Number 1057 - 26th September 2020


Congratulations to Magical Bones - the first magician to make it through to the BGT Finals from the judges votes! Here's the performance that took him there: YouTube and here's the deliberation: YouTube. "Magical Bones leaves Britain's Got Talent judges awestruck with incredible illusion" "Britain’s Got Talent viewers 'chuffed' as Magical Bones goes through to final" "Britain's Got Talent judges floored by the incredibly moving routine from magician Magical Bones" 26.9.20


Piff Live From Las Vegas - 7pm BST, Saturday 26th September... Broadcast live from the Piff the Magic Dragon Television Studios (formerly known as Piff's garage), and delivered by Zoom, it's best to watch this on a big screen via Apple TV or similar, as it contains all the grumpy dragon, showgirl magic and chihuahua charm of the Las Vegas show. Full details and more shows here: [Enjoy Piff on your big screen TV, together with favourites from BBC iPlayer, Netflix, Prime Video, YouTube, ITV Hub, All 4, Disney+, Apple TV and more with a Fire TV Stick from]. 26.9.20


And still they come! There are two more magic acts BGT this evening. Ant and Dec host and Amanda Holden, Alesha Dixon, David Walliams and Ashley Banjo are on the judging desk. 8pm this evening on ITV. See TV Magic for details. 26.9.20


The magic of...podcast with Paul Roffman. Creative discussions with creative people. From actors and writers to magicians, keynote speakers and behavioural experts. "Listen to an in-depth discussion moving where the conversation takes us. Not your average conversation." On Apple podcasts: and Spotify and watch clips on YouTube. Last week: Katherine Mills, this Sunday is Ali Cook. 26.9.20


The MagicWeek Video Archive. A new magic clip or show every week! This week French Silent Magician Dominique Plessis on 'The Good Old Days' from 15th October 1983 with his Zombie Ball act. Unfortunately I was slow to hit the 'record' button with this one - so missed the first minute or two. Dominique was placed third in 'General Magic' at FISM Lausanne in 1982. See The MagicWeek Video Archive. To catch up with more from The MagicWeek Video Archive Click Here. 26.9.20


Harry Lorayne - The Magic Book: The Complete Beginners Guide to Anytime, Anywhere, Sleight of Hand Magic. From the publishers: The Magic Book reveals the secrets of magicians―the simple techniques that will enable anyone to perform seemingly complicated magic tricks with relative ease. Clearly written and heavily illustrated―there are over 200 illustrations in all―this book guides you through the basic principles of magic using only common household items: a deck of cards, coins, rubber bands, and even a potato. The author then provides simple step-by-step instructions for hundreds of amazing tricks which he has perfected after forty years of painful trial and error. To help new magicians develop their techniques, Harry Lorayne provides a special “afterthought” section at the end of each magic trick where he discusses possible problems that most beginners have with the trick he has just explained. In addition to the practical instruction, Lorayne provides the philosophy of magic as it has never been taught before. For more info and to order visit 26.9.20


During the week I added more clips to The MagicWeek Video Archive starting with this brilliant commercial from 2001 that in just 40 seconds combines lust, disgust, magic, mime and comedy with perfect timing, great use of sound and music. Carling Black Label's 'Blinding' TV and cinema campaign from 2001. Featuring 'I Only Have Eyes for You' sung by Art Garfunkel! YouTube. 26.9.20


Also new to the Archive, some cunning Extra Sensory Deception from Paul Daniels from 24th January 1987: YouTube. 26.9.20


And finally, more Tommy Cooper! YouTube. 26.9.20


National Escapology Day. UKEAG write: Monday the 21st of September was National Escapology Day. Whilst the Covid 19 restrictions prevented any public performance or meeting, the United Kingdom Escape Artists Group chose to mark the occasion with a number of online posts and reflections on the history and creativity of the art, especially within the United Kingdom. A spokesman for the Club said "2020 has been bitter sweet for all artists, performers, and, those working in the aligned industry. Our members have had to postpone performances, World Record attempts and lectures as well as dealing with the tragic realities of the pandemic. No one would blame someone for walking away or giving up, but, that is not what we have seen. Our members have recognised the legacy and history of the art we chose to work within. It is easy to dismiss Escapology as just being a 'Houdini' thing but it is far greater than that. From St Nicholas Owen, the Patron Saint of Escapologists and Magicians, to the fantastical escapes performed by the likes of Val Walker, David DeVal, Nick Janson and Alan Alan, through to the engineering genius of Mick Hanzlik and Jim Collins, the United Kingdom has produced an enviable list of World Class performers and designers that have helped maintain the art and allowed the audience to be enthralled. The 21st of September was an opportunity to remember that." 26.9.20


