Number 38 - 17th March 2001


Some very sad news has just come in. Jeffery Atkins died suddenly on Monday afternoon, March 19th, 2001. Jeff was the Honorary Secretary of the International Brotherhood of Magicians British Ring, a past President of the British Ring, and a past International President of the International Brotherhood of Magicians. Jeff was the President of the Associated Wizards of the South in Southampton when I joined the Society as a school boy in 1974, and I have many happy memories of that time, how he encouraged me in those early years, and of performing in the annual 'Whizz!' shows together. Many readers will remember his illusion presentations as 'England's Premier Illusionist - Jeffery Atkins and Company - Magic of the Masters' that he gave each year at the British Ring conventions. A great ambassador for British Magic, Jeff both performed and lectured at overseas conventions. He will be greatly missed by all who knew him. To his wife Catherine and family go our condolences. The assistant secretary of the British Ring, Tony Shelley, can be contacted on 01922 625009. 19.3.01


International illusionist Russ Stevens will be presenting a brand new lecture at the British Magical Society, Birmingham, on Tuesday March 20th at 7.30pm. Russ has just returned from a Cruise taking in Tahiti, Hawaii, and Vancouver. Magic visitors are welcome to attend the talk for which there is a £5 charge. More information from Pamela Buckley, telephone: 01827 715660. 17.3.01


Bizarre Bath - The Comedy Walk hosted by Noel Britten and JJ alternately will start its tenth season on April 2nd, and run nightly right through the Summer until September 30th. The walk, which takes a sideways look at the beautiful city of Bath, features some unexpected magic along the way and some brilliant comic moments. Bizarre Bath leaves the Huntsman Inn, North Parade Passage, every evening at 8pm. For more information telephone: 01225 335124. 17.3.01


Norman Wisdom, seen on the right 'picking a card,' appeared in Thursday afternoons BBC2 movie 'Up in the World' (1955). During the sequence Wisdom created five minutes of havoc during a magician's night club act, played with great accuracy by Edwin Styles. The classic 'mallet and watch' routine being very funny, and perhaps ready for a revival? 17.3.01


Keith Fields, pictured here with Ready Steady Cook's Ainsley Harriott, has just celebrated his 800th 'warm up job' for this highly rated TV series. Keith combines both comedy and magic in his routines. Remember when you see a cut-away of the audience laughing that these shots were taken during Keith's magic act! 17.3.01


Anglia TV, the makers of Hoax Busters with John Lenahan have announced that the show is 'coming soon.' John Lenahan goes undercover to reveal the tricks of the conman’s trade and discovers just how easily we all fall for the simplest stings and swindles in this special hour-long programme on ITV. We'll let you know when. 17.3.01


Magic meets science fiction in Equilibrium a 1994 episode of Star Trek - Deep Space Nine now available on video that features magician Jeff McBride. Available on video from Click Here 17.3.01


Breaking The Magician's Code is showing again on Carlton & LWT at 4.25pm today, then on Tuesday The World's Greatest Magic V is being repeated, see TV Magic for details. The Cool Magic section has now expanded to two pages as more magic dealers advertise with MagicWeek - do take a look. MagicWeek's For Sale and Wanted pages continue to be very popular with readers - remember it's free to advertise for all private advertisers. Browsing the Web (left) is a great little pocket sized book that has absolutely nothing to do with magic but is invaluable for anyone using the web for the first time, or anyone looking for the answers to internet browsing questions. Published by Dorling Kindersley: Click Here. If you'd like to run a link from your site to MagicWeek Click Here. That's it for this week, your news is always welcomed, see you next week, Duncan. 17.3.01