Number 1046 - 11th July 2020


Ali Cook Lecture, The Ollie Hour, Friday 17th July. Ali's lecture is a deep-dive into his favourite magic books, during which he'll break down eight full routines that he's performed on television. The eight books Ali will discuss range from technical sources such as The Vernon Chronicles and Expert Coin Magic to theoretical books including The Five Points in Magic and Designing Miracles. He'll teach you how his routines were developed, and why and how he performed them. You'll also learn sleights and theory from each book along the way. This is a truly unique lecture. The Ollie Hour, next Friday 17th July at 3pm BST. To book visit: 11.7.20


Loosley Speaking with Dave Loosley - this week: Steve Dela. Join magician Dave Loosley as he chats with some of the world's best magicians. Always laid-back and fun. Available every Friday via your favourite listening platform including Apple Podcasts and Spotify. 11.7.20


Careena Fenton is the beneficiary of this year's Eugene Burger Legacy Award. The Eugene Burger Legacy Fund was founded at the McBride Magic & Mystery School in August 2017 by Michael Burke and Robert Charles, Eugene’s executors. A primary purpose of the fund is for an anonymous committee of magicians to issue awards to magicians who, in their judgment, exemplify some of Eugene’s special qualities as a performer and person, thereby carrying his legacy into the future. Careena accepted the award via Zoom on a special Magic School Monday edition at Jeff McBride's Magic and Mystery School to celebrate the life and work of Eugene Burger. Careena is delighted and honoured to have been recognised with the award and hopes to continue Eugene's legacy into the future. 11.7.20


Tournament of Laughs: Piff Makes The Eiffel Tower vanish with a little help from David Copperfield! YouTube. 11.7.20


Wide Open Magic - new blog and free ebook. Wide Open Magic is a new magic blog by Oliver Meech (author of bestseller The Plot Thickens). It's a collection of tips, tricks and thoughts for fresh magic, updated every Friday. You'll find a Tarantino-style card trick, a way to reskin card castles, scripting tips inspired by South Park and Parks & Recreation, and two nuggets for Zoom shows. Oh, and a free 27-page ebook of tricks! See 11.7.20


It's Top of the Props at PropDog! From the PropDog Team: The popularity of the new PropDog Lounge has lead to the PropDog creative rascals to think of ever increasingly inventive ways to make the website even more interactive for our customers. Last week we added a brand new Q&A feature to every product page and now we are celebrating the launch of our new Top of the Props page.

The Top of the Props page allows you to vote on various magic polls we create from 'Who is your favourite comedy magician?' to 'What is your favourite card to wallet routine?'. With new polls being added every few days, just a fun little way to have your voice heard and see the results. Check out the Top of the Props page here:


Jay Fortune has just launched his brand new 'Magician' series of paintings. Eight works are showcased, each an original and certified. Since retiring as a performer, Jay has established himself as one of the UK’s most exciting emerging artists with work displayed in high-end galleries throughout the UK, including prestigious galleries in Mayfair and Chelsea. Pieces are ready to hang, with free global shipping and can be reserved today with interest free payment options. Why not invest in one of the new series here: "Your art is wonderful, you’re incredibly talented and your portrait of me is stunning." David Berglas. "When Jay Fortune does a painting, he has a knack for capturing a special moment in time. This comes through in his portraits of magicians: an instant, preserved for a lifetime." Max Maven. (Photo: 'Derren' by Jay Fortune. Photo credit: Seamus Ryan.). 11.7.20


The MagicWeek Video Archive. A new magic clip or show every week! This week Michael Vincent and Ali Bongo having fun on 'The Big Breakfast' promoting the upcoming public gala show for Ron's Day back in December 1996, which was about to be held at The London Palladium. See The MagicWeek Video Archive. To catch up with more from The MagicWeek Video Archive Click Here11.7.20


The MagicWeek Video Archive. Midweek Magic! During the week I added some more videos to The MagicWeek Video Archive. Two Ricky Jay compilations taken from series one and two of The Secret Cabaret. Ricky Jay x 6 Series One: YouTube. Ricky Jay x 6 Series Two: YouTube11.7.20


Danny Goldsmith Zoom Lecture - Zodiac Magical Society. Simon Rudd writes: The Zodiac Magical Society are delighted to be hosting a Zoom lecture by Danny Goldsmith, a master of visual coin magic, on Wednesday the 15th of July at 8pm. Non members are welcome at just £10 a seat. If you would like to book a place, or would like further information, then please email 11.7.20