Jackpot Cards 2.0 by Mark Lee. A Merlins Exclusive: Now back on the market with all-new custom artwork on superior card stock. The magician tells a story about his visits to casinos around the world and his experiences playing the bandits. He explains his streak of bad luck and how he searched through his pockets for a coin to feed the machine. This action is illustrated with full colour cards with pockets printed on them. As the magician counts through the four cards a £ appears among the pockets, this card is shown both sides and placed onto the table. Miming the action of dropping the coin in the bandit and pulling the arm the magician is unlucky. He runs through his pockets again and $ appears, he tries again but, still no luck. He now produces a euro from the pockets and this time his luck is in. He snaps the card in his hand and reveals the word boldly printed right across the card! The three cards resting on the table are turned up to now reveal Lucky Sevens making a winning line! Easy to do, custom printed cards, instant reset and very strong reactions from the spectators! 26.9.20


The Professional Worker Series Volume 4 marketing Yourself ebook. Mark Leveridge Magic: The Professional Worker Series is a selection of targeted and focused E-Books which offer professional, sound advice on a number of key magical areas. The E-Books are written in an easy to understand style which cuts out all the waffle and padding, and instead gets right to the core of each subject.

Volume 4 in this series concentrates on the many different ways now available to magicians to promote themselves in order to get paid bookings. If you don’t know your SEO from your ROI, or if you’re not sure whether online or offline marketing is best, this 35 page book will provide you with many of the answers: A Marketing Overview; Identifying Your Customer Avatar; Offline Advertising Opportunities; 4 Online Advertising Opportunities; Other Marketing Ideas; Taking Your Advertising Seriously; The Final Hurdle. Knowledge is power, and the informative, easy-to-understand format of this advice book will give you the knowledge that you can use to your best advantage. All you need to know about everything that matters in magical performance and promotion:


Life’s a Beach by Gary Jones Volume Two - Magicseen. From the publishers: Magicseen is delighted to present a second volume featuring the magic of top UK professional close up magician Gary Jones. Gary is one of those performers who is equally at home presenting magic to lay people or to a room full of magicians, and his creative output reflects those two requirements. Some of the magic in this collection is designed to intrigue and fool magicians, while other effects are fast, direct and perfect for working under almost any commercial conditions.


What all the magic has in common is that the methods have been constructed to extract the maximum effect for the minimum of fuss. Some of Gary’s handlings do require some sleight of hand – he is very fond of palming cards, for instance – but equally, there are other ideas which are basically self working! So there’s something for everyone here. The vast majority of the 40 effects included here are with cards, but within that Gary has provided a huge variety of plot and magic that always has a big surprise finish. Some of the effects will go straight into your working repertoire because they are just too good to miss! If you love close-up magic that has attack and impact, you are going to love Life’s a Beach Volume 2. For more info and to order visit 26.9.20


The Curious Life and Death of Harry Houdini. "The magician and escape artist's sudden death at the peak of health has long remained mysterious. This programme contemplates whether it was an accident or something much darker." Tuesday 6th October on Smithsonian. See TV Magic for details. 26.9.20


Knowing Me, Knowing You - With Alan Partridge. Minnie Driver appears on the spoof chat show as Playboy magazine's agony aunt, who has a book to promote and a surprising revelation to make. Alan's other guests include a magician and hypnotist and two of Hollywood's biggest stars. Tuesday 6th October on Gold.  See TV Magic for details. 26.9.20


"From zero to TikTok hero in a year: Harold Hill teenager [magician] heads up Europe’s biggest TikTok house" Click Here • "Teen magician will have Burnley and Ribble Valley viewers rooting for him as he makes bid for place in grand final of top TV talent show" Click Here • "Watch as Edinburgh magician stuns Britain's Got Talent judges with nail-biting fire display" Click Here • "Magician crippled by Covid crisis says second lockdown would be 'curtains'" Click Here • "Magic & Mind-Reading at Le Meridien Piccadilly Review" Click Here • "The Top Winners of 2020: Magician Edition" Click Here • "Magicians in 2020 Struggle to Interact with Crowds as Virtual Shows don’t do the Trick" Click Here • Your UK magic news is always welcome, see you next week, Duncan. 26.9.20


