Number 538 - 16th October 2010


Peter Wardell is The Magic Circle's Stage Magician of the Year 2010/11. Pete took two classics of magic, his newly introduced version of the Salt Pour and his Covent Garden Cups & Balls routine, and put on a great show at the Magic Circle's London HQ last Sunday. Dry wit was combined with perfect timing and excellent misdirection; there's a real joy in watching magic at this level. Oliver Tabor was placed second with an original act in which he transforms from musician to magician, and top London based professional Nick Einhorn came third. Eight acts competed. The judges were actor Graham Cole, Magic Circular editor Matthew Field and stage and cabaret magician Peter Scarlett. Magic Circle president Jack Delvin presented the awards, commenting that Peter Wardell is now the only magician to have won both the Close-up and Stage awards at The Magic Circle. The competition was created in 2000 by Michael Bailey, and this year's sold-out event was produced by Michael Bailey, Michael Carr, Keith Cooper and Rob Page. Stage Direction: Rob Page. Technical crew: Kevin Doig, Roy Marsh and Natalie Cro. 16.10.10


Six weeks and counting.... Since its introduction just a few short years ago the awarding of The David Berglas International Magic Award has become a highlight of the International Magic Convention (26th to 28th November at The Mermaid Theatre). Two years ago Uri Geller was the recipient and received the Award, in person, in front of a packed audience. Last year David Copperfield received the award live in Las Vegas via a big screen video hookup. Each year following the presentation by David Berglas the recipient has agreed to take any questions from the audience, which has resulted in a fascinating hour of anecdotes, newly revealed facts, a great deal of humour and insight into these great performers lives. Who will be the recipient this year? Well, you'll have to be there to find out. As always, the recipient is a closely guarded secret until the presentation is made on the day. 16.10.10


Horizon - Is Seeing Believing? Series exploring topical scientific issues. "Horizon explores the strange and wonderful world of illusions - and reveals the tricks they play on our senses and why they fool us. We show how easy it is to trick your sense of taste by changing the colours of food and drink, explain how what you see can change what you hear, and see just how unreliable our sense of colour can be. But all this trickery has a serious purpose. It's helping scientists to create a new understanding of how our senses work - not as individual senses, but connected together. It holds the intriguing possibility that one sense could be mapped into another. This is what happened to Daniel Kish, who lost his sight as a child. He is now able to create a vision of the world by clicking his tongue which allows him to echolocate like a bat. And scientists have now discovered that Daniel's brain has actually rewired itself enabling him to use sound to create a visual image of the world." 9pm on Monday 18th October on BBC 2. See TV Magic. 16.10.10


Magic Night - London. "Magic Night, now in its fifth year, continues to be one of the best contemporary cabaret nights on the circuit - with incredible cutting edge magic acts and some of the best variety in town." See What's On for November dates 16.10.10


High Jinx Magic Roadshow. The Dangerous, Daring and Exciting New Show for Kids! "'Don’t try this at home!' will be heard by thousands of children this half term as the High Jinx Magic & Circus Show tours its new production across the UK this October. Described as ‘A Wicked Variety Show for Kids of All Ages’, multi-award winning act and Young Magician of the year, Michael Jordan and friends offer a thrilling mix of magic, illusion, escapology, juggling, music and laughs guaranteed to leave your kids entertained and amazed! 'We wanted to present a family show that was totally unique and linked in with all the latest variety shows on television,' explained the show's Director Chris Gidney. 'This production offers great excitement whilst encouraging children to develop their own interests in magic and circus.'" For October tour dates see What's On. 16.10.10


Carl & Dave - the video diary. Carl Charlesworth & David Allen, winners of the British Ring IBM Best Magical Comedy Act 2010 at Eastbourne last month, made a video diary charting the act's evolution, from prop building to music editing to rehearsals and the final show filmed in Eastbourne. The video diary has been split into 4 parts. Click Here to see part 1, and see YouTube for links to 2,3 & 4. 16.10.10


Christmas Laughter Party. Magician Peter Baffles is appearing in Christmas Laughter Party at the Babbacombe Theatre in Torquay, together with Andy Oakley, Paul Cobley, Lee Goode, Lisa Walker and Ruby Washington every Wednesday (matinee and evenings) from October 27th, to 1st January 2011. Visit for details. 16.10.10


