverpool Cruise Ship magician brings show to Aloft Liverpool" Click Here • "Simon Cowell plans to conquer Las Vegas with deal worth up to £10million a year" Click Here • "Preview: Scotsman, illusionist Scott Silven mesmerizes virtually with ‘The Journey’" Click Here • And finally, at the new Avengers Campus Tour in Disneyland, California, Dr Strange does a magic show! YouTube • That's it for this week, your UK magic news is always welcomed. See you next week, Duncan. 12.6.21


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Number 1093 - Saturday 5th June 2021


David Williamson in 'Circus 1903' in London this Christmas! Circus 1903 returns to the Royal Festival Hall on London's South Bank for Christmas. Expect acrobats, contortionists, trapeze artists, a death-defying high-wire act and sensational life-sized elephants created by the puppeteers behind War Horse, brought together by ringmaster magician David Williamson. All this entertainment is packaged into a show with a gorgeous vintage feel, inspired by the classic circuses of the turn of the century era. And there’s great news if you’re lucky enough to have experienced the thrill of Circus 1903 before: there are new acts included for this season. 16th December 2021 to 2nd January 2022. Royal Festival Hall, London. See 5.6.21


Mario the Maker Magician Zoom lecture - Newcastle Magic Circle. James Piatt writes: Please join us this Monday, 7th of June, at 7.30pm for an amazing lecture from Mario the Maker Magician. David Blaine called Mario "the best kid’s magician in the world" and he was awarded "lecture of the year 2020" by Penguin Magic. Whether you’re a children’s entertainer, stage performer or close-up magician, you will leave Mario’s lecture completely inspired. This lecture is free for members of the Newcastle Magic Circle and only £5 for visiting guests. Please contact for further information. 5.6.21


The MagicWeek Video Archive. A new magic clip or show every week! This week Sweden's Johnny Lonn (Björn Lonnqvist) in a guest spot on The Paul Daniels Magic Show from 26th January 1991. See The MagicWeek Video Archive. To catch up with more from The MagicWeek Video Archive Click Here. 5.6.21


Mandy Muden at Smoke & Mirrors, Bristol. With her striking personality and razor sharp wit, Mandy Muden immediately creates a fantastic rapport with every audience. As seen on Britain's Got Talent. Saturday 24th July. First Show 7pm. Second show 8.45pm. See (also see YouTube). 5.6.21


Wayne & Mike’s Coffee Morning. Wayne and Mike start every Friday with a chat, a coffee and a surprise guest. This week it's powerhouse Andy Nyman. Andy is a Hollywood actor, magician and mentalist, writer, producer, director and creative collaborator and writer to Derren Brown! See YouTube. 5.6.21


The Magic Room is going live... Mark Paul writes: Our first live meeting on Wednesday June 9th kicks off with a fantastic lecture by Wayne Fox. There are limited seats for this evening. Check out our website for more details. We look forward to seeing you at The Magic Room Live Events, Great Doddington Club, 41 Lower Street, Great Doddington, Wellingborough, Northamptonshire NN29 7TL 5.6.21


The Gathering, Great Yarmouth. Stephen Bolam and Kyle Sarocen write: Our next meeting is on Wednesday, September 1st, at The Grosvenor Casino, Marine Parade, Great Yarmouth NR30 3JG (Map). As an inclusive club, we have also invited members of the Anglian Magic Society and The Ipswich Society to join us for this fun evening. We are also pleased to announce that Corporal Richard Jones has kindly agreed to be the Patron of The Gathering. Corporal Richard Jones will also be doing a Zoom talk and a Q&A session on the 8th of September. Steve Majes (The Tricky Twister) as kindly agreed to host the Zoom meeting. Details closer to the date. If anyone wants to come along, please email: or you can phone Kyle on 07557 945343 for further information. The aim of The Gathering social evenings, is to allow magicians to meet and socialise, as well as exchange ideas and views in a relaxed atmosphere. Our Social Evenings are free of charge and you will be able to buy drinks from the bar. The evening starts at 7.30pm, so come along and enjoy the atmosphere. Also see 5.6.21


Southend Sorcerers' Leo Smetsers and Alakazam Evening, online, 6th June. On June 6th at 7.30pm, Southend Sorcerers are hosting a Zoom based evening with Leo Smetsers and Alakazam. It's set to be a really entertaining night and everyone is invited to attend. Best news is that it's absolutely free! If you'd like to Zoom in, just send Adrian Fox an email at and we'll then send you the Zoom details you need to take part. 5.6.21


Devil's Island - Mark Leveridge Magic. This lightweight mental effect is suitable for close-up, parlour or even stage and is very simple to do. A map is shown which has six named locations marked on it. A spectator mentally selects one and records his choice on a small card which is concealed in an envelope. Cards bearing the names of the six locations are shuffled by a spectator and placed by him entirely at random into six envelopes which are then given out to audience members. Despite all this, a prediction shown at the start leads to the correct person holding the envelope which contains the spectator’s chosen island location. This great routine is available either as a TricKlip Video Download if you learn best from video, or if you prefer written directions, then please select the E-Routine Download order button, which will deliver the instructions via a PDF text file: 5.6.21


Come Dine with Me. "In Bedfordshire, Tom and his wife Naomi kick things off with an upmarket menu, which fails to leave an impression. On day two Victoria and her boyfriend Elliot cook up a massive Caribbean feast featuring a controversial goat curry. On the final night magician Neil and his fiance Charlie plan to wow their guests with a mysterious menu and magical entertainment." Repeat. See TV Magic for details.5.6.21


News Deadline reminder. MagicWeek welcomes your UK magic news (major and minor), but please remember the news deadline: Thursday if possible; final deadline 12 noon Friday. Many thanks, DT. 5.6.21


"Award winning magician launches new show Magic on the Mersey in Liverpool" Click Here • "Strip icon Mac King moves to Excalibur, ending 22-year run at Harrah’s" Click Here • "'America's Got Talent': Inspiring Choir, Emotional Magician and Musical Trio Shine in Season 16 Premiere" Click Here • "These birds are susceptible to speed-based magic tricks — but not several others that regularly fool humans" Click Here • "The world’s greatest cardsharp reveals all" Click Here • "Topeka West grad Greg Gleason spent years performing magic in Las Vegas. He's bringing his show to the Midwest" Click Here • "Illusionist Reza returning to MAD on new tour" Click Here • "'I pulled a sword on future King of England' BGT star recalls worrying stunt with William" Click Here • "Cardsharp Steve Forte secures good deal for book of gambling secrets" Click Here • "The Vintage Poker Cheating Device That Sold For Hundreds On Pawn Stars" Click Here • Your UK magic news and reviews always welcomed, see you next week, Duncan. 5.6.21