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Number 1056 - 19th September 2020


Goodwin's gone and done it again! The Welshman is back... "Jonathan Goodwin faces his biggest fear during a dangerous stunt - America's Got Talent 2020" YouTube. [Another amazing stunt from Jonathan Goodwin. And if you missed his other recent AGT exploits Click Here and Click Here. DT]. 19.9.20


Blackpool Magic Convention Statement. We are sad to announce the postponement of The Blackpool Magic Convention 2021. After much thought and consideration, due to the current pandemic we realise that we simply can't produce an event for 2021 that would guarantee the safety of our valued customers. Anyone who has already booked tickets, can hold them over to the 2022 event and still guarantee their seats. You can of course be given a refund and then book again nearer the time. Contact If our Registration Hub does not hear from you by the 1st December 2020, we will presume you are happy for tickets to be held over to the 2022 event. Thank you for your understanding and we look forward to welcoming you back in 2022. The dates for Blackpool 2022 are Thursday 17th February to Sunday 20th February 2022. Booking for 2022 opens on Monday 5th April 2021 via our website: 19.9.20


The MagicWeek Video Archive. A new magic clip or show every week! This week Paul Potassy's Sympathetic Silks and Razor Blades in a guest spot on The Paul Daniels Magic Show from 12th October 1985. See The MagicWeek Video Archive. To catch up with more from The MagicWeek Video Archive Click Here. 19.9.20


Scotland's Colin Cloud on AGT. "Colin Cloud shocks the judges with incredible mind reading! America's Got Talent 2020. Colin Cloud returns to the AGT stage with a performance that will blow your mind! The real life Sherlock Holmes." YouTube. 19.9.20


David Britland now has a Cardopolis Newsletter that complements his blog and Genii column. There have been seven issues to date, each featuring video clips of effects and explanations. As you'd expect, the focus is on card magic new, old and forgotten. Topics covered so far include palming, colour changes, card discoveries, the open prediction and a lost documentary about card cheats. It’' free and you can subscribe at: There is also a Cardopolis Instagram account that will alert you to new content. You can find it at www.instagram/cardopolismagic. 19.9.20


The MagicWeek Video Archive. More Midweek Magic! Last week I added a few more clips to The MagicWeek Video Archive. Here's Juan Tamariz YouTube and his 'Find the Lady' routine from John Fisher's 'The Magic Comedy Strip' on 6th April 1992. To catch up with more from The MagicWeek Video Archive Click Here19.9.200


The MagicWeek Video Archive. Lance Burton made a welcome return to The Paul Daniels Magic Show on the Christmas edition on 26th December 1985, YouTube. To catch up with more from The MagicWeek Video Archive Click Here19.9.200


Britain's Got Talent - more magic tonight! Ant and Dec host the semi-finals of this year's talent contest. Amanda Holden, Alesha Dixon, David Walliams and Ashley Banjo are on the judging desk, as the acts that impressed them the most return. Eight acts perform in each semi-final. 8pm this evening on ITV. See TV Magic for details. 19.9.20


BBC Radio 4's 'You and Yours' asked "Have you lost work because of the pandemic?" on September 15th. Full-time magician Marc Dominic phoned in and can be heard at 32' 34" 19.9.20


Smoke Watch Pro, Smart Watch by Joao Miranda - Magicbox. In 2016 João Miranda invented the Smoke Watch, a truly revolutionary prop. For the first time magicians could produce smoke, sleeveless. Since then it has been performed professionally both on TV and live by some of the world's best magicians. Producing smoke enhances almost every magic effect, either for a sponge ball routine, a coin effect, or even a simple card transformation. It easily adds that wow factor and magical atmosphere that every magician needs in their act. After being sold out worldwide the Smoke Watch comes back, better than ever! Programmable delay, wireless charging, internal battery, a brand-new intelligent circuit board or crown smoke activation are some of the new additions! Find out more, visit 19.9.20


Devant, early cinema and the Davenport Collection - a mystery solved. One of over 200 items recently added to the collection website helped to answer a question which troubled historians of early cinema. A magician appearing in some early British films was thought to be Walter Booth, but since no clearly identified photograph of Booth was available, this view remained unproven. Such a photograph was found in the Davenport collection in an 1898 theatre programme Click Here from Ramsgate, for David Devant’s Entertainment. If you’d like to receive the quarterly newsletter from the Davenport Collection just contact John Davenport via the website: 19.9.20


