Number 1118 - Saturday 27th November 2021


David Williamson: 'Circus 1903' in London for Christmas. Circus 1903 returns to the Royal Festival Hall on London's South Bank for Christmas. Expect acrobats, contortionists, trapeze artists, a death-defying high-wire act and sensational life-sized elephants created by the puppeteers behind War Horse, brought together by ringmaster magician David Williamson. All this entertainment is packaged into a show with a gorgeous vintage feel, inspired by the classic circuses of the turn of the century era. And there’s great news if you’re lucky enough to have experienced the thrill of Circus 1903 before: there are new acts included for this season. 16th December 2021 to 2nd January 2022. Royal Festival Hall, London. See 27.11.21


Mandy Muden, Fay Presto, Romany and Katherine Rhodes play Smoke & Mirrors, Bristol, April 2022. Mark Bennett writes: I am so pleased to announce our special month of female Magicians throughout April 2022: Fay Presto, Mandy Muden, Katherine Rhodes and Romany! I cannot wait for 2022! Thanks to everyone to who has supported Smoke & Mirrors in 2021 and we look forward to seeing you all in 2022, when we will be 10 by the way! Tickets can be purchased via 27.11.21


Radek Hoffman: Me, Myself & Secrets - Barons Court Theatre, London. From the promoter: Be prepared to be amazed, to reinvent yourself, and celebrate the mystery. Can we make important decisions based on the flip of a coin? What is the difference between a mystery and a secret? How much we will risk to achieve our goals? Why are we so afraid of the unknown?

Me, Myself, and Secrets
is a personal journey inside Radek Hoffman’s mind. It is a highly interactive show that relies on audience participation. It combines elements of a one-man show, experimental theatre, magic and mentalism. Radek will share with you his greatest secrets and most complex ideas that will manipulate your mind. This is not just a show it is an experience. Be prepared to be amazed, to reinvent yourself, and celebrate the mystery. Are you ready to be part of the experience? Tickets: Click Here. Also see and


Britain's Jay & Joss on Penn & Teller: Fool Us! YouTube. 27.11.21


The Leveridge Legerdemain Zoom Lecture Open Event - December 8th. Join Mark Leveridge on Wednesday, 8th December, at 7.30pm GMT for the debut presentation on Zoom of his brand new lecture. This 2 hour event features practical, straightforward magic that you will really enjoy learning and using. Here are just some of the routines included in the lecture: Impromptu Lie Detector - a straightforward version of the classic card effect that requires no set up and which can be performed with a borrowed, shuffled deck. Loose Change - a silver coin sealed in a box magically changes places with a copper coin held by a spectator under a cloth. Ball Thru Glass - sneaky method to make a sponge ball penetrate the base of an ungimmicked wine glass. Cabaret Calculus - parlour/close up show prediction effect that disguises a well known principle to create a cleaner effect. Cheeky Ring Move - finger ring off cord that relies on pure cheek rather than sleight of hand. It's Not What You Think - feature close-up card routine with a strong kicker ending. Amazon Predictor - easy to do stand-up routine in which you correctly predict a book title selected at random by a spectator. All the material is based on or developed from routines contained in E-Club Pro and everything is different from previous E-Club Pro based lectures. Register now for £15.00, and if you do so before midnight on the 30th November, after the event you will receive a Discount Code worth £15.00 to put towards purchases made from MLM. For more information go to 27.11.21


Houdini’s Lost Diaries, part of the History Channel’s ‘History’s Greatest Mysteries' season, is now being shown on Sky History (see TV Magic). Celebrated escape artist Harry Houdini left behind a diary that had been kept from the public, held under lock and key by a wealthy New York City family. Now, magician and Houdini expert Bill Kalush has finally secured access to these pages. A team of experts help unveil the diary, using new information gleaned from these personal accounts to form new insights into this enigmatic man's life.

Paul Zenon, in addition to being one of the talking heads on the show, alongside Teller, Jonathan Goodwin, Mike Caveney, Joshua Jay, and others, supplied the magic and escapology props, and appears in different guises in the recreation of photographic stills from various periods in Houdini’s career.


