Magic Lecture Reviews


Nicholas Einhorn Lecture

Reviewed by Vanni Pule', October 2020


Murray! Houdini! Escapology & More - Michael Diamond Zoom Lecture

Reviewed by Steve Majes, August 2020


Richard Griffin Lecture

Reviewed by Vanni Pule', March 2020


The M.O.T. Lectures - The Order of the Magi

Reviewed by Jonathan Royle, February 2020


Myles Thornton's "Myles Per Hour Lecture"

Reviewed by Simon Rosselli, February 2020


Steve Gore Lecture

Reviewed by Vanni Pule', January 2020


Chris Wood Lecture

Reviewed by Simon Rosselli, January 2020


Fay Presto Lecture – Like Tears in the Rain

Reviewed by Simon Rosselli, November 2019


The Wayne Goodman Lecture

Reviewed by Chris Wardle, July 2019


Paul Megram – It’s all about the Tricks

Reviewed by Simon Rosselli, June 2019


A Deadly Way to Make a Living: The Lamentable Fate of Chung Ling Soo

Reviewed by Ray Roberts, February 2019


Olly Graham: The “F” Word

Reviewed by Simon Rosselli, January 2019


Steve Short's Lecture 'The Magic of Johnny Hart'

Reviewed by Brian Lead, November 2018


Steve Short's Lecture 'The Magic of Johnny Hart'

Reviewed by Rex Stott, October 2018


Bruce Smith "Show you Something Amazing" Lecture

Reviewed by Simon Rosselli, October 2018


Marcus Eddie "In The Moment" at The Anglian Magic Society

Reviewed by Steve Majes, May 2018


Pat Page Talk at The Merlin Magical Society

Reviewed by John Clayton, April 2018


Steve Short's Lecture 'The Magic of Johnny Hart'

Reviewed by Jon Marshall, April 2018


Oliver Graham Lecture “The F Word”

Reviewed by Steve Majes, March 2018


A Night with Andy Normansell

Reviewed by Geoffrey Newton, August 2017


Chris Wardle's Crafty Conjuring lecture

Reviewed by James Ward, July 2017


Tom Wright Lecture - Blackpool Magicians' Club

Reviewed by Quentin Reynolds, July 2017


The Key Ring Lecture by Geoffrey Newton, Modern Mystic League, Blackburn

Reviewed by Brian Lead, July 2017


John Archer Lecture - Order of the Magi

Reviewed by Geoffrey Newton, April 2017


Chris North Lecture

Reviewed by Rick Martyn, April 2017


Carl Royle Lecture: 'How I Feed My Children'

Reviewed by Ray Burrell, April 2017


Brendan Rodrigues Lecture - South London Magic Society

Reviewed by Simon Rosselli, January 2017


'How I Feed My Children' The Carl Royle Lecture

Reviewed by Jonathan Royle, January 2017


Amethyst Lecture: Houdini and Escapology

Reviewed by Andy Dean, November 2016


Royle Reveals – The Jonathan Royle Lecture

Reviewed by Stuart Cassels, August 2016


The Chris Wood Lecture

Reviewed by John Derris, May 2016


Steve Short Lecture: "The Supreme Magic Company"

Reviewed by Jon Marshall, May 2016


Will Houstoun Lecture - Cotswold Magical Society

Reviewed by Dougie Gibbard, April 2016


An Evening With Dee Riley

March 2016


An Informal Evening With Olly Day

February 2016


The Richard Griffin Lecture - Cruise Ship Magic!

February 2016


Steve Short Lecture: "The Supreme Magic Company"

February 2016


Chris North - Surviving Half a Century in Magic

January 2016


Will Houstoun Lecture, Bristol Society of Magic

November 2015


Brian Watson Lecture - Hull Magicians' Circle

October 2015


Thom Peterson Lecture - Cornish Magical Society

October 2015


Steve Short and Scott Penrose "Alan Shaxon - The Sophisticated Sorcerer"

September 2015


Steve Short and Scott Penrose "Alan Shaxon - The Sophisticated Sorcerer"

June 2015


Brian Watson Lecture - York Society of Magicians

June 2015


The Order of the Magi Helen Moran Memorial Lecture

May 2015


Gary Jones Lecture - Farnborough Association of Magical Entertainers

March 2015


Night of Wonder - Michael Leach lecture

March 2015


Steve Short lecture: "Alan Shaxon - The Sophisticated Sorcerer"

February 2015


The Adrian Sullivan Lecture - Anglian Magic Society

February 2015


John Carey Lecture - Mid Essex Magical Society

January 2015


Nicholas Einhorn. At The Table Live Lecture

November 2014


Ian Rowland Lecture - USM

October 2014


Steve Dimmer Lecture

September 2014


The Jonathan Royle Lecture - Steve Manford

September 2014


The ‘Paper Magic’ Lecture - Geoffrey Newton

August 2014


Ozzy Dee Lecture - Anglian Magic Society

June 2014


Keith Bennett Misdirection Lecture

September 2013


Marc Oberon Lecture

September 2013


Paul Scott’s Close-Up Lecture - Cornish Magical Society

July 2013


Jan Logemann Lecture

June 2013


Keith Bennett Coin Lecture

June 2013


Paul Gordon Lecture, Northamptonshire Magicians Club

April 2013


Dov Citron’s Lecture – ‘What a Character’

February 2013


More than just magic - the JezO experience!