Oliver Tabor - Lockdown D’Illusions via Zoom, 16th September 2020 for The Anglian Magic Society. Steve Majes, Secretary of The Anglian Magic Society writes: How lovely it was to be a guest into Oliver’s mind of magic. Streamed live from his creative workshop we got a revealing look behind the curtain into how Oliver plans and creates, and the reasoning behind his magical presentations. Tips were given for his bottle production, bubble magic and ball manipulation - some with not so much manipulation required. Moving from this staging area to a more close-up environment we watched some of Oliver's pet close-up and parlour effects. His style and flow of presentation did receive a few gasps; it's great to be a magician and expel a gasp or two in wonder! From Oliver's experience of producing a competition act, his long running shows at The Barn and producing West End magic shows the questions were very forthcoming and there were no holds barred. The end of the lecture flowed nicely into a social Zoom chat and I was so pleased to hear Oliver's positive thoughts on how the entertainment business and live magic performances will return. This was a relaxing, inspiring, and fascinating evening. 19.9.20


Rubik Solved by Tony Gardner - Merlins. Whether you perform Rubik cube magic or not, this brand new card effect is a must! The magician cleanly fans out four playing cards. The cards faces are shown and each has a full colour image of a mixed up Rubik cube on it. Two of the cards are handed to a spectator to hold. The magician shows his two cards once again to allow the spectators to see the mixed up cubes. Instantly, without any funny moves the magicians cubes are fully solved! The spectator looks at the cards they have been holding and they are stunned to see that their cubes have also magically been solved! Beautifully clean handling and very easy to do. Visit for more info and to order. 19.9.20


The Coin and Purse Collection - Mark Leveridge Magic. 6 routines, 46 pages, 80 colour photo illustrations. Mark Leveridge writes: In this interesting E-Book I have collected together six of my favourite routines using a standard purse and some coins. All six routines have been carefully constructed to maximise the impact with the minimum of sleights. Some palming and coin vanish techniques required, but nothing advanced or very difficult. The presentation of each routine you can watch via a link in the E-Book to online video performance footage. Then the handlings are carefully described with text and are supplemented with many colour photo illustrations. Find out more. Visit 19.9.20


Life’s a Beach by Gary Jones Volume One - Magicseen. From the publishers: Gary Jones is a full time professional magician of many years standing, and he is a man who is widely respected for both his performing skills and his creative way of thinking. This book brings you the full illustrated details of a large selection of Gary’s worker routines and moves, a couple of effects from some of Gary’s good friends in magic, as well as many tips and much advice on performance and even what it takes to be a pro entertainer.

In this 136 page volume you will learn the secrets behind Gary’s sleight free coins through table, you will learn a really clever card to wallet idea that removes the need for palming, a simple yet effective method to perform a bottle production, mental effects which are easy to do yet baffling to the audience, as well as a strong collection of other commercial card and coin routines.

When you are a pro entertainer you get to know exactly what works with the lay public and what doesn’t. You hone your methods so that they are practical yet strong, and you create magic plots that are clear and easy to follow. The material in this book reflects these principles throughout and will delight anyone looking for new worker tricks to add to their repertoire. For more info and to order visit .


The X Files with Ricky Jay. "The Amazing Maleeni. On the Santa Monica pier a magician amazes the crowd with his superior ancient magic tricks. However Mulder and Scully are soon brought in when the headless corpse of the magician is found in his car leaving only his twin brother, Albert and his rival, LaBonge as suspects. After some strange scenarios we are left with the question, who murdered the Amazing Maleeni, or is it all another amazing trick?" Friday 25th September on Paramount Network. See TV Magic for details. 19.9.20


"Remarkable moment magician turns supermarket shoppers’ till receipts into £10 notes" Click Here • "Factory of Magic launched by Fylde magician is first UK agency dedicated to magic artistes" Click Here • "An unexpected audience" Click Here •"Britain's Got Talent magician says he turned his life around after feeling suicidal" Click Here • "‘AGT’ magician Max Major called out for major fail: ‘Dude is a fraud’" Click Here • And finally, not magic, but if you sometimes think you'd prefer to be in a galaxy far, far away, then this will do the trick: YouTube • Thanks as always to everyone who submitted news this week, see you next week, Duncan. 19.9..20