The MagicWeek Video Archive. A new magic clip or show every week! This week David Williamson on John Fisher's Magic Comedy Hour from 11th September 1991. See The MagicWeek Video Archive. To catch up with more from The MagicWeek Video Archive Click Here. 27.11..21


Dan Rhodes on Craig Petty's Magic TV: 'Talk Magic'. Every Tuesday, Wednesday and Saturday at 9pm, Craig Petty sits down and chats with a well known magician; a creator, a performer, or someone who has had a positive impact on the Magic Community. "Dan Rhodes, The King of YouTube Magic, talks social media, exposure, growth and more." YouTube. 27.11..21


Magicbox Black Friday! Over 900 items with 60% off! Now on - Limited time - Ends 30th November: 27.11.21


Derren Brown A Book of Secrets: Finding Solace in a Stubborn World. From the publisher: In A Book of Secrets, internationally bestselling author Derren Brown shows us that it is in those moments when we are faced with adversity that we can find life's most lasting rewards.


In thirteen fascinating chapters, Derren takes us on a personal journey - to the scene of a childhood humiliation, to lonely evenings on tour, to being paralysed by shyness at a dinner party, to navigating middle age and to finding love. Sharing moments of anger, frustration, loneliness and loss, Derren reveals how it's possible to find consolation and compassion. Even in our most challenging times we can find meaning and grow. "Derren Brown is a mine of wisdom, humanity and kindness - everything we need to sustain and nourish ourselves. "Enlightening, thought-provoking and illuminating. Derren Brown asks questions about the world, and his intelligent curiosity benefits us all." Elizabeth Day.


Order via

"Derren Brown: Learning to fail and the secret to a happy life" 27.11.21


Christian Grace and Andrew Frost lecture at The Zodiac, London, on Wednesday, December 1st. William Spencer writes: Level One and Switch One creator Christian Grace and Sleightly Obsessed ace Andrew Frost lecture in-person only at The Zodiac this Wednesday. To watch, either join The Zodiac (only £80 for 51 club nights a year), or pay £10 for just this one night (you can claim this back if you later go on to join the club).


The lecture is at the Zodiac’s west London HQ in Northfields (8pm-10pm) and won’t be Zoomed. This is a unique opportunity to see these rising stars of magic in person. Bring a deck, and learn from the best. Please email to book your seat. The Zodiac offers a mix of top-flight lectures, competitions and themed bring-a-trick nights. Visit for more club info. And hopefully see you on Wednesday. 27.11.21


The Mark Leveridge E-Video Newsletter. The November edition of Mark Leveridge's monthly half hour online video presentation features: The Teach In – two coins transpose when placed above and below a folded handkerchief. Pro Peeks – experience a Mark’s Monthly Message advice video on striving for perfection. Keeping Control Unplugged – part 17 talks about what to look out for when assessing the layout of a dinner function room. Web Offers – one of Mark's classic card routines and a neat way to produce four coins are available for less this month. 60 Seconds To Success – Mark considers the importance for children’s entertainers on knowing what youngsters are interested in these days. The Review Corner – Mark enthuses about Paul McCrory’s book Hook Your Audience. You can watch the complete E-Video Newsletter by signing up to Mark's free E-Club Lite. This will mean you receive a monthly email newsletter full of info, advice, freebies, offers and of course, the link to access the latest E-Video Newsletter. You can sign up now at 27.11.21


Toovey's Antiquarian and Collectors’ Books Auction. Tuesday 30th November at 1pm. Featuring 37 lots from the estate of the late Barry Murray. (From lot 3544) 27.11.21


A Cut Above by Andy Smith. "'The Spectator Cuts The Aces' plot has always been a firm favorite with magicians everywhere, ranging in method from the knuckle busting to the self-working. 'A Cut Above' is Andy Smith’s take on this classic plot and although not self-working, is easy to do and very direct. Based on ideas by Larry Jennings and J.K Hartman, this version of the ace cutting effect is as straight forward as they come. This product comes with streaming instructions breaking down all the moves, including a neat variation." For more info and to watch a video visit 27.11.21


School Workshops - Part 2. "Phil and Ian talk about Phil's experience performing and teaching magic in schools. In this podcast, we go over lessons learned and things that worked well for us when running a workshop." 27.11..21