Perth Magic Circle host an Auction and Table Top Sale at 7.30pm on Wednesday 20th October in the Perth Ex-Servicemen's Club. Doors open at 7pm to allow sellers to set out their tables. This should be a good night because there will be no charge for admission, no charge for sellers and no commission charged for items auctioned! Scottish magicians are welcome to come and join in the fun, make some cash and grab a bargain. Tables must be booked in advance strictly on a 'first come -first served' basis. For more information and to book a table, contact club secretary, Adrian Harris, 01738 628985 or email 16.10.10


Escapology meets systems engineering! The worlds of systems engineering and escapology overlap in a spectacular fashion when Dr Jon Holt, internationally-renowned systems engineer, puts his life on the line recreating and reengineering Houdini’s classic upside-down straitjacket escape, but on a burning rope! Jon abandons his usual mentalism performances to demonstrate how rigorous engineering techniques can be applied to safety-critical systems (any system where people may be hurt if things go wrong) by performing this classic stunt. Jon has previously won awards for his original and innovative approaches to teaching and disseminating engineering best practice, and this stunt shows his latest, and most spectacular, effort to date. Jon will be delivering a webinar on October 19th (‘Modelling the most extreme safety-critical applications’ Click Here) to show how this was done, before showing footage of him performing the stunt itself. The webinar is aimed at engineers rather than magicians; a shortened, more exciting version will appear on YouTube in the near future. Jon Holt is an engineer by day, a mentalist by night and a Member of Psycrets. 16.10.10


Jon Allen is interviewed by David Corsaro for 'Time To Be Awesome'. He discusses his approach to magic, his opening line, and why he is tipping is award-winning act. Watch the video at 16.10.10


The Chris Cross Carny Cabaret Show at Madame JoJo’s. "The Chris Cross Carny Cabaret is an old school variety show with pure rock ’n’ roll spice sprinkled on top. Three half hour shows separated by half hour intervals come packed with thrills and delights: come and be shocked by the man who plays with his life in a game of Russian Roulette using electric powerdrills, look on as the dazzling girl from the giant glittery strawberry shoots sparks from her body, laugh at some of the finest comedians in London, witness the girl who burns her body for fun and who eats fire for giggles, gasp at the most entertaining contortionist & escapologist in the world – to name but a few of the stimulating and exhilarating experiences that await you in the world of the Carny Cabaret!" For full details visit The Chris Cross Carny Cabaret Show, launching on Thursday 25th November. Doors 7.30pm, Show 8.45pm, Tickets £12 in advance, general admission (early birds get the best seats) £15 cash on the door. Tickets: 16.10.10


The Mysterium. A magical look into the world of the Victorian Occultists. What was it they sort? Magic, mystery and a little bit of strange. Described as a magic show like no other, this show is to be held at Whittington Castle, Castle Street, Whittington, Oswestry SY11 4DF (Map) on Thursday 28th October at 7.30pm. Limited to just 38 places. Tickets are available by phoning the Castle on 01691 662397. and 16.10.10


Archer on target. If you seek original ideas you can do no better than to attend the Danny Archer lectures at Blackpool Magicians’ Club on Tuesday 26th October. Danny specialises in performing visual dynamic magic for corporate events (both close-up and stand-up) and has lectured at magic clubs and conventions all over the world including the Blackpool Convention where he was a big success. Members and associates are looking forward to his visit to the Blackpool Magicians’ Club, rear of No 1 Sherbourne Road, North Shore, Blackpool, Lancashire FY1 2PW (Map). Doors open from 6.30pm. 16.10.10


Francis Menotti Lecture - Winchester Magical Society. Francis Menotti presents his lecture The Creativity Show for the Winchester Magical Society at 8pm on Thursday 21st October. Francis will aim to show that we are all capable of inventing new ideas and creating different ways of performing magic. Non members are welcome to attend on payment of a £5 admission charge. Further details from Venue: Badger Farm Community Centre, Badger Farm Road, Winchester SO22 4QB (Map). More info: 16.10.10


