Number 139 - 22nd February 2003


Derren Brown's new Mind Control series, first seen on E4, comes to Channel 4 this week, with show 1 going out at 10.35pm on Friday 28th. It seems he's been working his powers of subliminal suggestion on the editor of the Radio Times, with coverage that included: text on the magazine's front cover, an interview spanning one and a half pages inside (left), and another half page under "Today's Choice" as well (for overseas readers Radio Times is the TV guide in the UK). There's no stopping him now... Links: and Read a review of Derren's first ground-breaking TV Special, reviewed in MagicWeek in July 2001: Click Here 22.2.03


The Stars of The Magic Circle take to the stage of the Oldham Coliseum Theatre, Fairbottom Street, Oldham, Greater Manchester OL1 3SW, on Wednesday 12th March at 7.30pm: Ali Bongo, Terry Seabrooke, Van Buren Jr., Fluke, Prince Darius, Kovari, Kovari Jr., and a mystery guest act. Tickets 10.00 (under 16 7.00). Box Office: 0161 624 2829. 22.2.03


Magician Noah Kelly plans to embed himself in a giant block of cheese next month. "This is an endurance test. I'm not going to wimp out and use a mild cheese," said Kelly, 32, who came up with the idea while lying in the bath thinking about David Blaine... "I was thinking how cheesy what he did was, and then from there I thought that I could do it surrounded by cheese." Spectators will be able to view this endurance test, that is bound to grate, at the Sovereign Shopping Centre, Weston-super-Mare, Somerset (Map), on March 20th. He will spend 48 hours surrounded by mature cheddar complete with laptop computer so that he can answer emails from fans (and read MagicWeek too no doubt). Go on Andrew, give him a TV series. 22.2.03 have opened a magic shop at their new headquarters: Unit 113 Ellingham Industrial Estate, Ellingham Way, Ashford, Kent TN23 6LZ. They also have a new telephone number: 01233 637888. Opening hours are: Monday - Friday 10am to 5pm and Saturdays from 10am to 3pm. A lot of professionals shop with Alakazam - all magicians welcome: 22.2.03


The Northamptonshire Magicians' Club will be holding their Annual Dinner at the Northampton Moat House on Saturday, 29th March. With cabaret from Duncan Trillo, Peter Scarlett, and double act James Whately-Smith & Jonathan Ash. Tickets are 28 per head. For more information contact Dallas Salsbury-Newman: 22.2.03


Uri Geller appears on The Intervention on the 27th February on ITV1 London and ITV1 Border talking about his old problems with bulimia, and the baby that he gave up for adoption when he was just a teenager. 22.2.03


Illusionist Andrew Green can be seen in the brand new musical Swing Into Salsa this Spring. The show includes magical elements in the Salsa sections, and Andrew also joins the cast to present the music and dance of Latin America, together with the music of Frank Sinatra and Tony Bennett. See What's On for dates. 22.2.03


Create magic wherever you go with Amazing Irv's Handbook of Everyday Magic. "A sophisticated, hip, how-to guide to making magic with everyday objects in everyday situations. From how to levitate yourself to impress your kids, and how to successfully read your boss's mind, to how to charm and disarm a potential mugger, you'll be able to amaze your family, co-workers, friends, and fellow commuters in no time flat. More than 40 tricks - complete with step-by-step instructions and detailed illustrations that focus close in on the sleight-of-hand - are divided into sections on creating magic at home, at work, on the go, and on the town. Each trick is introduced by irreverent, semi-practical anecdotes that teach you just the right time and place for performing them. With Amazing Irv's Handbook of Everyday Magic, you'll never again need to rely on a joke to be entertaining." Available from MagicWeek in association with Click Here. 22.2.03


The Order of the Magi present Origami Made Easy, a lecture by Ralph Matthews, on Tuesday 25th February at The Irish World Heritage Centre, Queens Road, Manchester. From 8pm. Admission 2 on the door. Ralph is the Author of a number of books on this fascinating subject including "Paper Napkin Folding," "Useful Paper Folds" and" Wallets and Packets from Folded Paper" as well as being featured in the recent book "Men and Sheds" by Gordon Thorburn. For more information visit the website or contact Martin Allcock on 01457 839541. 22.2.03


The John Derris Lecture "KISS" (Keep it simple stupid!) currently enjoying success at magic clubs around the country has just been booked for The Basingstoke One Day Convention on Sunday 27th April. Good reports are coming in for this new Lecture/Presentation and recently The Pentacle Club of Cambridge said "An excellent evening, not only good effects and performance tips, but entertaining as well." For lecture information call John Derris on: 020 8467 7856. 22.2.03


The Real Work: Essential Sleight of Hand for Street Operators by Paul Price is now available from MagicWeek in association with Click Here Martin Breese emails that at a recent magic sale a number of pirated copies of some of his magic CD ROMs were on sale. A 100 reward is available for the first person to send Martin Breese one of his CD ROM Magic Magazines as purchased from a dealer at the West Bromwich Magic Car Boot Sale. Contact Martin Breese at 10 Hanover Crescent, Brighton BN2 9SB, or phone 01273 687 554 Mike Danata emails to say that his Magic Studio will be open from 8am to 8pm on Sunday, March 2nd, the day of the Wessex Magical Association One Day Convention and Magic Fair, see What's On for details That's it for this week, your UK magic news and reviews are always welcomed, see you next week, Duncan. 22.2.03