Santa is Overweight - Mr E Enterprises. Mr E Enterprises write: You show a picture card of an overweight Santa Claus who has been eating too many mince pies to get down chimneys, through windows and keyholes in time to deliver all the lovely Christmas presents. Some serious magic is clearly needed! With the help of the children and some magical words you all set out to shrink Santa down to size and so you pass his picture behind your back and when you next show Santa his waistline has clearly shrunk by magic. However as soon as Santa is out of sight, he is back eating chocolate and mince pies and puts all the weight back on again. More magic is needed including further magical words, and when he is again passed behind your back his waistline has magically reduced dramatically once more. But the children know it’s just one of your tricks and you are just turning the picture around and so they demand to see the back of the picture. After more comical by-play you agree to show the other side only to find it is a picture of a medium-sized Santa Claus together with his sack of gifts and Rudolph his red-nosed reindeer (cue for a song) wishing all the boys and girls a Merry Christmas!

Very easy to do, carry this laminated picture card at the bottom of your props bag where it will take up hardly any space, an entertaining fooler that you will perform again and again. Comes complete with A5 sized laminated picture card and instructions. Post free within the UK. Only £9.99 from


"Richard Jones: Doing magic and serving in the army — it’s all I’ve ever wanted" [subscription] Click Here • "The Magician and the Suffragette: The Strange History of Sawing a Woman in Half" Click Here • "Magician Adam Trent Has A Few Tricks To Help Everyday People On ‘The Magic Maker’" Click Here • "Jamie Allan’s Magic Immersive: A Mystifying Experience Opens in Chicago" Click Here • "Magician Matt Tarrant's success is no trick" Click Here • That's it for another week. Your UK magic news/reviews/articles always welcomed. See you next week, Duncan. 27.11.21


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Number 1117 - Saturday 20th November 2021


The inaugural London Magic Convention took place on Sunday, 14th November. Having sold out in just a matter of days, actually getting hold of a ticket was akin to obtaining a Golden Ticket from Mr Willy Wonka himself! Full of surprises and special guests, one of the highlights was the opportunity to enter the close-up competition to become 'The London Close-Up Magic Champion'. Seen here is winner, Edward Hilsum, with the Anthony Owen Trophy. Anthony was a much loved force in British magic and a dear friend of the Nyman family. They were honoured to award the winner with a trophy in his name. Photo: Carter Owen (Anthony Owen's son), Preston Nyman, Edward Hilsum and Andy Nyman. 20.11.21


The Patrick Page Award for Excellence in Magic. Awarded to David Berglas at the inaugural London Magic Convention on Sunday 14th November 2021. Another of the many happy surprises on the day. 20.11.21


The Magic Circle Christmas Show 2021. "A seasonal spectacular at our wonderful London headquarters... Take the festive season to another level and experience one of the true highlights of the magical year. Magicians and variety performers from around the world will bewilder and astound you in an action packed show in our own theatre. Grab a drink beforehand and enjoy some fun close-up magic in the club room and elsewhere, and explore our fabulous building and museum, jam packed with artefacts and memorabilia." Tickets are now on sale: 20.11.21


The Real Magic Show - Camberley Theatre, Surrey, tonight. From the organisers: Welcome to ‘The Real Magic Show’. An exciting showcase of some of the finest magic from the best magicians in the UK today. If you’re coming out of lockdown and are looking for an immersive magical experience that will simply blow your mind then ‘The Real Magic Show’ is perfect for you and your guests. We set the benchmark high, using only the finest magicians in our shows. All our performers are members of the prestigious Magic Circle. This is the very best way to experience spellbinding magic in an intimate setting with all the action happening right before your eyes and directly under your nose. Magic as it should be seen!


