Magic Book Reviews


A New Messiah by Tony Nicholson

Reviewed by David Leigh, June 2022


Milton Woodward: The Magician that Changed Magic

Reviewed by David Budd, June 2022


The Jack Hughes Ultimate World of Magic

Reviewed by Jack Brown, March 2022


The Essence by Tony Griffith

Reviewed by Paul MacLeavy, June 2020


A Lifetime in Magic – Volume 2 - Devin Knight

Reviewed by Jay Fortune, March 2020


The Life And Afterlife of Harry Houdini by Joe Posnanski

Reviewed by Roger Woods, December 2019


Life’s a Beach Volume 2 - Gary Jones

Reviewed by Jay Fortune, December 2019


Ernest Sewell and the London Magical Co. by Philip David Treece

Reviewed by ian Keable, November 2019


Life’s a Beach. The Magic of Gary Jones. Volume 1

Reviewed by Jay Fortune, March 2019


Sub Rosa - Ariel Frailich

Reviewed by Quentin Reynolds, February 2019


The Real Deal A Magician Prepares - Dennis Loomis

Reviewed by Quentin Reynolds, August 2018


The Revelations of Eddie Q - Andrew Normansell

Reviewed by Andrew Normansell, July 2018


Lotz of Magic for Kidz - John Breeds

Reviewed by Peter Randini, June 2018


Johnny Hart - International Star of Magic

Reviewed by Duncan Trillo/MagicWeek, June 2018


Spun Into Gold - ‘The Secret life of a Female Magician’ by Romany Romany

Reviewed by Jay Foryune, May 2018


Anthony Owen's Secrets

Reviewed by Paul Romhany, March 2018


Victorian Seance & the Birth of Mentalism by Paul Voodini

Reviewed by Jonathan Royle, December 2017


Magic In The Real World What You Need To Know Before You Quit Your Day Job by Christian Painter

Reviewed by Quentin Reynolds, August 2017


Houdini's Final Incredible Secret: How Houdini Mystified Sherlock Holmes' Creator by Bob Loomis

Reviewed by Roger Woods, September 2016


Crafted With Carey by John Carey

Reviewed by Jay Fortune, July 2016


The Mentalism & Mind Reading Secrets of Repro Magic

Reviewed by Stuart Cassels, May 2016


Wayne Dobson - The Definitive Collection

Reviewed by Jay Fortune, April 2016


Mel Mellers - The Travelling Trickster

Reviewed by Jay Fortune, April 2016


Tenyoism by Richard Kaufman

Reviewed by Quentin Reynolds, March 2016


Fifty Shades of Gold: 50 Stagecraft Secrets by Wayne Dobson

Reviewed by Ian Keable, January 2016


Alan Shaxon - The Sophisticated Sorcerer. The Life and Magic of an International Magician

Reviewed by Duncan Trillo/MagicWeek, November 2014


The 75% Production and The Trick With no Method by Justin Higham

Reviewed by Elliot Hodges, November 2014


Charles Dickens Magician: Conjuring in Life, Letters and Literature, by Ian Keable

Reviewed by Geoff Tibbs, November 2014


The Approach by Jamie D. Grant

Reviewed by Phil Sweeting, August 2014


The Essence by Tony Griffith

Reviewed by Al Smith, August 2014


Basic Basic Card Magic by Paul Hallas

Reviewed by Al Smith, June 2014


O.O.P.S. 2 by Paul Hallas

Reviewed by Al Smith, June 2014


Maths Tricks and Number Magic by Chris Wardle

Reviewed by Al Smith, May 2014


'A Tall Tale - Lecture Notes Without The Lecture' by Sean Lobban

Reviewed by Colin Dymond, August 2013


Marked 4 Life: Minor Miracles with Marked Cards By Wayne Dobson

Reviewed by Ian Keable, August 2013


The Collected Card Magic of Mark Leveridge - Volume 3

Reviewed by Jay Fortune, August 2013


"Magictales" Two by Leslie Melville

Reviewed by Quentin Reynolds, June 2013


Magic 1400s – 1950s

Reviewed by Duncan Trillo/MagicWeek, June 2013


Thunk by Liam Montier

Reviewed by Elliott Hodges, April 2013


Reading Writing: Handwriting Analysis for Mentalists and Magicians

Reviewed by Ian Keable, April 2013


Gold Dust - Paul Gordon

Reviewed by Roger Woods, December 2012


Tommy Cooper ‘Jus’ Like That!’ A Life In Jokes and Pictures - John Fisher


The Card Activist - Peter Duffie


Drawn In by Oliver Meech


Cryptical Envelopment by John Hostler


Best of Peter Duffie Volume 4


The Real Secrets of Card Magic by Paul Gordon


The Complete Works by Wolfgang Riebe Ph.D


Colin Dymond – Making Magical Memories


Some Things with Cards by John Holt


Rameses - The Forgotten Star


Best of Peter Duffie Volume 4


Tug’s Tales


The Great Lafayette by John Alexander and Christopher Brinson


KISS by John Derris


The Trapdoor, Volume 1


Look, No Hands by Wayne Dobson


Card Magic USA (ebook) compiled and edited by Peter Duffie


Magic Shows: 30 Years of Programmes from Daniels to Derren by Ian Keable


Magic Shows: 30 Years of Programmes from Daniels to Derren by Ian Keable


Owen Clark - A Genius Forgotten


Semi-Automatic Card Tricks VIII


Mysterio's Encyclopedia of Magic and Conjuring


Ultimate Reflections by Tony Griffith


Plot Twists Oliver Meech


Twilight Lounge by Andrew Normansell


Mischief - Radical Hypnosis & Mind-Control by Ian Harling and Martin Nyrup


Secrets of Improvisational Magic by Justin Higham (review 1)