New Release from Mark Leveridge Magic. From the publishers: As the restrictions posed by lockdown are gradually released, the time when people will be looking to organise parties and events again gets ever closer. To ensure that you receive your fair share of enquiries, now would be a great time to take a serious look at how you publicise your shows and perhaps to try some new approaches. But where to start? Well, Mark Leveridge has just released the Audio Book version of his advice e-book called Marketing Yourself, and this provides a thorough explanation of both the online and offline advertising opportunities that you can take advantage of. An Audio Book is a great way to absorb information as you can have it on in the background while you exercise or relax, and so order the Marketing Yourself Audio Book today and within minutes you will be arming yourself with tactics to enable you to benefit fully from the wave of show enquiries that will start to appear in the coming weeks. For more information go to 11.7.20


Mark Leveridge's Free-Buys. Week 13. Place any order with Mark Leveridge Magic before midnight on Friday 17th July 2020 and we will be pleased to send you a link to download completely free a TricKlip Video of a great version of the classic Danson Diary Trick called Diary Of A Nobody. A diary is shown to have a playing card written against each day of the year and a spectator looks up their birthday date and remembers the card asigned there. A deck is shuffled and the spectator for the first time reveals the day and the month of their birthday. Using those two numbers, the performer counts down in the deck and the card he arrives at turns out to be the exact one printed in the diary against the spectator's birthday! Not only that, but the card itself is shown to have a completely different coloured back to the rest of the deck! For more information and to watch a dem go to 11.7.20


MC Friday Night Magicians is back, virtually! We’re doing a live stream show on Friday 31st July featuring Lee Bell (UK), Chris Pilsworth (Canada) and Will Fern (USA). MC’d by London’s own Martin Cox. Only £5.00 per household, so gather the whole family around for a (really!) funny and amazing show they won’t soon forget! For details see 11.7.20


"Netflix donates £500K to Sam Mendes's Theatre Artists Fund" Click Here. [Netflix is conservatively worth 150 billion pounds (£150,000,000,000). I've just calculated that their £500,000 donation is about 0.00033% of the company's worth, or to put things in perspective, that's the equivalent of someone with £10,000 in the bank writing out a cheque for 3p. DT]. 11.7.20


Auction of two original vintage Sooty puppets, July 30th. A hugely rare and desirable pair of original vintage Sooty puppets. Accompanied by Harry Corbett’s autograph. Corbett is believed to have used the more weathered of the two Sootys during the late 1950s – the sawdust in the puppet’s head is testament to its very early date. Sooty’s worn appearance is thought to come from his numerous pie throwing escapades. The second Sooty is thought to come from the early 1960s.

The two puppets would have been used for the Sooty Show television programmes and/or the stage shows. Superb provenance. Originally acquired directly from Harry Corbett: the two Sootys and the autograph were purchased at an auction that immediately followed an after dinner speaking event in Blackpool where Corbett was the guest speaker. Two extraordinary artefacts of British popular culture. For auction details see


Sunday Night at the London Palladium. Jimmy Tarbuck hosts an episode from 21st November 1965, featuring Cliff Richard and the Shadows, Charlie Drake and Henry McGee, Freddy Davis and Robert Harbin. Sunday 19th July on Talking Pictures. See TV Magic for details. 11.7.20


Connie Greta Van Buren. Andrew Van Buren remembers his mother with love, Click Here. 11.7.20


"Government says outdoor performances will be able to begin this week" Click Here • "Comedy club conjures up a new date for magician" Click Here • "Ashod ‘Mr. Ash’ Baboorian, ‘Chicago’s Greatest Magician,’ dies at 80: ‘It’s rare to meet someone like that in life.’" Click Here • "Magician’s ‘mesmerizing’ card trick attracts 45,000 views on Instagram" Click Here • "Magician turns Minecraft into a surreal 3D world" Click Here • And finally, "Ennio Morricone, film composer, 1928-2020" Click Here and "Il Maestro: Ennio Morricone’s 10 best film scores" Click Here. Also see YouTube, his final UK appearance • That's it. Thanks for your news as always. See you next week, Duncan. 11.7.20


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Number 1045 - 4th July 2020


Video Chat Magic. Video Chat Magic is a new project exploring how to enhance your performances on Zoom, with heavy-hitting contributors such as Luke Jermay, Max Maven, Will Houstoun and Jim Steinmeyer. Subscription gets you access to the entire collection of essays and tricks, as well as some very clever techie tools. All the proceeds go to charity. "As magicians reinvent their performances for remote environments Video Chat Magic is unveiling the most effective ways to succeed in this new medium." Luís de Matos. "Required reading for anyone who wants to do strong magic in this new medium." Jon Armstrong. 4.7.20


"Marvyn Roy, Magician Known as "Mr. Electric," Dies at 95" The Hollywood Reporter Click Here.