‘The Real Magic Show’ is 90 minutes of jaw-dropping magic. We welcome anyone to our shows that has a love or interest in magic and whilst we encourage families and groups of all sizes, we would gently advise families that the show isn’t recommended for young children under the age of 10. This show has unreserved seating and takes place in our Function Room on Saturday 20th November at 8pm at Camberley Theatre, Knoll Road, Surrey GU15 3SY For more information see The show is suitable for ages 10+. 20.11.21


Impromptu Magic - Dominic Twose. Back in print and available once again! This book is aimed at magicians who want to perform card magic without any preparation. Magicians who want to pick up a pack of cards, anywhere, anytime and present miracles. It is not a book for beginners, likewise - it does not require expert skills, but it is a must-have book for the card magician who knows the basics.

A huge hit on its release, now in its 2nd print.
Previously unpublished Vernon material.
Card magic you will use.
For more information, full chapter listings, and to order, visit:


Leading Scottish Card Magician visits Orpington Magic Society. On a quick weekend dash to London to see Chris Wood, Tom Whitestone and John Derris, Gordon Bruce, one of the top card magicians in Scotland, paid a surprise visit to The Orpington Magic Society noted for introducing many local people to magic. Bruce, a close associate of Roy Walton, Ricky Jay and other top card men, stunned new members with his classic card work vanishing and appearing cards in impossible places like underneath a cup of coffee. Real magic!

Bruce, an amateur magician for over 40 years, has performed and lectured all over the world meeting with Vernon, Marlo, Jennings and many other greats alongside his career as a musician touring with the Royal Scottish National Orchestra. He is also recognised as a leading authority on magic, especially with cards; a man with a passion for Mozart and Magic. "This was an outstanding surprise magic highlight arranged by John Derris that has encouraged many of our members and attracted some new Orpington people to our club wishing to learn more about magic for Christmas and the Festive season." Michael Maxted, Founder, Orpington Magic Society.


Illusion: Impossible - Bridlington Spa, tomorrow. From the promoters: Illusion : Impossible showcases 5 of the most incredible illusionists in the world including: Britain's Got Talent runner-up Jamie Raven, Britain's Got Talent 2020 Finalists James & Dylan Piper, award-winning magician Oliver Tabor, highly acclaimed magical duo The Glamourists and world speed illusionist Kayden Black. Collectively these performers have been seen by hundreds of thousands of people around the world and with over 500 million YouTube views between them, this production showcases their incredible talents together - live on stage. Illusion: Impossible features exclusive tricks never seen before... a non-stop show packed with breathtaking magic and illusion. Illusion: Impossible touring the UK and Europe. See to book. 20.11.21


The MagicWeek Video Archive. A new magic clip or show every week! This week the brilliant Michael Finney on The World's Greatest Magic III from 8th June 2001. See The MagicWeek Video Archive. To catch up with more from The MagicWeek Video Archive Click Here. 20.11..21


Justin Miller on Craig Petty's Magic TV: 'Talk Magic'. Every Tuesday, Wednesday and Saturday at 9pm, Craig Petty sits down and chats with a well known magician; a creator, a performer, or someone who has had a positive impact on the Magic Community. "The Return of Justin Miller - Justin is back and he shares some incredible magic" YouTube. 20.11..21


E-Club Pro Sign Up Offer Extended. If you missed the chance last month to get your first three months of membership to Mark Leveridge's online magic resource E-Club Pro for free, then the good news is the offer expiry date has now been extended to midnight on the 30th November 2021. To gain access to over 800 pages of fabulous content covering most aspects of magic, you simply need to sign up @ £12.00 a month via PayPal before the expiry date and for each of the first three months you will receive a Discount Code worth £12.00 to put towards further purchases from MLM. And, since as a member you automatically get a 50% reduction on all full prices already, your £12.00 Discount Code is actually purchasing you each month £24.00 worth of product at the full prices!! It's like having your cake and eating it, twice over! So, for the best way to experience everything that E-Club Pro has to offer, join now and get instant access to all the content effectively for free! For full information go to 20.11.21


Surrey Society Stage Competition 2021. Adam Mosley writes: On Thursday, the 18th of November the Surrey Society of Magicians held their annual stage competition. There was a packed auditorium with a mixture of magicians and laypeople watching the seven acts in the theatre. A great night was had by all with a very high standard throughout. We would like to thank the audience members, Geoff Pescud the compère, the two lay judges, and our magical judge Dave Davies for their hard task in finding the top three acts. In third place was David Andrews, second was Kelly Robinson and in first place was Terry Lambert (pictured) - a great evening all round. The Bernard Weller comedy award was won by Terry Lambert. We were very lucky to have Louise and Frankie there, the wife and daughter of our very good friend and long time member Barry Murray who unfortunately past earlier this year. He will be dearly missed. They presented a special award for entertainment on Barry's behalf which was also won by Terry Lambert, a clean sweep on the night. Another fantastic competition evening. 20.11.21