I Can't Believe It's NOT Christmas Show. Christmas comes early to the village of Marsden near Huddersfield. "I Can't Believe It's NOT Christmas Show" will star John Archer, High Jinx, The Bernie Heys Dancers and The Magic Light Puppets. The show features Comedy, Magic, Illusion, Singing and Dancing - Marsden Parochial Hall 18th, 19th and 20th November at 7.30pm (plus 2.30pm matinee on the Saturday). Tickets £8.00 concessions £6.00. To book tickets telephone 07837 080225. High Jinx (Michael and Siobhan Jordan) will also be appearing at the French Magic Convention held at Disney's Newport Bay Club, Paris, from October 21st - 24th. 16.10.10


JezO’s Magic and Laughter Show. "Featuring the rising star of comedy magic JezO (Jeremy Bond), this show will appeal to children from 4–10 and, importantly, to their parents and grandparents. JezO’s great comedy skills, together with a thorough grounding and understanding of magic and illusion, put the emphasis very firmly on entertainment. His performance is high energy and he presents original magic as well as some great classics, all in his unique style, all with great comic twists. There is much audience involvement and participation. JezO has a special talent for developing an instant rapport with children, young teenagers and adults. The inevitable result is that everyone who sees his show wants to see it again… and again." 10.30am and 2.30pm on Saturday 23rd October at Linton Village College, Linton, Cambridge CB2 4JB. Box office 01954 718227. And Tuesday 26th October at2.30pm at Neuadd Dwyfor, Stryd Penlan, Pwllheli, Gwynedd. Box office 01758 704088 16.10.10


News from Extreme Clowning: "Extreme Clowning would like to thank Kaymar Magic for their help with donations for our recent trip to Denmark. Jimmy and I performed a half an hour magic slot in front of an audience of 350 people. Jimmy was born deaf and went blind at the age of 18 (he is now 43). We have been developing magic that can be appreciated purely by touch over the last 7 years. After our performance I went round on a one-to-one basis and performed tricks to the other Deafblind people in the audience. We were thanked for bringing magic back for them - which was an honour and a pleasure and we hope to appear at the next conference in Sweden in 2012. Video footage which was shown prior to our live performance can be seen on YouTube." 16.10.10


Magic Moments in Nottinghamshire. "It was a Wizard's Tea Party for children at the Turner Hall, Mansfield Woodhouse, Notts for Magic Moments Day 2010. Freddie Wilkinson was on hand to do the magic and DJ Becky provided the games and music. The day was organised by Yvette Price-Mear and managed to raise £185 for The Pet Bereavement Support Group. It was a great day and I would gladly support Magic Moments Day again next year in whatever way I could." Freddie Wilkinson. (Photo Yvette Price-Mear, Freddie Wilkinson, DJ Becky). 16.10.10


Keith Cooper MIMC. A Life in Magic. Next Tuesday, 19th October, The Pentacle Club hosts an evening with Keith Cooper MIMC. The premier of 'A Life in Magic' will see Keith talking about his life from his early days as The Young Magician of the Year, through the international cabaret years, up to the present in his latest role as President of the British Ring of the International Brotherhood of Magicians. The interview will be illustrated with pictures, film clips and Keith performing some of his favourite effects. Visitors are welcome to what promises to be an unmissable evening, starting at 8pm at St Laurences School, Arbury Road, Cambridge, CB4 2JX (Map). Alan Maskell. 16.10.10


German university makes objects disappear in real time. Angelo Carbone emails: "Think of the magic possibilities: making a screen vanish and having a person duck behind the masked screen so the person appears to vanish. Having a padded box made invisible that catches coins secretly dropped from the hand so coins vanish cleanly, having cribs and gimmicks in plain view of magician but invisible to camera. Selecting supports for levitations to be invisible. So many..." Visit for the full story and a video demonstration. 16.10.10