"Legendary Illusionist Marvin Roy Passes Away" Broadway World Click Here.

Marvin Roy & Carol together enjoyed great success worldwide and made a real impact on a generation of young American magicians. Here is his not so often seen number two act, 'The Magical Jeweller' on The Liberace Show from a UK broadcast show that went out in 1984 that I've added to The MagicWeek Video Archive today. The couple toured with Liberace for a number of years. DT. 4.7.20


Zoom magicians, check this out! With the current working situation, magicians are looking for new audiences and ways to perform - and many are turning to Zoom and other video platforms to offer 'virtual' shows. Lee Hathaway has created a brilliant new routine specifically for this purpose – based on the classic 'Confabulation' routine but with a lockdown theme and a fantastic kicker ending where the magic actually happens in their hands, on screen! Combining a web based application specifically written for the effect, and re-routining the classic plot, this stunning routine is an absolute must for anyone serious about enhancing their Zoom performances... Watch a video and find out more, visit www.zoomfab.info4.7.20


The Karl Fulves Convention - online on Saturday 11th July. The Karl Fulves Convention, organised by Allan Brown, is set up to honour the greatest unsung genius and giant of card and close-up magic, Karl Fulves. This highly informal event is completely free and will take place this year at 3pm, on 11th July. This year it will be in the form of a Zoom online meeting due to virus restrictions. Everyone is welcome, but all attendees must be prepared to do at least one trick for the others from any Fulves publication; one that they can demonstrate online of course. If you would like a link to the Zoom meeting, email Allan at In addition to Thomas Ellis, Paul Ridgley and Jerry Mensfield there will be one or two surprise guests from America to celebrate the magic of Karl Fulves! ("Self-working Card Tricks: 72 Foolproof Card Miracles for the Amateur Magician" see 4.7.20


Loosley Speaking with Dave Loosley - this week: Damien O’Brien. Join magician Dave Loosley as he chats with some of the world's best magicians. Always laid-back and fun. Available every Friday via your favourite listening platform including Apple Podcasts and Spotify. 4.7.20


Talking Shtick with Mark James. Mark James sits down with Taylor Hughes to chat about his brand new TV special, now available on Amazon Prime. Talking Shtick, every Friday via your favourite listening platform including Podbean. 4.7.20


The MagicWeek Video Archive. Magic for Monday! On Monday I added Lennart Green's second guest spot appearance on The Paul Daniels Magic Show from 20th February 1993: YouTube. If you missed Part One (and it's very good!) then here it is: YouTube4.7.20


The Lecture From The Shed! Colin Dymond 's Zoom Lecture now booking. Colin Dymond writes: Lockdown has been a strange time for all of us but I have been keeping busy. It started with 'The Show From the Shed', a daily children’s show, if you remember the Broom Cupboard then you will understand the concept. From there, I developed 'The Party From The Shed', this is my 30 minute Zoom party available for all ages. And now comes 'The Lecture From the Shed!'

I have three lectures that I can give via the Zoom meeting platform; I know several magic societies are meeting again via Zoom. I have the professional Zoom so there is no limit on participants or time:

1. Big Magic For Little People - How to use strong magic traditionally designed for an adult market in a children’s show and why this makes sense!

2. Developing a puppet character and how to start in ventriloquism - Highlights from my new 70 day teach your puppet to talk course. It will set you on your way to developing a great character for your puppet.

3. Zoom Zoom Zoom - This explains how I have changed my show to fit the virtual environment. From performing over the internet I now have a show that is ready to perform for a socially distant audience too.

All the lecture are 60 minutes in length with time for a Q&A session at the end. The cost for each lecture is just £95! Please contact me for more information and available dates via or call 07801 340 132.