November 2012


Steve Short - The Dennis & Jean Collins Memorial Lecture at The Pentacle Club

October 2012


Steve Gore "Ramblings from a suspender… of disbelief"

September 2012


Steve Dimmer Lecture: The Nuts and Bolts of Children's Entertaining

June 2012


Oliver Graham (Magic Olly) Lecture

April 2012


Dave Allen Lecture - ACE Performers in Airdrie

December 2011


Geoffrey Durham Lecture

September 2011


Martin Cox Lecture

July 2011


Paul Scott Lecture “Why I Do what I Do”

April 2011


An Evening with The Vox Brothers at Portsmouth & District Magic Circle

March 2011


Paul Hallas On Magic And Mentalism

March 2011


An Evening with Michael Vincent

February 2011


The Paul Gordon Lecture - Anglian Magic Society

January 2011


Paul Stockman Lecture - Riviera Circle of Magicians

November 2010


Michael Vincent Lecture - ACES, East Sussex

November 2010


Harry Robson Lecture - Wolverhampton Circle of Magicians

October 2010


Paul Abbey Lecture - South Downs Magicians

October 2010


Ian Rowland Lecture - Wessex Magical Association

September 2010


Geoff Newton's Mathematical lecture

August 2010


Steve Gore Lecture - Modern Mystic League (Blackburn)

July 2010


Matthew Garrett lecture - Riviera Circle of Magicians

June 2010


Paul Gordon Derby Magic Circle Lecture

May 2010


Tony Griffith Reflections Lecture

May 2010


Thom Peterson at The House of Magic 

May 2010


John Carey Lecture

February 2010


Steve Price at the Mahatma

February 2010


Jasper Blakely Lecture - Ipswich Magical Society

February 2010


Anthony Jacquin Lecture

February 2010


Martyn James’ new Stand-Up Act Lecture

November 2009


George Kovari Lecture 2009

November 2009


Tony Griffith Lecture

October 2009


James Brown Lecture, Associated Wizards of the South

June 2009


Dave Gemmell Lecture, Portsmouth & District Magic Circle

June 2009


Paul Gordon Lecture - Nottingham

January 2009


Craig Petty Lecture on 'Accessible Coin Magic'

January 2009


Boris Wild at the House of Magic UK

November 2008


Mark Shortland Lecture - Dunstable

October 2008


John Carey Lecture - 3SM

October 2008


John B Born Lecture

September 2008


Wayne Dobson Lecture

September 2008


Peter Baffles Lecture

September 2008


Michael Vincent Lecture

September 2008


Jack Delvin Lecture

August 2008


John Carey Lecture

August 2008


John van der Put Lecture

August 2008


Benjamin Earl Lecture

June 2008


John Carnry Lecture

June 2008


Keith Bennett Lecture - Riviera Circle of Magicians

June 2008


An Evening with Chris North

May 2008


James Brown Lecture

April 2008


Mark Elsdon Lecture

April 2008


Christopher Congreave at The Magic Circle

March 2008


Max Somerset Lecture - York Society of Magicians

March 2008


Bob Swadling Lecture - Leamington and Warwick Magic Society

March 2008


Michael Vincent Lecture - Winchester

February 2008


Gary Jones at The Society of Dorchester Sorcerers

December 2007


Gregory Wilson at Ipswich Magical Society

April 2007


Leslie Melville's Magictales... The Lecture

March 2007


Gary Jones Lecture

November 2006


James Brown Lecture 2006

September 2006


Houdini: Life, Death and the Rest

September 2006


Fay Presto at The Ipswich Magical Society

September 2006


Marc Spelmann lecture

July 2006


Michael Vincent and The Tapestry of Deception

June 2006


Ian Rowland Lecture

April 2006


Bathtime with the Masters

April 2006


Paul Gordon Lecture

February 2006


Neil Haywood - Comedy in Magic

February 2006


Peter Arcane Lecture - Medway Magicial Society

November 2005


Paul Gordon Lecture - Magical Mayhem

November 2005


Michael Close Lecture - Ipswich Magical Society

October 2005


Sean Heydon Lecture

September 2005


Michael Ammar Lecture

July 2005


Wayne Dobson Lecture, NMC Easter Parade

April 2005


John Archer – The Handy Lecture

February 2005


60 minutes with Eugene Burger

October 2004


Mark Elsdon Lecture

October 2004


Paul Hallas Lecture

July 2004


John Derris "KISS" Lecture

March 2004


Pickpocket Secrets - James Freedman

March 2004


The Pat Page Workshop

June 2003


The Kenrick 'Ice' McDonald Lecture

May 2003


The Ian Rowland Lecture

May 2003