Secrets of Improvisational Magic by Justin Higham (review 2)


David Copperfield - A Magic Life


Close Up Success - Parts 1 & 2


Magic 1400s – 1950s


Dobson's Choice, Special Effects


Mister Meech's Merged Mail Outs


Seven Keys of Kalanag by Val Andrews


The Magic Gourmet by Lewis Jones


Pasteboard Adventures by David Gemmell


Stand Up: A Professional Guide to Comedy Magic by Ian Keable


Final Reflections by Tony Griffith


Andrew Normansell: The Man Who Would Be King


The Notebook - Will Houstoun


How To Create Kids' Magic and Triple Your Income! - John Breeds


The Plot Thickens - Oliver Meech (second review)


The Plot Thickens - Oliver Meech


Stand-Up, A Professional Guide to Comedy Magic - Ian Keable


The Secret Life of Houdini


Geoffrey Durham Professional Secrets


The Magic Circle - Performing Magic Through the Ages


Hocus Pocus - A Tale of Magnificent Magicians and Their Amazing Feats


The Magic Business (DVD ROM) - Michael Bailey


Reflections - Tony Griffith


The Signed Card Strikes Back - Michael Vincent - CD ROM


WD 40 - Wayne Dobson


The Second 16th Card Book


Tony Griffith's Creative Magic Lecture Notes 2007


Designing Miracles: Creating the Illusion of Impossibility by Darwin Ortiz


Tommy Cooper Always Leave Them Laughing - John Fisher


Choosin' Cruisin' as a Career - Mel Harvey


A Way with Cards - Al Smith


Dominatricks - Tyler Wilson


Rara Avis - Sixty years of Magic from the Private Notebooks of Jack Avis


Another Bite of the Cherry: Cheetah's Handbook Volume 2


Advanced Illusion Projects - Tim Clothier


Handle Hecklers - Keith Fields


Some More Tricks - Anthony Owen


Read between the lines


The Handy Lecture - John Archer


Comedy Writing Workshop - John Archer


Making Money From Magic - Drew McAdam


Street Magic - Paul Zenon


Seriously Silly by David Kaye


Showmen or Charlatans? by Roger Woods and Brian Leadis


Deeper and Deeper - Secrets of Stage Hypnosis


Telepathy Personified- Ron & Nancy Spencer


The Cheetah's Handbook (ebook)


The Mental Magick of Basil Horwitz Vol 5


Sleight of Mind - Harling & Nyrup


Everybody's Magic


Paul Zenon's Dirty Tricks


Subtle Miracles - Peter Duffie


Seventh Heaven - Lewis Jones


Building Blocks - Luke Jermay


Go on... Steal Yourself - How to be a Pickpocket


Mind Magic - Marc LeMezma


Secrets of Stage Mindreading


Phantoms of the Card Table




Si Stebbins Unplugged


Some Tricks - Anthony Owen


Mysterious Stranger: David Blaine


Patrick Page's  Book of Visual Comedy


The Digital Wizard CD Rom


Ahead of the Pack - Avis & Jones


The Digital Pabular CD Rom


Tradecraft - The Art and Science of Cold Reading


Dobson's Choice - Wayne Dobson


The Digital Pentagram CD Rom


The Full Facts book of Cold Reading - Ian Rowland


Final Séance - Massimo Polidoro


Chan Canasta - A Remarkable Man Volume Two


Mastering Hypnosis - a Performer's Guide


The Turk, Chess Automaton - Gerald M. Levitt


Stand-up Walkaround - Shaun McCree


Counts, Cuts, Moves and Subtlety - Jerry Mentzer


Lake Tahoe Card Magic by Louis Falanga


The Complete works of Derek Dingle


Card Concepts - Arthur F. MacTier


Mastering the Art of Magic - Eugene Burger


Chan Canasta - A Remarkable Man


Five Times Five Scotland


The Houdini Girl


Art and Artifice


Drawing Room Deceptions


Roberto Giobbi's Card College Volume 3


The Mysteries of My Life




Brain Food by David Parr


Zen and the Art of Stand-Up Comedy by Jay Sankey


Magic for Kids


Mark Wilson's Cyclopedia


Ken Krenzel's Ingenuities


The Fients and Temps of Harry Riser


The Art of Magic by Carl Waldman and Joe Layden