David Nixon - Sunday Night at the London Palladium. Jimmy Tarbuck hosts an episode from 1965, starring: Jimmy Tarbuck, Spike Milligan, George Raft, Paul and Barry Ryan, Russ Conway and David Nixon. Sunday 12th July on Talking Pictures. See TV Magic for details. 4.7.20


Mark Leveridge's Free-Buys. Week 12. This week's free gift, which you will receive if you place any order with MLM before midnight on Friday 10th July 2020, is a TricKlip Download Video featuring a cool money production called Beer Money. You bring out a couple of beer mats which are shown both sides, and then in quick succession you produce two coins and a bank note from between them! There is no palming or sleight of hand, the mats are completely ungimmicked and can be examined at the conclusion. In fact, if you wanted to, you could pick up two mats from a pub table and perform the effect. There are no extra gimmicks to hide or ditch either. How's it done? Raw cunning, as you will discover if you place an order and receive this routine as your gift. For more information and to watch a dem go to 4.7.20


The Great Flydini, up for auction! Julien’s Auctions is proud to present 'Property from the collection of Steve Martin', an auction taking place in Beverly Hills and live online at Julien’s on Saturday, July 18th, see Featured here, Steve Martin's 'Pavarotti' puppet from his 'The Great Flydini' magic act, which you can watch here: The MagicWeek Video Archive. 4.7.20


The July E-Video Newsletter. If you have 38 minutes to spare, you may care to watch the latest monthly online video presentation from Mark Leveridge, which contains the following: The Teach In – a signed coin visibly penetrates a solid purse. Pro Peeks – a Mark’s Monthly Message advice video on how to offer bookers a special deal is extracted from the E-Club Pro site this time. Keeping Control Unplugged – part 1 of a brand new Unplugged series based on the Keeping Control e-book. Web Offers – get a classic e-book and a mental magic effect for less in July. 60 Seconds To Success – Mark explains why borrowing objects from spectators can be beneficial. The Review Corner – Morgan and West’s new book Parlour Tricks comes under scrutiny. To watch the complete video presentation you simply need to sign up for Mark's free E-Club Lite. Once joined, you will be sent the latest monthly Email Newsletter in which, amongst plenty of other interesting content, you will find access to the E-Video Newsletter itself. For more information and to watch a trailer go to 4.7.20


Rubik Rumba - Merlins of Wakefield. The magician cleanly fans out four playing cards. Each card has a full colour image of a mixed up Rubik cube on it. The cards are squared and given a shake; amazingly the cubes are now all fully solved! Two of the cards are handed to a spectator to hold. The magician squares his two cards and uses them to tap the spectator's cards. When the spectator looks at their cards the cubes have vanished! When the magician's cards are shown there are two cubes on each card! The cubes have transferred by magic. This is a great card effect with a brilliant theme, Rubik magic is so popular right now. This effect is super clean and easy to do. Video: YouTube. For more info and to order visit  . 4.7.20


The Next Great Magician. Stephen Mulhern and Rochelle Humes present another showcase of spectacular performances, including a daring Danish magician who walks blindfolded through a minefield of 100 rat traps. Other acts provide a magical surprise for Loose Women presenter Andrea McLean and take the audience on a journey through time. Plus an appearance by the cast of West End musical Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. Repeat. Saturday 4th July on Virgin Media Three. See TV Magic for details. 4.7.20


MagicWeek celebrated its 20th Birthday on July 1st, and The Magic Circle celebrated their 115th on the same day! 4.7.20


"Magician Dynamo walks his dogs after being tested in hospital following a Crohn's disease flare-up weeks after recovering from coronavirus" Click Here • "Shattering the illusion: A magician’s guide to making racism disappear" Click Here • "Pittsburgh Cultural Trust’s Liberty Magic @ Home set for finale" Click Here • "Las Vegas magician Xavier Mortimer’s mind-bending tricks go viral with gravity defying video" Click Here • "Shocking: South African Performer Brendon Peel Beats The Odds To Become An Iconic International Winning ‘Magician’" Click Here • "Boris Johnson announces plans to ease lockdown but live performances are not allowed" Click Here •"Cirque du Soleil files for bankruptcy protection amid pandemic" Click Here • "MGM Resorts campaign a reminder that Las Vegas has superstars" Click Here • "Kerry Ellis, Alice Fearn and Jon Robyns to take part in musical drive-in concerts" Click Here  • "Leeds Candour Production's filmmaker is a former detective and major TV magician" Click Here • That's it for another week -your UK magic news is always welcomed. See you next week, Duncan. 4.7.20