Learning From Experience by Mark Leveridge. From the publishers: You've probably got enough tricks to last a lifetime, but important information about how to take those effects and get the most out of them commercially is not so readily available. Learning From Experience provides you with pertinent, helpful advice and opinion from Mark Leveridge on a wide range of issues and topics to do with offering magic to the lay public. The chapter headings are: The Booker Isn’t Always Right, Fee Levels Can Define Show Types, Presentation And Personality Are More Important Than The Tricks, Organising Your Workspace, Targeted Advertising Is Best, Your Website Is Your Shop Window, Actively Pursue Testimonials, Responding To Show Enquiries, The Social Media Black Hole, The Benefits Of A Bulletproof Repertoire, Conversational Patter, Classic For A Reason, Getting And Keeping Attention, Being Self Contained, The Importance Of An Amplifier, Slow Down, Dealing With Volunteers, Hecklers May Not Be Hecklers, Be Wary Of Topical Patter, Show Business - 20% Show, 80% Business. Based on Mark's 40 years of experience as a full time pro, this 44 page e-book will inspire you to take a good look at how you currently approach your magic and help you to achieve your magical goals, and all for the low sum of just £10.00. For more information and to order go to 20.11.21


Potter & Potter Auctions' Winter Magic Auction to feature the Bob Rossi Collection of materials related to Joseph Dunninger, The Master Mind of Modern Mystery. Our December sale features the collection of Bob Rossi. While Mr. Rossi was an ardent collector of books and manuscripts, his main focus was memorabilia from the career of Joseph Dunninger, the "master mind of modern mystery". Rossi's collection includes extra-illustrated books from Dunninger's library, along with association copies of his own books, a range of works on spiritualism, witchcraft, and conjuring, as well as large archives of ephemera and memorabilia from Dunninger's own files, as well as his career. Among the highlights are the Houdini forcing bible, inscribed by Houdini to Dunninger. A strong offering of posters, apparatus, and associated ephemera will round out the auction. December 11th, online: 20.11.21


Magic Goes Wrong - UK tour. Back with their biggest comedy catastrophe to date, multi award-winning Mischief (The Play That Goes Wrong, BBC One's The Goes Wrong Show) return to the stage with their hilarious new show created with magic legends, Penn & Teller. A hapless gang of magicians are staging an evening of grand illusion to raise cash for charity. But as the magic turns to mayhem, accidents spiral out of control and so does their fundraising target! Raising the bar with their dare-devil stunts, jaw-dropping feats and irresistible comedy genius. Book your tickets now, before they vanish out of sight (or sellout!). Theatre Royal Bath tonight! For more info and to book see 20.11.21


News Deadline reminder. MagicWeek welcomes your UK magic news (major and minor), but please remember the news deadline: Thursday if possible; final deadline 12 noon Friday. Many thanks, DT. 20.11.21


"Shotgun Carousel's Christmas Extravaganza Announces Guest Stars" Click Here • "Newport nine-year-old performs magic tricks with late grandfather's deck of cards" Click Here • "'Now you see it, now you don't': The magic of Alyx Hilshey" Click Here • "Magician Muthukad brings the curtain down on his professional career" Click Here • "'There is a magic that is unique to India,' English magician Drummond Money-Coutts" Click Here • "Can you solve it? The man who changed the course of magic" Click Here • "Is 'Buffy' Star Alyson Hannigan Related to Real-Life Magician Raymond Teller?" Click Here • "‘The World According To Jeff Goldblum’ Explores The Science Of Magic" Click Here • "Want the secrets behind the tricks? Sorry, not forthcoming" Click Here • And finally, Sweep outbids Sooty Click Here • You UK magic news is always welcomed - see you next week, Duncan. 20.11.21