Watford Association of Magicians Table Top Sale Night, Tuesday October 19th. "This year we are going to open the evening up to all magicians, members and non members. The tables will range from hard to find books being sold by Terry Seabrooke from his personal library to Julie Carpenter trying to find a caring home for some magical items that she has been bequeathed. There should be something for everyone. If you want to have a table, please contact David Milne on Once the table top sale has been concluded, it is hoped that those with a table might do a trick. It could be something they were selling, or just a bit of fun as a thank you for having the table. There will be no charge to sellers or buyers. As usual the start time is 8pm, but table top sellers may come earlier to set up." Julie Carpenter. If you would like to attend email for venue details. 16.10.10


International News: World Champion Comedy Illusionists Scott & Muriel to Headline in the 2011/12 production of New York’s Big Apple Circus. Scott & Muriel, the Comedy Illusionists and 2000 FISM Grand Prix winners/World Championships of Magic have signed a year-long contract with the internationally renowned Big Apple Circus, New York’s hometown circus. They will be the stars of what will be 34th production of this very popular show. The 50 week tour will begin in September, 2011, and end in July, 2012. Among the cities included in the annual tour are: Boston, Atlanta, Washington D.C., and a 3 month run in New York City. In addition to their extensive repertoire of original illusions, Scott & Muriel are busy creating a number of new, never-seen-before illusions especially for their appearance in the Big Apple Circus. They are keeping the plots and secrets of these new illusions under wraps, but they include a new teleportation effect and a spectacular new ending to the burned shoe act. Scott & Muriel will be the first illusionists ever to star in the Big Apple Circus, and the addition of this amazing husband and wife team will surely make 34th season of this beloved circus one of the best ever. 16.10.10


Scry. Peter Dove emails: "I have just released a new effect called 'Scry' at The Effect: Scrying is used by magicians, psychics and occultists as a tool to see into the past or the future to divine information or reach the other side. It is used as a focus tool in the same way as a crystal ball. Imagine being able to hand your spectator the mirror after tutoring them in the ways of scrying and shortly after the surface of the mirror begins to swirl and change and they see an image of a freely selected, but as yet unknown, card lying on the table. Imagine them seeing a moving image of a face speaking to them from the other side... This can be used for séances, card reveals, predictions and much more. Instant reset, multiple reveals." 16.10.10


Harry Hill, no doubt pondering, "now what do I really prefer... a fine dining and a chat with my show biz buddies, or close-up magic tricks?" Only one way one way to find out..! Stephen Barry provided the magic and the Dorchester the dinner, to celebrate Ronnie Corbett's 80th Birthday last week 16.10.10


Uncle Harry's Haunted House... When Uncle Harry died, he left everything to his nephew Chubbz, but forgot to mention that the house was haunted... A Spooktacurlar show for Halloween, suitable for all the family. Tuesday 26th October at the Elgin Hotel, Blackpool from 8pm - 9pm. 16.10.10


Theo’s Magic Sunflower Competition. Theo the Magician has announced the results of his fund raising competition, which raised a total of £2,160 for the Neonatal Unit at St Helier Hospital and The Royal Marsden, both in Carshalton Surrey. Visit for details. 16.10.10


Magic and Cinema. There's a strong link between magic and cinema dating back over 100 years. In fact some of the earliest examples of cinema employed trick photography as soon as it was realised that film could accomplish what live theatre couldn't. The Making of Star Wars: The Definitive Story Behind the Original Film and the just published Making of the "Empire Strikes Back: The Definitive Story Behind the Film both present remarkable behind the scenes accounts of the making of both movies. If you are into Star Wars make sure your order the hardback editions though, as the paper back versions will be stripped of hundreds of images (DT). 16.10.10


Matthew Garrett lectured at The Coventry Magic Circle on Wednesday 13th October and in Quito, Ecuador on Thursday 14th October. This week in Bogota, Colombia he'll be lecturing and performing stage magic, all in Spanish. 16.10.10


Chris Philpott emails: "I'm looking for anyone who knows anything about The Magic Box on the Isle of Wight. Anything at all whether you can tell me a story, what the interior was like, any photos, the history of it etc., etc. Has anyone got any thing from there, e.g. interior-wise other than props? Does anyone have the contact for Eve Edwards as I'm looking into the history of the shop. Please contact me on 01983 852555. Many thanks Chris Philpott." 16.10.10


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